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Summer Is A Curse - EP




Thursday, September 6th 2018



   No crashing waves to accompany my soundtrack this time...However, I am enjoying the sounds of traffic and sirens outside my hotel on Saint-Catherine St. in Montreal, reminds me of home.

The Band being reviewed is Australian exports "The Faim" who are releasing their debut EP "Summer Is A Curse" Friday, September, 7th! When their label publicist sent me the link, I was a little skeptical before hitting play... I always make it just in time with record reviews, film reviews though are different...Sometimes I just won't write them. My Mother always told me: "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all",  along with the famous "Don't talk while you're eating" and the unforgettable "Tables are for glasses, not for asses". Even back then I was very positive she learned those from her white friends, because my Greek immigrant mother definitely didn't come up with those clever quips herself.

 The Faim has worked with some heavy hitters on their music, and this record is no different. It was recorded by legendary producer by John Feldmann (blink-182, All Time Low, Good Charlotte). This water testing EP, is just a taste of what the band is about to unleash in 2019 on their full length album. For these ears, the most notable tunes on this record other than the title track are the anthem-like "Make Believe"; loved the cadence in the delivery of the vocals and the music fit the lyrics like a glove. The other song I have on repeat is the upbeat catchy "My Heart Needs To Breathe" seamless, the productions mastering was done very well, everything is equalized and sounds so crisp on any medium I play the music with. The band is: Josh Raven - Lead Vocals, Michael Bono - Lead Guitar/ Bass/ Vocals, Stephen Beerkens - Bass/Keyboard, Sean Tighe - Drums and Percussion.


 Honourable mention is the current single, ballad style "A Million Stars" which has a little island vibe during the last verse/bridge. It was very hard to find anything wrong with this record, the music has a variety of styles and not just one redundant sound. If I was going to chose the next single it would be "Make Believe". That song resonated with my soul the most and will relate to millions more with their own perception of the track. Nothing but bright lights in this bands future, can't wait to see them rock out live! Track listing is below and you can add them to Spotify and all the socials you can find on their website and I'm sure Apple will have a link to buy their record HERE after midnight!



  01 - Summer Is a Curse

  02 - A Million Stars

  03 - Make Believe

  04 - I Can Feel You

  05 - My Heart Needs to Breathe

  06 - When It Comes

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