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For Immediate Release

Los Angeles, CA - Greek Canadian Indie Pop Goddess, Good Fridae is changing the industry she helped shape as a musical media pioneer! While the general public get their trends from celebrities, your favourite stars are inspired by indie Goddess Good Fridae. Whether it be her terms for Karen, Susan, Gremlin or Pick Me, her art critique, tweets, music, films and non profits & since 2006, she has inspired many and has been inspired by many. Her first public film after years of media, corporate and background work in major productions, this is her first solo indie film.


The short was almost scrapped due to some production issues, location and crew drama. She re-wrote the script and cut some characters in three hours, after some encouragement from a good friend in LA. She wanted the story as close to the true event that she lived through. And, after finding new locations and crew it was possible! Good Fridae not only wrote “Just Released” she directed, produced, acted in last minute and scored the film! Her small field crew of five consisted of, Lead actress Tanissia Sprull - Selini, Johnny Vallone - Pablo and Good Fridae as Marilyn, which wasn’t the original characters name, it was Erika.


Ironically, the last minute location change situation, brought Marilyn, now Good Fridae full circle playing a different Marilyn, while at her past life crypt once again. The Universe works in mysterious ways and since Fridae discovered who she was in her direct past life, she has learned to surrender to the universe and trust where she is called to go. Not the first of her summer projects with location issues, her music video for “Follow Through” was filmed at the same second location as the eight minute indie short at two of Hollywood’s most famous cemeteries filled with the greats of Hollywood, Hollywood Forever and Pierce Brothers Westwood memorial gardens. Good Fridae is so grateful to the amazing staff at both locations, for their wonderful exception to the rules and Paramount studios for granting their permission in the end after filming. You can find her music videos on Vevo here!

Without all of her staff and crew, especially assistant director/cinematographer and sound tech Jason Dixon of Ultrart Projects, the film wouldn’t have been possible to make. The Greek Italian Goddess also enlisted the help of up and coming LA photographer, Christal Bodie, who was also production assistant and bts photographer of Good Fridae’s music videos! Which were edited by Good Fridae Mattas and directed by Dom T of Ocean Ave Recordings. The Toronto native was on a different path prior to covid lockdowns, she was in University for criminal justice. New for her is learning how to work with her disabilities, at her own pace. Some of the schooling degrees and certifications she has is Radio Broadcasting,


Directing/Producing to Project Management and Data analysis via
Harvard. The psychic had a massive spiritual awakening shortly after an exam in 2020,her name Good Fridae, was revealed to her and she was guided to return to art works, her past was literally calling, as she awoke to memories of her past life as Marilyn Monroe. It has been her mission to get the justice and respect her past legacy deserves to finish what she started with her production company before being murdered! Although Good Fridae’s Art Haus isn’t called MMP it was rebranded to PMP, Pick Me Press in Jan 2020 and all her companies are under her Mattas Entertainment Group. The short is based off a true story she experienced different location than a graveyard l, that’s where Hollywood came in. Two friends on a grave adventure, run into a hot guy...Below is the interview with Good Fridae and Just Released leading lady, Tanissia Sprull.

We heard there were some casting and production issues for Just Released, including some day of  location changes and you only had one rehearsal. Do you think you gave your best performance?

Tanissia: I think under the circumstances we all did the best that we could. I don’t think anyone in the cast or crew would have been there if they weren’t willing to give it their all.

Good Fridae: We did what we could and like Tanissia said, we gave our all! So thankful to everyone, Tanissia, Johnny, Jason, Christal and the rest of the squad for helping me pull this off. We had some hiccups but did manage to make a cool little film, I’m so proud of!

Would you act and direct in another film Good Fridae?

Good Fridae: If I had more crew, yes! Being in the film was not in my original plans, after the actress cast to play the other female character couldn't make it, I was racking my brain how we could do the film with only two actors when a friend suggested I do it myself, I know the lines, I lived it and wrote it.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, who you are and what character you play.


Tanissia: I’m Tanissia. I'm someone who is loving, creative, intuitive and very inquisitive. I have a lot of different interest so being an actor helps me live out all my dreams. I love learning about different things. In college as a Theater Arts Major I chose to take Human Anatomy as my science. Most other T.A majors chose something like Astronomy. I play the real life Good Fridae!


What was it that drew you to the movie business?


Tanissia: I love the art of acting and I want to tell stories that inspire people. I kinda feel like it was just my thing to do innately.

What would you have done differently, now that you reflect back on shoot day.

Tanissia: I don’t think I would have done anything differently circumstances were beyond my control.


Good Fridae: Many things! More rehearsals, more takes for editing, hire someone else to do the music, lol! Film productions have so many moving pieces and are all about trial and error. This was my first principal role in any film, just so happened I was directing and trying to remember my lines plus theirs! This project helped me learn so much, much more intricate than making a music video, it was a great experience nonetheless.a great experience


Was it awkward working with Good Fridae the director/writer of the film once discovering you would also be acting with her?

Tanissia: No, She made me feel very comfortable and she’s easy to work with.

Good Fridae: I’m so glad we met and got to work together! Tanissia is amazing to work with. The whole production was stressing me out more than producing and performing for my music videos, I was ready to call it a day on the project. I'm glad I didn't because it's a part of me, a version of my film actually did happen to me and is only one of the traumatic events I have experienced in my life, we women have to deal with a lot of bullshit from men just to keep breathing.

What was your initial thought as an actor, when you found out the short film was based on a true story and you would be playing real people?

Tanissia: I was excited having the opportunity to portray a real person..

Can you tell us about the film without any spoilers?


Tanissa: If you like action and a little drama this is the film for you.

Good Fridae: It has it's plot twists and some comical dialogue. An enjoyable watch, I'm just glad the audio is synced properly. We will be releasing the film in a few more languages with subtitles.


Have you done any previous art works or upcoming projects you would like to talk about?


Tanissa: I have actually had a busy Summer, I was the lead in an upcoming female buddy feature comedy “Princess Cut”.  At the beginning of filming i was just wrapping a play “ The Vagina Monologues” which I did with  Souls on Stage Production House.  We recently wrapped up the second production with S.O.S “ If Emotions Could Speak” which is all written by the cast. It was great getting to tell our stories of love, struggle, pain, and hope in this world as women and people presenting as females.

Good Fridae: After the insanity and hard work of the summer projects, I need a tropical vacation with a hot guy! What I created in four months is incredible, most people take years, especially with such a tiny indie budget and limited time. I’ve never chased fame, I just want to make my art and live a full life. Lol! I'm always working on music and more films, I'm just getting started.


That is wonderful to hear and look forward to seeing you in future projects, thank you for taking the time to speak with us at Pick Me Press, we can’t wait to see the movie and we wish you all the best in the future with your careers."


Good Fridae’s Follow Through music video, is groundbreakingly the first of its kind! Featuring her past self Marilyn Monroe and as Good Fridae now. Not only is Marilyn Monroe’s final resting place in that timeline featured in the video, Natalie Wood Wagner is also featured, spiritual justice for both murdered icons. Just Released is available to stream until midnight tonight!! At the stroke of midnight it will be added to the store for downloading and will be replaced in this article with the trailer.



Photos By: Christal Bodie

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