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By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Fridae & Lulu D.

 This subject has been trending the past few weeks and some would say, I’m living the best good version of “lucky girl syndrome “ life, I am but not because everything was handed to me, I manifested everything in my Goddessverse unconventionally. Accomplished more than I could have dreamed of as the eldest first generation, parentized child of immigrant parents. There are many glass ceilings left to break, they still can’t box me in! To establish the foundation for your lucky person life, be delusional, the only benefit of people saying “fake it until you make it” is fantasy, the feeling of already having and living the life you want to have. Manifestations have no boundaries or limits, those are human constructs, like time and the current systems. Everyone has their own different version of success in their head, some people have a more common vision than others, wanting to be famous, rich, worldwide household names etc.


 Your dreams, are your dreams! Personally, I don’t need to be famous or a billionaire, as long as I have enough to live comfortably and do what I’m meant to do on this planet. I’m amazed at how far Karen, Pick Me and my various other creations, that people don’t know I invented or coined have gone. Some people get everything they want and are still unsatisfied, trying to fill that empty void. They have never learned to value their blessings in life, the ego has not been complacent because they did not experience the adversity needed to understand the dynamics of the polarities. I don’t measure my successes by external wealth, if I fired everyone and did it all myself as it was at the beginning, shut down the websites I would have more money. Same would apply if I were to sell my company or allow investors to give me additional funds to hire more staff and pay myself more. I truly run a, not for profit, donate to people and charities but still pay taxes, if I have to that year. 


 As a humble, super modest person it was hard for me to talk about my accomplishments, I always felt that if I did, people would feel a type of way and that I would be perceived as an asshole. That was when I cared what people thought, I used to let people walk all over me, use me, such a people pleaser allowing myself to be passed over, disregarded and disrespected. Now, my confident zero fucks energy and how I carry myself, can come off as arrogance to those whose demons are irritated by my shine. I mind my business, people want my attention or a reaction, I don't give to those who don't match my actions or energy, I chase nothing and sometimes, my mimics need to be reminded to stay in their lane. Never felt the need to prove myself, step on toes or fuck anyone over to get ahead, my talent and work speaks for itself. If everyone is stealing my tweets, ideas, style, likeness and more to make their own version, it must be incredible work. One would say, that my art transcends and penetrates multiple dimensions… It’s the changes in society and world, that I continue to influence magically from the indie underground, gives me that gratification. That is what matters, one day everyone will know about my contributions, there are a lot more to come. You can read and watch these articles on TikTok, I might start narration of them on there. It will make the TikTok articles more accessible and for the subtitles to appear you need to speak or have narrator.


 I owe everything to the Universe and Source, such gratitude for guiding me to every experience, that has helped me to continue levelling up. Everyone keeps telling me to do a podcast, my voice is very calming but I don’t like those! Everyone, their aunties, brothers and mothers have a podcast. Basics are all of a sudden University of google scientists, journalists, doctors, lawyers, media personality’s or aspiring influencers…Hoping to go viral, get views, likes and follows at anyone’ s expense, stealing content from indie creatives because they’re that unoriginal. If you’re going to use some else’s work, credit them at the least or you will get karma slapped. People forget to ground themselves when they’re living in delusion, this can have negative implications and you could fall into a spiritual psychosis if you don’t have the self awareness and discernment. My thing is respect, I don’t yearn or thirst for attention, fame or followers, social media is an on going experiment for me. I do appreciate all of you scouts that do support, follow and join me on my crazy real life adventures, especially the day ones! I don’t submit myself for awards, I don’t pay people to give me awards, I validate myself through my creations. If I wasn’t supposed to be doing what I am, there would be resistance and there isn’t any, the Universe cleared my path. 


 There are people out there who block their blessings with incorrect choice, fear of success and limiting beliefs. I used to have the fear of success and limiting beliefs, that stemmed from my past life as the unforgettable iconic sex symbol and have since unsubscribed from that  trauma, we have healed her demons. Post delete in that timeline, people still obsess over the most famous face of Hollywood and don’t recognize the person she was within. Nobody knew my Norma self, they only know the image they made up in their heads, of how “Marilyn Monroe” should be…There are Companies, fan fiction authors and random paddlers that continue to profit off of, dehumanize and exploit the old me, like she was a myth in a “bible” named “Jesus”. 


 Once you surpass that lack mindset it gets easier to manifest the lucky person life, many who have funds still have that problem, hence the one percent have been hoarding funds for centuries and breeding morons, don’t use the funds and keep wanting more of it. That’s lack mindset, it’s not just the underprivileged people who view money as a tangible object that they need to chase after and not a energy currency that comes to you. The mantra “I don’t chase I attract” is very relevant to lucky person syndrome, exactly as it states chase nothing, only plant the seeds, water them occasionally and watch them grow. Use it or lose it, when you unlearn everything we have been taught and realize that money is energy and that it always goes to people that are on the same frequency, like the currents of the ocean. My life wasn’t always this way and there is still a long way to go, it has been hard and sometimes it still is. My optimistic look towards the end result, has helped me immensely with staying in a positive mindset. There will always be hiccups you have to roll with the punches, nothing is perfect and we need to learn from those blips. If there’s something I have yet to learn or not grasping, it will keep popping up in a cycle of fuckery, until I change my mindset or actions towards a new outcome. 


 Some people would argue that my “privileged life” is because of my parents or men I have dated, no, I made everything good in my life happen myself, with the help of strangers, who have helped me more than my family or “friends”. Goddesses are born but leaders and bosses are made. To people who have met me at industry events, it seems like certain things fall into my lap without effort. People who know me in real life, have seen the hard work I have put in to everything, my art, my health and media works, to those on the outside looking in, you only see what I want you to. I’m very transparent with my audience but have my boundaries due to my past experiences for my safety and health, I don’t keep toxic people in my Goddessphere, including some family. I was like the real life Cinderella, nothing about my upbringing was privileged, my childhood was robbed from me, society treated me like garbage because of my darker skin tone (I’m not Indian, Pakistani, blended African or Caribbean) or my weight. I later learned that my luck and efforts seemed effortless and effervescent to the outside world because of my astrological chart, it has specific placements that form a kite. This placement can be beneficial or detrimental to a person, depending on how they implement that into their life and how they utilize the good and the bad within the kite formation. Majority of my astrological chart is fire but the big four is; Sagittarius moon the element of fire, Aquarius sun the element of air, Cancer rising the element of water and Capricorn Venus the element of earth. What makes me rational and my cognitive dissonance fire are, the elements evenly balanced in my chart, with many planets grouped together in my 5th and 6th house a Scorpio and Sagittarius stelliums.


 The term “ Lucky Girl Syndrome” was first coined by Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair in her book, The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age. She observed that, in many cases, young girls were receiving more attention and praise than their male counterparts. This was often due to the fact that they were seen as more “innocent” and “cute”. Dr. Steiner-Adair also noted that this type of behaviour can lead to a girl feeling entitled to certain privileges and a lack of empathy for those who are less fortunate. Lucky Girl Syndrome’s left side can have long-term effects on a girl’s self-esteem and relationships if coping skills aren’t introduced when things don’t go their way. It can lead to a sense of superiority over other girls and women, and a lack of empathy for those who are less fortunate. It can also lead to a feeling of entitlement and a lack of understanding of the consequences of one’s actions, the cause and effect. Today when people refer to Lucky Girl / Lucky Person Syndrome is a term used to describe a mindset of feeling lucky and blessed in life. It is the idea of feeling so fortunate for all the good things that you have in your life, and being grateful for them. This feeling of luck and gratitude can lead to a greater sense of happiness and contentment.


 The key to getting into the Lucky Person mindset is to focus on all of the positive aspects of your life. This can include things like your relationships, your career, your hobbies, and your health. By taking the time to appreciate the good things in your life, doing things ethically and stand your ground, you can cultivate a feeling of luck and gratitude. As mentioned above, it is important to take action, plant those seeds to bring your highest self into your now. This can include setting goals and taking steps to achieve them, or simply taking the time to enjoy the things that make you feel lucky. By taking action, making the changes conducive to the environment you want to manifest, this can ensure that your luck and blessings are not wasted. With the right attitude and effort, you can become a lucky girl / luck person and enjoy the benefits that come with it. You can buy the remix to my first single on Saturday on all platforms, I decided to release a remix for the one year anniversary! You can watch my music videos here, a positive mindset can make a huge difference in your life.

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