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 Currently sitting on my balcony downtown Toronto, facing the north, (we the north) towards Nathan Phillips Square, lost in a flashback of thoughts to late July, when it was decided by the Universe, that I was doing TIFF as a delegate this year! A little annoyed as I rewrite this entire review piece and you will find out why, soon enough. I remember, I was just about to begin packing my suitcases, to fly out to LA from the east coast, when, my assistant editor, text me and asked if I read the TIFF email. I have been so busy doing spiritual philanthropic work, vacationing, working on scripts, songs and recording this summer. I had completely forgotten about the application, for an industry pass at the 2023 Toronto International film festival my assistant submit.


 My brain, assumed it would be cancelled this year, due to the historic WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, that are still ongoing, as I write this. Except, the WGA has finally reached a tentative deal with AMPTP as of Sunday night. I’m not a member of any of the unions on strike but I am in full support of fair compensation, likeness and image rights to name a few of the many things they were and are fighting for. Majority of the films scheduled to screen at the film festival charity, the Toronto International film festival, were under the union agreements. Very few of those were approved by WGA or Sag-Aftra for promo, many unionized actors could not promote their films and they’re all still on strike. I gave my team the instructions to pick documentaries or Canadian content, after finding out TIFF’s show must go on. I was once a union steward for an airline in my first act of this life. I understand how they work, how they should be functioning when ratifying a new contract and how long of a process it can be. A lot of things still need to change and be restructured in this industry as well as many others, like the medical field. It was an insane two weeks, I’m still decompressing from all the extreme energies, films and events that took place from September 7th to the 17th, for the 2023 annual Toronto International Film Festival! This was my first ever official TIFF as an industry delegate and not working as media but yet here I am with a super editorial.  My media platforms and PickMe.Press (Formerly has not covered TIFF, like this. It was events and galas I was invited to, that I attended or sent a photographer to shoot. 


 I wasn’t planning on covering TIFF at all, with any crew, it was going to be too much work, I didn’t even screen my short film. I could have but again, my tryst at TIFF was too hectic already. I have had to scale back my workload due to healing daily, I don't want to regress the progress I have made. Was going to have a film crew, follow me around to document the festival. My team and I  reached out to some old crew, whom I probably won’t be working with in the future and my whole film crew plan was swiped! Here comes why I was annoyed, as I rewrite the article, I remembered the details of my guides advising me, that the Universe wanted me to release my cover tune, of the legendary Irene Cara's hit song, ‘What A Feeling’ September 15th! (To help send my Goddess energy, for the Autoworker Unions to go on a successful strike with a fast deal made and continue slaying the other 1% gremlins, this song was intended to slay.). It’s always a double plot Goddessverse feature, with my life. Sometimes, we get the trilogies for the holy trinity at the same time, as we did with this TIFF tryst! I had to prep my team to do press releases and some specifically targeted marketing, in addition to assisting with film fest meetings and my conference schedule, all last minute.

Although, WAF is a cover song, the lyrics have a Greek surprise during one of the music breaks. Don’t come at me fellow Greeks, I know it’s not proper Greek, it’s my slang! Do you think I only make up meanings and new word terms in English? No, any language I know, becomes at some point evolved into my lingo. I still have to make that dictionary of my definitions, phrases and terms. Like the origins of Karen, Kevin, Pick me and Susan. I had no idea my words carry such weight, I didn’t know who I really was until 2020. When I was given the name Good Fridae by my ancestors because I was once upon a time St. Friday. The ancestors put a new school spin on it. This festival is my first back into the entertainment world, it was a navigational learning experience, I’m never doing so much all at once at TIFF again. I need to stop serving multi-hyphenated art combos. Last year, I released two tracks with music videos and a short film, edited by me. This year I dropped a book with the audio book and paperback, in addition to a remix and the  cover tune that was just released, mixed by yours truly. My hand has phantom pains, just thinking about the amount of work that was done this year. When my right hand is being used too much, it always reminds me with locked limited range of motion and excruciating pain, part of why I’m considered disabled. 


 I wouldn’t have done any TIFFing at all! That Karen encounter during a ghost led surprise gala, that was Paul Simon’s documentary, almost, got me to pack it up then and there. I don't have patience for rude gremlins anymore, it can’t feel like work for me or I won't do it. People can’t be assholes and prevent me from doing what I need to do without getting clap backs these days. I have to force myself to look at any work, like it’s a fun game or another episode of my Goddess life, which it is. This editorial is mostly being spoken into my phone and edited along the way, my hand still aches, from being pushed too much to work. I’m an unconventional artist and journalist, I don’t do just one thing and that confuses a lot of people, who can only grasp or do one thing. They can’t do multiples, I’m a multi-hyphen indie artpreneur and very aware of the abee Good Fridae, she needs all the good luck she can get! Her album isn’t doing well is it? There’s a reason why I haven’t released a full album, the market is unstable but people need good music, so I have been dropping singles with layered purpose and working on a full length. I’m not a manufactured major label artist, I’m real, the original influencer Fridaetv. I have been performing since I was a kid and just like major labels have their agenda, I’m here to undo that bullshit, with my Goddess magic agenda. Pretty incredible to me, that I threaten the big boys, I’m just an indie artist with an entertainment hub and some global reach. My ancestors don’t play, I am taking spiritual and legal action.


 The number of films spun my mind in circles of confusion, especially on that first official day of TIFF, after grabbing my pass from TIFF HQ. I won’t mention all the films, no way I can we woudl be here for days, I had to cut some from the article, there were far too many to physically attend. Surprisingly some of the films I saw, I was on set for and some didn’t deserve to be made, they were that bad. Some had no originality and seemed to just mimic other films that were already done, better. The first film I was scheduled to see was  “The New Boy” by Australian writer & director Warwick Thornton with Cate Blanchett and new comer who is not part of the unions yet but was undeniably, the star of the film, Aswan Reid. I missed that screening! It’s okay, the following week the Universe made it so that I was able to catch one of the last screenings for the film.

 ‘The New Boy’ is about an orphaned indigenous boy who was different, until he was finally baptized in the traditional church and then he turned basic, like the others. I don’t want to give too much of the film away, people should go see it when they can. It’s different, the special effects could have been better, it looked like someone on fivver made it but the acting is fantastic by Blanchett as always. She plays a drunk renegade nun and helps out tiny little Mr. Aswan Reid the orphan. He has a very bright future indeed, he will be a more phenomenal actor when he grows up but already has the natural talent. The emotion he was able to convey without words, is very rare, especially these days. He has been here before and was an actor in his past life. I will not mention the actor he was because this isn’t a Goddess Good Fridae, psychic medium past life reading, I don’t do those anymore. Below I have added a little clip from the Thursday night gala screening Q&A, with Warwick Thornton writer and director of “The New Boy” and the star principal actor, Aswan Reid who was approved by the union to be there, even though he’s not yet a member of any of the unions. Aswan was a little shy, as the Roy Thompson hall stage lights were in his eyes, he kept shielding his face with his hand.

Cate Blanchett was not at any the film screenings, as many actors were not approved or chose to not cross that picket line. The first TIFF film I saw at a gala, was for a Cate Blanchett film and it was a full circle moment for me, with the exact same venue but without Cate’s speech or her in the flesh at the renovated RTH, it had a face lift since the last time I was there.









 Normally, my Fridaetv editorials would be multiple parts and I would be going in order of the days, they’re all jumbled in my brain there is no order, just chaotic thoughts and notes to assemble. I tried to get to as many films and conferences possible and had my team schedule as many meetings as I could do. I met and spoke with some amazing people the Universe wanted me to. Everything was divinely guided and orchestrated, including the bonus galas, even though a publicity Karen almost ruined it! I wasn’t about to let a gremlin snatch my fun and deter my missions for this festival. The hardest thing for me was, trying to wrap my brain around all the functions and catch everything in my schedule, that I wanted to check out. The conferences, are the most important part of the festival for me. I missed a few keynotes I really wanted to absorb between the films at press and industry screenings or at Gala Special Presentations and parties! I only went to one party the TLN party and that was brief, I had a gyro in my purse that I grabbed after the film I saw, I forgot to eat all day and my avatar was yelling at me to fill it with sustenance. Eating was always being forgotten, I need to eat to fight off any negative energies to transmute from random people but also for my health.

We’re going to chat about the most powerful film I saw this TIFF and closing the article with my favourite childhood television personality. Mr. Dressup - The Magic of Make  Believe. The film I’m referring to as powerful is, the Ava DuVernay adaptation on the book ‘Caste’ and the life of its author Isabel Wilkerson, played by Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor who put on an absolutely spectacular performance in the film. I did a in depth jibber on the film for tiktok, I included a clip from the Q&A after the film with Director Ava DuVernay and Producer Paul Garnes you can check that here. Origin is a story about racism but also the drama lived by the person behind the words. I wasn’t scheduled to see this film but the Universe and TIFF really wanted me to see it! I had received two comp tickets for two different screenings to the film and couldn’t make those, I was trying to catch as many conferences as I could and gave the tickets to fans in the rush line already waiting for tickets. A week later during week two, my assistant got me another comp ticket for a gala screening of the film. 


 Well, my schedule was magically clear for that exact time on that public screening date but it was the energies that I wasn't thrilled because its still odd to me, to feel everyone else's emotions, while rigidly keeping mine in check on lock down. It's the most inexplicable, observatory out of body but in the body experience I think I will ever experience. The Universe, desperately needed me to see this film and I highly recommend everyone go see it. It was shot well, a fantastic artwork that was funded independently, not acquired from the major studios and I was happy to hear that. I do want Origin to win some academy awards at the next one. It didn’t win people’s choice at the festival, I had tasked my assistant to submit some people’s choice votes for me, I don’t know if he sent all the votes because there’s no tracking of the submissions from what he told me. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house during some of the emotional roller coaster of life Isabel encountered. A lot of the movies were tear jerkers including the first films I had scheduled “God Is A Woman” an incredible story about the Indigenous Kuna people in Panama’s Guna Yala islands, by Swiss-Panamanian Director Andrés Peyrot, the documentary was of their community, a long lost film type story behind the lens because the original film was never shown to them and the documentary follows along as one of the elders, a former professor Arysteides Turpana. The pride and love the people showed for their customs and beliefs in both mother and father Gods is empowering but there was some trauma there with the initiation only the bio women have to do. Another touching film my face leaked watching was early in the festival was, “Finestkind” directed by Brian Helgeland, with Tommy Lee Jones, Jenna Ortega, Toby Wallace and apparently Zendaya and Jake Gyllenhall were in the film. I don’t remember seeing them at all but Tommy Lee Jones was in two films that I saw and I had no idea he would be in either. The film made me cry but it was okay, very predictable near the end I viewed it in my head, before I saw it on the screen type of predictable. But it could just be that I’m a psychic and can be extremely perceptive.   


 I didn’t have time to do research on the films or who was in them, the actors wouldn’t be there. I tried to focus on the directors who wrote and funded their own works and the films I was invited to, this was not my usual festival coverage and I knew many actors weren’t going to be attending due to the strikes including the main cast of Pain Hustlers, Emily Blunt and Chris Evans, who were not approved to promote the film by the unions. Director, David Yates, was in attendance for a short Q&A before and after the film. The film was generic, a stripper who makes money off of selling pills, how original, the mother in the previously mentioned film Finestkind, sells pills to a community in Boston. 

There were rumours on social media tabloids and gossip toks, about one of the actors in Pain Hustlers. I have it on good authority, from an absolute real solid source, the Pain Hustlers actor, did not have any end of summer nuptials, to anyone he spends a lot of time alone. He's not married according to my source, not to a super fan from Portugal he once dated, dropping fake news to get my attention. The cancelled fan girl misses the attention, like the bitter insecure ex-girlfriend it is, thirsting for a green card, fame and funding. It’s actually quite pathetic, how fast people picked that up and believed it, ruining someone’s career without any evidence or use of cognitive dissonance. I'm sure he regrets his life choices and has learned from them one should hope, if he is married, who cares, congrats to him. However, my spidey senses tell me my source is on point. Once I push that publish button, my job here is done. Does anyone have critical thinking skills? No common sense from the peasants, following blindly like the sheep so many of them are. Thirsting for fame, using other people’s names because you don't have your own shine, get a job but not in my industry. We have enough gremlins, I'm trying to flush them out of the entertainment industry, those who don't belong, will keep being removed by the universe.


 I was going to sell some scripts but not many quality deals were offered. There was a lack of generosity, many buyers were not buying or taking any chances on a lot of documentaries or diverse films, due to the instability of the current markets. There was a lot of hype around a few films I wanted to see but all the other media were reporting on those I always find the better stories, with the underdogs. I am never discouraged by any type of rejection, it helps to refine my zero fucks vibes but know the difference between reality and delusions. Don't get me wrong its always good to be a little delulu but some people need to get a grip. Use all that online time to learn a new skill or work on the career you want to be in, being famous doesn't guarantee you'll get booked, especially if your delivery not worth the funds... I also noticed a lot of the so called financiers at this festival, were looking for financing and buyers not buying any art. The projects they have lined up, are not going to make money. Everyone needs a no person and much less opportunistic yes people, to bring their egos down to earth. Reality checks are needed urgently, for so many out of touch with planet earth and the cosmos, industry people. LOL!








The conference keynote speakers gave some great advice, they had directors like Spike Lee, Anand Patwardhan, Fawzia Mirza (whose film, 'Queen Of My Dreams' I wanted to see but couldn't make it to any of the screenings and one was right after the conference, where she was a keynote speaker sitting right beside her wife, who is her producer. They were cute, I love love regardless of gender preferences.). And, of course double fisting with films was Viggo Mortensen, to name a few people who gave little pep talks, in addition to discussing their current projects showing at the festival. Spike Lee’s spit facts and it was such a heavy half hour of focus, on his 9/11 docu-series, it featured Rosie Perez, his family, survivors, every day New Yorkers including some first responders. An audience member fumbled when introducing his question to Mr. Lee, Spike Lee proceeded to lecture him and said “you’re either a filmmaker or you’re not. You have to have the belief in yourself”, the clip is above. Those word were similar to my most recent tiktok, on regrets and what my spirit squad is always telling me to tell all of you. I ran into Spike at his hotel, not long after the conversation wrapped when I was heading over to grab some lunch and meet with a few people. While at the hotel, there were baseball Larries staying there as well and I witnessed something I haven't laughed at in a while, the stalkerazzi and autograph hounds chasing a baseball player down the street, I had no idea which one. I’m not good with names, that’s why I give people names, like Larry.

Viggo’s chat, I thought I had missed in the ocean of festival madness. I completely forgot he was in Lord Of The Rings, until a fanboy, teenied out saying he couldn't believe he was in the same room as him. He was excited to ask a question, I'm so glad I didn’t miss it and managed to see one of his films too. This was the first Western, that I watched, in full with my father who was with me in spirit and I didn’t fall asleep watching it. There were some slow moving moments in the film, I almost did fall asleep. And, like I mentioned in that tiktok, I believe it stems from a past life trauma in the Wild West, I don't know who I was back then, yet! But the overwhelming nappiness that engulfed me, is not normal, it’s similar to watching anything related to any of my other past lives. I'm able to pick up on that pattern because it the same feeling of drowsiness. While watching Mortensen's 'The Dead Don't Hurt', it was an awkward but sentimental experience. When my pops forced me to watch westerns with him as a child, I was incapable of staying awake and he would get upset and this kind of, made up for it. He was happy but still harassing me about seeing Stallone's stuff when he could easily go without me. Spirits can walk through walls unless there's a magic ward or block. For Viggo's film, it was a public screening and I didn't have a ticket. I would have needed to get in the rush line. Umm, yeah, the Universe knows, I don't do lines. Not even a skiier, IYKYK!


But the universe came through for my Pops, who was the main reason a comp ticket, magically appeared for the sold out film “The Dead Don't Hurt”, written and directed by Viggo Mortensen. The website said it wasn’t for sale, which means it’s sold out but somehow, my magic works and I don't even know I'm doing anything...It was hilarious to me that the film mentions Jeanne D’Arc, it explains why my father from the other side wanted me to see Viggo's new work. Aside from him being a fan. I was magically given a ticket and my deceased father wanted to watch films he wanted to see, with him. Little does Viggo know he was looking right at Jeanne D’Arc, while answering the question, about her role in his film. I added the clip somewhere here depending what device you're reading this from. The Larry to my right side asked a question so I shlepped those clips together and gave them some subtitles. Jeanne D’Arc was a past life of mine, I didn't get a chance to live, men took that away from me. I had not fought in the war as Jeanne neither as Kleopatra. self was never fighting in the war, we came up with the strategies, to take those gremlins out and had constant advice from the Angels and Saints. Those same beings, I talk to psychically today, just as I did in my Jeanne D'Arc era. When I was Kleopatra, I told everyone I was a Goddess back then, Goddess Isis because I am. Just as I claim to be a Goddess now because I am...True Story.


  Sometimes they weren't the greatest plans but as St. Jeanne D'Arc, I was assisting with psychic spiritual consultations until they deleted me because I rebelled. Someone snitched and doxxed my location, they arrested me for no reason, beat me up, raped me, set my nineteen year old country French girl ass on fire, 19 years old! And, chopped off my head to make sure I was deleted. Just as they (You know who I'm talking about) tried to do this again in this life, at 19 and countless other incidents and "accidents", numerous times but I am here and I will be here until, all of the gremlin fuckerelli, are deleted off my planet and out of my Goddessverse for good! Viggo did a pretty good job with his film, it was well put together, he composed the score, before he shot the film and ended up acting in it as well. I discovered he was a multi-hyphen like myself, it is very challenging to do it all yourself especially act and direct the scene you’re in and multiple people. I love how all the screenings I attended, the directors were at their screenings too and gave us some Q&A’s after. Many of the films I missed the Q&A, there were other films and events to peep or it was too cold and I needed to warm up because I forgot to bring a sweater or shacket. So many films I wanted to mention but it's already overflowing with jibberings. Go see Viggo’s, if you have time to spare and don’t mind western films. The lead actress Vicky Krieps was very natural, she put on quite a show and definitely kept the story interesting.

As cliche as it sounds, everything happens for a reason and what is for you, will never pass you by. A lot of the galas I went to were by chance, the first one my assistant had been guided to accept the free ticket. I had no idea until I saw the documentary of Paul Simon's music and life, that he was married to Carrie Fisher! Whose spirit was sitting beside me the entire what seemed like 4 hours of half the musicians history. It was filled with a lot of filler b-roll footage, that you would use if you didn’t have enough material to make the film. And not enough about his career highlights, my thoughts of the pace and information was corroborated when I was speaking to a huge fan that also saw ‘In Restless Dreams’ the Music of Paul Simon' documentary film, when I was waiting for the Sly Stallone P&I screening to begin. There was more than enough material to work with, Paul Simon's career spans decades, when the director said it’s three and a half hours because he didn’t want to cut it, I was expecting a whole lot more for that amount of time wasted. I may not be a fan of Simon and Garfunkel but am highly aware of their careers and impact they made on music. They also benefited from using melanated people, they met along the way for inspiration and sometimes they worked on Simon's music. He has an ear for harmonies, which is what we were shown a lot of the time and landscape scenes instead of more about the man behind the music and his extremely long career. 


The ego’s some film directors have, are absolutely insane, talent does not excuse the arrogance but I have noticed the more ego, the more they’re over compensating for their lack of talent, faking it until you make it! Many of the so called acclaimed “visionaries” are anything but what they’re trying to sell people. So many in this industry should not be in it. I may have made small shorts but have produced hundreds of hours of filmed content for over a decade, whether it be a short film, interview, performance, social media content, corporate gig or music videos. I created those, produced and directed filmed and edited a lot of the time myself. I may look young and people have underestimated me since I was a child, the resilience I was

blessed with, is unmatched and I’m undefeated. You do you neurotypicals, for as long as you can, your time running the show has come to an end. I do have a lot of experience and a very innovative outlook on a lot of dated concepts, always looking to improve what is broken or create something new and compelling.
















I don’t copy others ideas, I don’t need to because I always have plenty of my own, as the self sustaining Aquarian well, I’m not scared of a drought, there will never be one for me. Stay hydrated! Carrie Fisher had to see his documentary in spirit form, she is very happy that she was included and extremely proud of her ex husband. It was creepy and strangely comforting, when she was rubbing my arm trying to calm me down, while I was still fuming from the publicity Karen encounter! The publicity Karen came at me for no reason but to power trip, while I was live on TikTok with over 12,000 people watching me at the gala, explaining to them where I was, what film I was seeing and who the people on the red carpet were. I have been in this industry probably a lot longer than the Karen, although she looked twice my age, my outfit was loud silver sparkles, Karen didn’t like me or my fits shine, literally and figuratively speaking. I wasn’t anywhere I wasn’t supposed to be, I had an industry pass and a ticket to the film, I was definitely supposed to be there and probably had more access than Karen. She was triggered by my presence, like so many gremlins in this industry have been, especially the Canadians. It’s weird to get international support but the cold shoulder at home, where you still have to fight to break the delusional barriers of unmelanated gatekeepers to Canadian entertainment! Which is still very alabaster focused and led, we’ll talk more about that in the brief review of the Neve Campbell produced Ballet documentary, ‘Swan Song’. I didn’t tell the Karen who I was because I was incognito, reviewing her every move and blessing or stressing people as my Goddess duties entail. If you’re a huge fan of Simon and Garfunkel go see the film but don’t expect an entire history of Paul Simon's music.  


 The title of this editorial stems from the old Toronto club Tryst, which used to be down the street from my current condo. And, the Tiff of tears began on Thursday Sept 7th and continued until the following Thursday. At least five films that I can recall, I cried during. Yes, my period was enroute but the most crying went down live on tiktok, about twenty minutes before the Paul Simon doc screening and ten minutes prior to me being verbally attacked, by the publicity Karen for absolutely no reason in front of a live audience. I’m trying to find the clip to download it from titkok, for my evidence to remember her face. That wasn’t all the crying though, I was floating with my sister and we saw a guy crying on a curb, a woman was crying by a restaurant not too long after we saw buddy on the curb crying. We discussed how they maybe were a couple that broke up and then we saw different woman crying waiting for street car and then! The next day I believe it was, I was at lunch and just started crying out of nowhere and had to run home. The source of the emotions told me he was happy I was going to see his documentary the next day and there were extra emotions because more than one spirit was giving me the emotions, the soul of missing Netflix engineer Yohannes Kidane was elated, that he was able to make his body surface and give his family some type of closure as I had asked, when he first came to me and described in detail, where he was, that is exactly where they found his avatar. They don’t have human emotions as spiritual energies, they make us feel how they want us to. It comes from what they can remember, about the human experience. Before I begin to chat, about the final film of my Tryst at Toronto International Film Festival, I will briefly address the Sylvester Stallone Netflix doc Sly, which shows his unwavering determination to succeed and mentions how the attention is insatiable. I will add some visuals from the Sly exhibit at TIFF Bell Lightbox at the end.


 I cannot forget to mention “Swan Song”, the Neve Campbell produced Ballet documentary, directed by Chelsea McMullan following Canada's prima ballerina Karen Kaine and her first time directing her version on the famous ballet Swan Lake with the Nation Ballet of Canada dancers . There were some good parts, I mean I understand what she was trying to do, with the freehand filming, I started filming artists for FridaeTV with that technique way back, It didn’t suit this vibe though. Felt very messy and unprofessional not to mention the most focus was on the alabaster ballet dancers, which were the majority at the National Ballet of Canada. The Ballet in general has been extremely racist, since it was created. I understand why my ballet teacher treated me differently than the other girls, this needs to change in the professional ballet and overall dance industry. The main point Karen did get across, her advocacy for diversity in ballet and changing the leotard colours in her version of Swan Lake, was a monumental step forward. If you like Ballet you will love this documentary. There are some issues with the obvious huge divide, between the higher profile industry folk and those of us that are not famous. At times, it felt like I was part of the general public and my $800 industry pass was useless for a lot of the events that should be inclusive for that price point and we didn't even get gift bags. Hasn’t anyone been to Cannes or other film festivals on the TIFF committee? There shouldn’t be that divide there and a more traditional vibe is needed. Too many cliques and people who are just about themselves. That needs to change, it needs to be more of a real community, if you want the industry to survive. Some glitches with the website and navigation was paining my assistant, day of tickets were hard to get online and felt like a cash grab because really what was my pass for if I don’t see the films? The majority of volunteers were superb and I genuinely had a wonderful TIFF tryst! And now, ladies and defects let’s wrap this puppy up! The most memorable film by far of the TIFF festival was Mr. Dressup - The Magic Of Make Believe!


He was my favourite childhood television personality, as mentioned at the beginning of this editorial and I am so grateful to have met magical Ernie Coombs, when I lived in Pickering. It’s absolutely mind blowing that he passed away on 9/11 and that was a theme for every Toronto Film Festival since, I attended that TIFF, at the old Four Seasons on Avenue Rd. They pulled out monitors to watch everything in the lobby. I saw the second plane hit and chills ran down my spine because I was just in New York a few days prior but we left early, thanks to my anxiety which was my intuition telling me to go home and get the fuck out of NYC! Exactly what I did, I never in my lifetime or any other in history, do I want anyone to experience that loss of innocence for no reason but greed on a beautiful September day as Spike Lee's docu-series kicks off with everyone saying that! Capiche gremlins? Never again! I know you read everything I write because you need material to make yourselves look creative and legit, exposing you all, is my utmost pleasure, you haven’t done anything for me. I don’t know you but I did know Ernie Coombs and he was the best thing that ever happened to Canadian television! Even though he was American and Mr. Rogers brought him to us. Those two men had the purest hearts and are angels! I’m overwhelmed with emotions from both of them as I’m trying to finish this article, but my face is leaking and I’m so happy Mr. Dressup got the peoples choice award, he deserves all the flowers! Thank you for making Pickering tolerable every Halloween for those four most miserable years of my life. Everyone needs to go see the Ernie Coombs documentary because his wife was just as magical but I didn’t get to meet her, she was in a tragic car wreck before I met Mr. Coombs. Okay, this ends here because I can’t even see the screen, I’m crying again. You can stream and download my rendition of What A Feeling on all platforms and direct download here! P.S I just found out I'm number one in top 10 Canadian streams and I beat Drake! What a feeling!

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