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Decided to add my two cents to the age old question, who has better weed? Canada or California? Continue reading to find out my expert opinion on the highest grade flower power. The information I have accumulated about the flower has been collected throughout my decades of going back and forth between Toronto and LA. I haven’t been to LA for a minute due to my accidents, I took a break from the industry. It has been about ten-ish years since I frolicked about Hollywood, the last person I cared to talk to or see in LA, died in a freak car accident November 30th 2013. So heartbreaking to lose one of your first boyfriends in such a horrifically public way, again. Still have not visited his crash site and don't plan to.


 Many people felt heartbreak and grief in 2020, which was an absolutely chaotic shit storm, nightmare of a year. I’m most grateful to God, the Universe and my Angels because I’m lucky to have survived last year. Thrilled to be alive and fully awake to tell my survival stories as we enter the new world of light and love. Last year, amongst the police brutality killing sprees, Black Lives Matter protests, US Election nonsense and Covid19 destroying lives and killing off whole generations, there were shit loads of other major plots and subplots.


 The only one constant comfort was God’s green grass. My preference is a nice high grade sativa or hybrid to keep me pain free and focused during the day. When I can't sleep some indica before bed, helps this overactive brain turn off the excessive noise. Everyone has different experiences with the magic lettuce, like with any medication or party favour, newbies should always take in small doses with lower THC levels, that you can increase over time. 

Funniest thing ever is when people try edibles and end up tripping hard, passed out or throwing up because they ate too much of a good thing. When Cannabis is ingested, it takes a little longer for the effects to kick in, producing a different body buzz feeling than when smoked. Very little should be consumed the first time you try an edible, if you don't know your tolerance level. Contrary to the "Karen culture crew" flapping their lips saying that all Cannabis makes you lazy and slow, uh hi bitches! I'm living proof of the balance and healing it brings to anyone's life. Not to say that everyone is like I because if you're smoking indicas all day then this can be true, as it's more of a sedative than an upper. If you use a hybrid or sativa early morning for a wake and bake session, you will function much better during the day. Weed doesn't kill you, unlike toxic alcohol most of which I'm allergic to, except finest quality rums and vodkas but no beers. Cannabis is an added health benefit to anyone who can't do narcotics for pain and other ailments especially CBD oil and Phoenix Tears. Cannabis has a long, ancient history of health and spiritual uses that I could drone on about and will in other articles, on my fave flower. If you want more info on cannabis, google exists and they haven’t removed the Cannabis history, like they did with the articles on ancient Egyptian mummies, that died of covid's first appearance, back then.  


 Aside from Canada’s recent nationwide legalization (What would people have done without this essential service, that was deemed illegal for so long?). Everyone knows, California was one of the original spots to legalize marijuana and Canada legalized medical marijuana back in 2001. Did you know, that it is still illegal on the federal level in California even though it has been legalized across the state. Canada gets one point for that because the whole country can benefit from the magic, the cannabis flower has to offer. After years of doing physio and trying out different medications, in 2018 we concluded that my body does not like any Pharmaceutical medication, except for Tylenol and Advil which are ineffective for my injuries. I recall the pharmacist asking me how I know I’m allergic to codeine and I respond to him by telling him the truth, literally will pass out unconscious after taking anything with codeine.


 My medical team had to find a quick resolution because there's a lot of pain associated with healing and we concluded, my only option was to go natural. Why not? I smoke weed on the regular anyway, bonus to use it as a healing aid in combination with therapy. Best decision I ever made because it has been most effective, using cbd oil and flowers daily, I can walk without major pain for longer periods of time. After taking these natural God given meds, I don’t feel sick, like I do with big pharma pain narcotics. It has less side effects and works much better than any of my anxiety medications, which I don’t take anymore. Overall win, daily I'm stronger and haven't felt this amazingly fit since my mid twenties. Won’t be going into depth about the interiors of the stores or how they work because there are many people that would love that information. If you want consultations, you can hire me as a consultant like everyone else. This magazine is Free press note the FREE part, this doesn’t make any money. I fund it utilizing my multitude of skill sets, I refuse ads. 


 Visiting various dispensaries and getting deliveries in LA are a breeze in the wealthier neighbourhoods where they have a variety of deals, products and brands. The products in LA, are similar to those sold in Canadian dispensaries; flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, oils, beverages and the usual edibles. So much more to offer, in terms of brand variations and inventory selection unlike Canadian dispensaries. Cali gets two points for this because there’s a plethora to choose from. What I found with Cali was, that the storefronts were lacking compared to their ganja fairy delivery services like Blaze, Eaze, Emjay, my go to plug is Blaze. I found most dispensaries were overpriced and the tax in West Hollywood is ridiculous, most expensive I came across in the country. Expect to pay more for higher quality but again you’re paying for the name and packaging like you do with Nike’s, unless you’re hitting up those unknown, “who you know” dispensaries. Of course I managed to hit those up with friends but I have respect for people’s business and will not mention those, if you know, you know.


 There are many well known brands like Cookies and Humboldt Farms which are overhyped products, as are many of the more well known storefronts; Sherbinskis,  Medmen, STIIIZY, Dr. Greenthumbs, Sweet Flower, Lemonade, to name a few. Best dispensaries in WEHO and surrounding areas would be; MMD Hollywood, Hollyweed, LA Cannabis Co., Mecca and Litco. However, the best dispensary thus far is Wonderland in Venice, about 15 minutes from the beach, they also have Green Goddess and newly opened Harvest


 Canada is slacking when it comes to product variety, the market is saturated with Canopy and Aphria--the same old, shit producers who can't even get the medical marijuana right....It's been legal since 2001. The bud is not horrible, just very dry and chemically tasting, as is most of the lower end weed from any Canadian dispensary, yet it's still better than some of the crap they try to peddle in LA. The higher grade THC levels are more expensive as are the name brands just like LA but the taxes are much lower. I was going to manage a government dispensary under the old model but smart guys in Ontario, elected dumbass fuckeroo Doug Ford as premier. A week after he took office, he swiped that original herbal rollout program and a job for me. There are ideas I have about my own flower brand, just need to find a producer who meets my quality control expectations.

There is so much more to discuss but it's time to wrap this little chat up. My conclusion, who has the better weed? I say Canada because my homeboys grow better weed in a shed, than some "professionals" in California. In terms of business models, the accessibility, fluidity and quantity of storefronts selling Cannabis products, California's options are tenfold compared to what Canada has. For a Country with nationwide legalization, what the fuck is wrong with you? Hire people who are actually qualified, school smarts and street smarts together, not one without the other. Fridae out!

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