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Visuals By: Good Fridae’s AI

By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Fridae & Lulu D.

 Going to keep the hump day trend for lovers, every Wednesday for my month of February and today’s topic is Twin Flames! There are a number of videos that I have posted on my TikTok and they are linked throughout regarding the twin flame journey. I must address the many queries regarding why, I don’t highlight or discuss Black History Month on my magazine site, those who know me in real life, know my views and here they are, in a nutshell. In my Goddessverse, there are no select days or months I single out different skin tones, ethnicities or backgrounds to give them their flowers and celebrate. I acknowledge people’s accomplishments and talents in the present, I don’t wait for someone to transition from this dimension to tell them how impactful, valued and loved they are. I’m metaphorically colour blind, I don’t see colour, I see people, the goodness or emptiness inside all different shades, of the same colour. When I listen to music or watch a film, it’s not because of anyone’s skin tone, it’s about the story, talent and art they created. Iconic melanated people need to be celebrated every day, like they celebrate alabaster colonizers who didn’t discover or invent what they claim. Celebrating black excellence should be often and not just a spotlight, in the shortest month of the year, that is shared with a corporate holiday Valentine’s Day. They picked February purposely because it is the shortest month, did you really think they want to commemorate people they have oppressed out of envy and greed, since humanity was born on this planet, like they have oppressed women?


The patriarchy is still jealous and it’s quite sad, they thought it would be clever to place Black History month in February because Abraham Lincoln was born in February and he was the only white man in history, with power who tried to end slavery…A closeted gay white man…And, look at what that got me, assassinated! And, some people tried that again this time various ways to get rid of me before I become a global name, to stop what’s coming for them, I’m here to free everyone on the planet the new slave order must be abolished. Cancel culture gremlins are upset about me giving slave masters partial federal funds, to ensure the enslaved peoples freedom and get the emancipation proclamation passed, I had to give them something. Abraham Lincoln was me, I am him, I was killed because I gave melanated people freedom and voting rights. Slave owners only care about money, constantly living in lack mindset and feeling the need to continually hoard paper, like the peasants they are. They needed an incentive, to do the right thing, they weren’t going to walk away empty handed. Some owned hundreds of human slaves, all working for free and making their masters the money doing whatever work was asked of them on those plantations. Abolishing slavery meant they would lose out on their funds, they had influence within politics in the US and other countries and could have refused my emancipation declaration. 


 Moving it along to the hump day subject, if you are anything like I, you are absolutely sick and tired of hearing about or being a twin flame on the twin flame journey! So much bullshit about being one soul when that is absolutely false, we are not one soul but parts of the same soul family group I have a bunch on twin flames on tiktok but stopped elaborating because others were just regurgitating my personal knowledge from my experience, still on the demented journey that is this shitstorm. Personally, I think it’s all toxic fuckeryism, an excuse for narcissistic morons to manipulate people and for toxic spiritualists to sell their bullshit. However, you do learn a lot and heal immensely through the process but much of what is known about twin flames is extremely convoluted with misinformation, by many trying to ride the trend and capitalize on people’s emotions and vulnerability. I heard about twin flames but never really cared to research anything about them or romanticize my possible twin flame, I didn’t even know I was one and I had them. You got that right, them! We can have more than one twin flame, people who don’t know what they’re talking, about would beg to differ. Won’t go too far down the rabbit hole.


 Twin Flame lore has been around for centuries and is a term used to describe a unique divinely paired soul connection between two people. This connection is said to be so strong that it transcends time and space, and it is believed that the two souls have been together in many past lives. The Twin Flame journey is a difficult one, as it is filled with many challenges and obstacles. Sometimes, if the other half is too toxic or unable to complete the mission, they are relinquished of their cosmic contract and replaced. We also have catalyst twins, in addition to karmics and false twins. Not everyone has a twin flame, there are only a hundred and fourth four thousand of us, we have a specific mission to complete as a couple on this planet. We all have multiple soul mates, those relationships are easier than the twin flame journey but sometimes not a lifetime union. It is said that the two souls must go through many trials and tribulations in order to reach a point of reunion, this is no lie and it’s definitely not a fun experience to constantly do shadow work and stay alive. These trials can include physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges, and the two souls must work together in order to overcome them. If one is doing the spiritual work and the other is trying to spiritually bypass, you can’t fool source or the universe this drags the journey on longer, throwing off the missions path. When the runner stops running and becomes the chaser and then stop chasing, they won’t chase again. The journey for them ends, their counter part didn’t do the work on their end and the other twin is over it, especially if the other is toxically stagnant and not evolving. 


 Being a Twin Flame is often too romanticized in books and films because in reality, it’s filled with pain, heartache, and confusion, but it is also said to be one of the most rewarding experiences one can have when you reunite with your true love, yourself! The union is first within you, the unconditional love for yourself to remember who you are and know your worth. People don’t realize how shitty they treat themselves because their complexes and traumas are unhealed. We are our own worst enemy, our self deprecation needs to stop, there’s a difference between jokingly making comments about your weaknesses and intentionally berating yourself with malignant thoughts. The reunion of Twin Flames is a beautiful and powerful experience, I will go into more detail in my books when all of this wraps up. The twin flame journey is always intense to teach us real love and true understanding, to help each soul evolve and become one with each other. This union is beyond words, when the real twin flames finally come together and experience unconditional love for themselves and one another.

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