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Words By: Fridae Mattas

 INspiration always comes to me when I'm by the water staring at the open sea, palm trees in the wind. Just got back to my hotel from swimming and sunning in the Aegean, decided to write away my thoughts or should I say dance and marinate. First listen, immediately made me wanna dance, love tracks that I can dance to. Those that know my musical tastes, understand how eclectic my ears are. When Matt Bundas - vox, hit me up to possibly run something on the new tune, you bet I had to listen to it first! No different than all the other content sent to FridaeTV, if I don't like it or hear any potential why waste anyone's time.

Well, it's a good thing "One Night" made me dance! The tune was released June 15th and is available for download pretty much everywhere music can be found. The sounds these ears hear other than the waves crashing against the shore, were to the liking of DnB (Drums and Bass) with a modern alt pop electro twisteroo. The bands sound is a huge overhaul from the MRO days, still pretty indie sounding in regards to the track mastery but it is very clever to keep up with the times, changing things up and pushing the sounderies. People will enjoy this tune, the lyrics and beat make it a great club banger, driving home in traffic sing-a-long song and for some the perfect "hit it 'n quit it" tune. If you're following FridaeTV on Twitter or Instagram, you'll see what I'm saying about an overall dancing around song!


Vocals have improved vastly, coming from drummer boy background vocals in Mary Rose Obsession to front-man, Matt is getting much better. However, live will be the real test (Muahaha, Dr.Evil pinky smile). Always do my best to help out the up and comers, the Bundas brothers were so young when I first met them. They are definitely not strangers to the band life, as mentioned above, Matt was drums for Mary Rose Obsession and his brother Chris (Sally) Bundas was the axemaster in MRO. Chris is still rocking the guitar, I would hope so, he's got axe skills on lock! The other two non brother members in the band are: Brian Mackay - Bass and Kevin Branagan on the sticks. Do your ears a favour (Yes, that is the right spelling Murica, I am Canadian.) and listen to "One Night", stream it, download it, whatever way to access the tune floats your boat, like Nike just do it!

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