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 w/ SilversteinSelfish Things & MORE  

@ The Danforth Music Hall 


Review and Photos By: Joanna Glezakos for Fridae TV

 On February 22nd Silverstein performed at their annual Stay Warm Festival presented by the super fantastic Embrace Presents at The Danforth Music Hall. This years lineup was set to include Picturesque, Broadside, Selfish Things, Tonight Alive and Silverstein. Although Tonight Alive had to pull out due to Jenna McDougall (lead singer) having a sore throat, Silverstein stepped up to the plate to perform two full sets; A front to back of Discovering The Waterfront and one of greatest hits. The supporting bands; Picturesque, Broadside and Selfish Things put on great performances and definitely made new fans that night. Openers, Broadside hilariously came on stage wearing t-shirts dawning the faces of the members of Silverstein. When lead singer, Ollie Baxxter took the mic he jokingly says “You may not like us but we know you like our shirts”.


The venue was filled ex and present emo kids, staying warm from the cold and excited for a night of nostalgia and new music. The lights dimmed and Silverstein took the stage, kicking off their first and Greatest Hits set with a song of their latest album called “Ghost” then kicking it back to a classic, “Bleeds No More”. Their set was chock-full of favourites like “Massachusetts”, “Smashed”, “Sound of The Sun”, “Sacrifice”, “A Midwestern State of Emergency” and “Broken Stars” with a few songs sprinkled in from Dead Reflection. It was an incredibly fast-paced set and the band had a great energy on stage even after 16 years of performing. They only slowed down for a moment for “Arrivals” and ended their first set with another new song, “Afterglow”


After a quick break and backdrop change, the nautical knot changed to the Discovering the Waterfront album artwork, the band returned to play their second and career-defining studio album, Discovering the Waterfront in its entirety. It was a trip down memory lane it seemed for everyone in the audience and even the band, reliving the best and worst moments of our younger emo/angsty lives. The highlight of the evening was an acoustic set of their biggest hit “My Heroine”, Shane’s voice bone-chillingly quivering with emotion and sincerity.

All the bands put on a stellar performance once again at this years Stay Warm Fest and fans were left wanting more. We can’t wait to see who they have on the lineup next year.

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