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Los Angeles, CA. - After years of hard work and dedication, the Reverend Goddess Good Fridae finally releases the music video to her hit song "Anyone (I Choose You)!". The Goddess is one hundred percent authentic, unlike some mainstream artists with 45 writers and influensters who still use Good Fridae's twitter as a source of lyrical inspiration. We here at FridaeTV and have the exclusives! The Anyone (I Choose You) single and music video is available on apple and majority of streaming services right now!

Good Fridae is mostly known for her media expertise, as a long time Journalist for various magazines and her own publications mentioned above. Good Fridae has always wanted to release her music but was always too busy promoting other artists, indie and major. After her accidents and vocal loss, she was ecstatic her voice came back in 2017 but she felt, she couldn't sing the same and thought her dream of finishing her music was gone. It wasn't until 2020 when covid hit, that she realized that is exactly what she was supposed to do. Good Fridae has experience in every facet of entertainment and music videos are nothing new for her, this is her first official video but has done hundreds with and for other artists.


This summer Good Fridae filmed her first short film, that she can share with the public. The friendly neighbourhood Psychic Goddess isn't just a pretty face, Fridae directed, produced, last minute acted in, rewrote the script in 3 hours the week before filming and is currently editing the film, titled "Just Released". It will be released in October a week before her music video for her second single. Additionally, she also produced and starred in the music videos for two songs of the five from her upcoming EP. There are five different looks showcasing Fridae's many different hair styles and fits throughout the years, as an indie artist and pioneering online media company sole proprietor not to mention she invented the term "Karen". Good Fridae did her own hair and makeup and wardrobe too, for the campy pop love song. Due to her anxiety and ADHD.  She doesn't enjoy being in big crowds too often and opted for a small crew for these projects and the universe guided her to up and coming photographer, Christal Bodie, who was assisting and shooting some behind the scenes with chosen director Dom T. who filmed and directed both music videos in and around Los Angeles, California.


The AICY video had two separate shoot dates, Dom T. of Ocean Ave Recordings and the Goddess went through several different concepts for the video and were disappointed when her real life love interest, didn't follow through. Both music videos are edited by Dom T. and Good Fridae herself. Like the song, the video is a campy, fun reflection of Good Fridae's carefree, joyful attitude towards love and life. Specifically on those hard days we all have experienced, when no smiles could happen, only tears. Catch up with her art projects, esoteric endeavours and psychic messages on tiktok and twitter, plus the other social networks! Good Fridae is fairly new to the social media landscape and treats everything like a blog or diary. She likes to keeps it real with her people but only reveals what she wants people to know for hers and her loved ones safety. Reveend Good Fridae is tasked by the universe to entertain and educate, the masses but she needed to relearn what it was like to not give any fucks, while she accomplishes her spiritual tasks between music and movie breaks.


For fans of 90's pop and R&B, this song is to be foun by those who love and believe in the Goddess and enjoy new classic pop music! The sky is the limit for this uber talented force of nature, she makes her dreams happen, we're all now reintroduced to the reverend Goddess her majesty Good Fridae!  Watch the video for Anyone I Choose You below and download you copy anywhere music casn be found and follow the Reverend Goddess Good Fridae on social media to keep up with her real life adventures, until we are all graced with a tour date, in a city near you!

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