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By: Fridae Roma Matta

   Throwback Thursday music news and only for music news.


 Last Thursday, Deacon Phillippe, had his first ever song debut "Long Run" and the reception has been glowing! Of course his parents are super proud and they should be, it's a fantastic song! Deacon is the production mastermind behind the song "Long Run" and will be going by his first name only, which is a great idea and way to get his own footing in the industry. Deacon is not the singer on the track, as some FAKE NEWS outlets have claimed, all without validity or truth.


Go back to school because this is journalism 101; before publishing any articles, double check your facts and always do your research, research, research! Yes, pretentious Joannas with lack of loyalty, work ethic and creativity, even for a music piece there needs to be standards instead of misinformed news blasts, gossip rag style that are only published for some hits and without asking anyone actually affiliated...We do our research because we have tegridy!!  (Only people who watch South Park will get that reference.)


"Long Run" is a romantical catchy radio friendly tune, with sweet vocals by Scottish singer, "Nina Nesbitt". Nina paints the tracks words to the musical canvas perfectly. We can't wait to hear what Deacon will be creating next, if you haven't heard or downloaded the tune, you can buy it here!



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