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By: Fridae Mattas

Thursday, Sept. 13 2018 23:55pm

   Holy cannoli Batman! We are cutting it close for this review, GENERATION RX drops tomorrow, Friday September 14th grab it here! This weeks review, features Emo-Rock heavyweights Good Charlotte. These guys are definitely now in veteran band status, because their self titled first album "Good Charlotte", made a little bit of a splash back in the year 2000, Jesus that was a long time ago. It wasn't until their sophomore record "The Young and The Hopeless" where things blew up for them, mainly due to their hit single "Lifestyles Of The Rich and Famous". Growing up, many of my boyfriends and friends were into their emo music. Personally, these ears have always liked harder rock music with sick guitar solos, and solid vocals! Those are key to my ears and I wasn't too keen on their vocals back then.


  When I heard the second single Good Charlotte released "Shadowboxer", it was this tune that piqued ear interest. Right then, I decided if I was sent the record for review, I would definitely take a listen. Here we are!

  The first track is the title song, "Generation Rx". The tune to me didn't sound or feel like a complete song, more like a prelude to the record, it was a little haunting and definitely EMO. Most disturbing was the tune "Better Demons" the clips they added as the intro and throughout the track were heartbreaking and sad because it happens all too often. Everyone is fighting a demon of some kind, that's why you can't be judging people. The tune itself was constructed very well, so honest. Everyone should have faith in the Gods above or something to believe in that gives you peace period. Best example I can give you from life experience is this review, we would not be having this conversation had it not been for divine intervention.

  The first time I almost died was at the age of six, attacked by an older new neighborhood kid with a knife. He tried to take over our almost completed treehouse and I was there fixing stuff alone... The other near death experiences were just as shocking but I overcame because my will and faith are strong. After all, I take after my ancestors, proud to be a stubborn Greek Macedonian Female, with Alexander the Greats' blood flowing through my veins. You can't get rid of me that easy! You just have to believe in yourself and a higher power. As corny as that sounds, to be on that frequency is indescribable! However, you cannot make someone see something they don't understand. My favourite lyric in "Better Demons" is a line in the chorus "I speak in tongues but I can never free them/And my spirit weakens but I won't back down." Exactly, NEVER! Back down, your spirit will get stronger..


 This record has back to back catchy anthems, although calling it an LP is a stretch, nine songs is like an extended EP rather than a full record. The music heard fits every track to the Tee and vocals wow, I have to give props to the Madden Brothers and their band mates for pulling this one out! The vocals have become soo much better! My ears were actually blushing when they listened, I think they are smitten (LMFAO). As I stated earlier a harder edge is what I like with Rock music and they threw in some tastefully done growler screams with the auto-tune vox-box... 

The song I have on repeat is "Leech" Featuring "Sam Carter". This song, right out the gate came thundering into my ears. It has a nice solid beat, filled with strong percussion, base lines and a few sick axe licks here and there. By far my Fave on this record, LEECH should be the next single, very Silverchairesque. SO many types of Leeches, I like to call them clingons, the untalented, social climbers, Star fuckers basically all who ride...Ahem, coattails, even could be someone who is a frenemy, family, etc...Could go on and on with pretentious dictionary words, but real talk I just tell it, like I hear it.

  Another honourable mention is "Cold Song", it did sound kind of out of tune grimy in the guitar riffs. But, I'm thinking it was on purpose. A band I knew, loved doing everything in minors or sharps on purpose, so this is nothing new to my ears. The "Cold Song's" melody reminded me so much of another bands song but I can't put my finger on it and it's driving me crazy! You listen to it and let me know okay? Buy it, listen let it simmer, nothing groundbreaking but very refreshing from the regular shit on top 40 spins. Bet Eminem thought I was gonna write a review on his record NOPE ha ha!


 The last song on the record is "California" (The Way I Love You), meant for their kids, an ode to safe zones and your happy place. Personally Love California, its a bittersweet place for me, because my California Boy is no longer with us to save me from skiiers and crackheads at 3am on Sunset and the occasionally odd creepy hollywood hills parties. The best party I ever went to in LA was a Playboy Mansion Halloween Party, I think it was the last one ever. Some of the lyrics in this California song are a little too simple and rhymey but you know what?? Definitely worth the listen! Good Charlotte is also on tour so go check them live, who knows maybe I will too. GRAB GENERATION RX, you don't even need to leave home.



  01 Generation Rx 2:07

  02 Self Help 3:24

  03 Shadowboxer 1 3:05

  04 Actual Pain 3:44

  05 Prayers 3:50

  06 Cold Song 3:43

  07 Leech feat. Sam Carter 3:21

  08 Better Demons 3:58

  09 California (The Way I Say I Love You) 4:18

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