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 Los Angeles, CA -- As the world awakens from their long slumber, have you ever wondered how people live their best life? Aside from hard work, how do they seem to always be living their dreams? We are not referencing, the wanna be successful fakestagram thirsty, rent-a-ho celebrity catfish because they aren't real. Social media, like the Hollywood construct is all an illusion a show put on to sell things in hopes of cracking the code. We are talking about actual talented people like Canadian actor Jim Carrey for example, people thought for so long he was off his rocker, yet he has been telling people for years we live in a simulation and that he manifested his career and everything else in his life. No lies there, he has obviously made it out of the village. Once you tap into that part of your brain and unlock your pineal gland also know known as your third eye, manifestation is going to be easy as pie but you don't need to have a clear pineal to manifest, some people like Oprah are designed to manifest. With JTMM only five pages of words to explain and guide you to choose your own adventure because that's life, a game and we're the players. Are you going to stay the supporting character? Or will you level up like Rev. Good Fridae and become the lead character in your life simulation?

 For over twenty-five years Toronto born Canadian Indie Media Pioneer, multi-talented Artist, Reiki Master, Indie Film Director, Producer, Journalist and now Author; Good Fridae Roma Mattas, has been floating behind the scenes by choice. Since 2020 rolled around and decimated the world as we knew it including all of our lives and highly impacted Fridae's life path. After someone attempted to kidnap Fridae in February 2020, she was forced to tap into her higher self to survive what was to come in the spiritual journey 2020 took her on. Only Good Fridae could have endured the traumatic action thriller like events that followed; robberies, explosions, car wrecks, multiple violent attempts on her life, being held captive for 31 days in LA, while her boyfriend was working in Vancouver. True story folks, all of this transpired in 2020 and we haven't even tipped the iceberg.

This multipurpose journal was created, to help you escape the matrix and find the door to unlock the next level to reveal your true potential. Music holds the energy frequencies, that speak to the heavens and is the key to Nikola Tesla's 369 theory. The book references Tesla's theory and gives you the switch words needed to amplify your manifestations. Many people over the years have asked the Reverend Mother Good Fridae her secret to how she was able to accomplish all that she has, on her own without compromising her worth? "I make myself happy, manifestation depends on your feeling and the unwavering belief in yourself. You are the only person on this planet that can save you and the only person that can make you happy." states Reverend Roma-Mattas. As a child, Fridae has always been a highly gifted intuitive, she knowingly and unknowingly manifested her life to what she wanted it to be today and continues to manifest all her divine blessings. Most people won't tell you how but Good Fridae and her spirit squad want everyone to finally live their lives as they should. Words are so powerful and your pen is your wand or sword. Because words hold energy, the energy will either benefit you greatly or can destroy your life, it is your choice on what story you write. Like thoughts, words increase or decrease your vibration and frequencies, your words are one of the most important weapons you have at your disposal. By trusting in the universe to bless you with what is rightfully yours, the universe will show you how good this game can get. Be sure to grab your copy of "Journal To Manifest Miracles", the inspirational journal that holds a double meaning. Good Fridae and her team have decided that a Kindle version will not be available for this first edition available on paperback only.

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