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Canadian Music Magazine 40th Anniversary - Left to Right: Jim Norris-Founder, Colin MacDonald - The Trews Vox, Andrew King - Editor



Written/Transcribed/Edited By: Lulu D.

 On Thursday, April 25th, 2019, Canadian Musician Magazine hosted it's 40th Anniversary party. It was a celebratory night, filled with performances, drinks, food and good company. Amazing to see that CM has survived the print down fall, many others have had to rebrand as online only or close up shop for good. Like every Canadian Musician at the party, the artists I spoke with all had similar experiences with CM magazine. My story regarding CM is comparable but with a twist...As a young aspiring artist, growing up in the city of Toronto during the late 90's was different, I basically lived at Much Music when I wasn't auditioning or performing. The producers and talent booking folk, asked my opinion on artists/bands, even back then. Right on the corner of John and Richmond next to the theater was Chapters, my friends and I would skip school to go see artists/bands at Much Music, which was only a ten minute walk from school. And, as we waited for whoever was performing or dropping by, we would sit in Chapters and read various magazines until we had to go inside. One of my favourites to read was always Canadian Musician Magazine, it had far more content that I was interested in, than the teeny magazines that were for poster plastering your room only.


Canadian Music Magazine 40th Anniversary - CJ FLEMINGS LIVE
Canadian Music Magazine 40th Anniversary - THE COMMAND SISTERS
Canadian Music Magazine 40th Anniversary
Canadian Music Magazine 40th Anniversary
Canadian Music Magazine 40th Anniversary

 For 40 years CM has been helping mold Canadian talent by providing legit advice and helpful articles that focus on honing our crafts. Naturally, when the invite came through from my favourite PR team Strut, we had to make the time to celebrate with them!  Founder Jim Norris was taking photo after photo, as the Canadian music industry elites flowed through the red carpet, filling up every inch of Grace O'Malley's. Didn't get the chance or had the space on my phone to jibber with neither Jim nor CM's Editor-in-Chief; Andrew King, who is super tall in person. However, I did get a few chat chats in! My favorite was definitely with Actor/Director/Musician Will Bowes and the best last words belong to Colin MacDonald of the Trews, made me laugh for sure but wish the interview was a little longer. I wrapped it early because I couldn't hear myself and was shouting, also didn't know if the band could hear me either. Still not allowed to shoot with DSLR's or work at all for that matter, but I always have a problem with doing as I'm told. Plus, going to a party and talking to people is not really working, per-say... Had a nice little selfie stick, with iPhone setup but things never go as planned! It was very disappointing when my phone ran out of space, right in the middle of the jibber with Blues artist Steve Strongman! However, we did get a few minutes of greatness in there. Please go ahead and click the video interviews below and do not forget to enjoy the fabulous visuals by, the always awesome Anna Sklavos!                           


Until next time, FM singing off.

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