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By: Fridae Mattas

Multi-instrumentalist Dani Rosenoer dropped the first single "Legacy" for his yet to be released fourteen track album "Monkey Prison" due to be released at some point this winter. Dani is currently on tour with Canada's Three Days Grace, most people will recognize him as backup vox and key man. When I first heard the tune immediately it sounded to me like Queen meets Panic At The Disco. I am really digging his vocals, there is a lot of range in those pipes. The tune also reminded me of one of the songs in the original "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" when they took that psychedelic boat ride on the chocolate river, you'll understand if you've seen the film. The video compliments the tune's unique sound and adds a little more dimension than many songs I have heard lately. The chorus is catchy, even the lyrics in the verses are easy on the ears. Refreshing to hear a different sound with many masterful elements added into the song's production. "Legacy" was produced by Canada's Gavin Brown (Three Days Grace, Metric, Billy Talent) it is crisp and done well, the sound quality is on point.



























Came to know about Dani from his girlfriend Alanna who sent me a request last year about featuring Dani's eclectic EP "Basement Jams", you can find that little jibber on the old website. From what I can remember I met Alanna when she was a PA on set of a music video for a rapper out in Kitchener or St. Catherines. I honestly don't remember which one. All the power to her, she directed the video which isn't too bad for an indie low budget artist funded music video. I enjoyed the video and the tune, not to mention the weirdo piano adds character to the piece. I asked Dani a few quesitons regarding the tune, read what he had to say about the inspiration of the tune and how he the artist perceives it.

"Some songs just seems to come out of somewhere unknown. I don't even particularly remember how the melodies came to be, it just happened. Lyrically, there are a few things going on. It's about being honest with yourself, others and knowing your place in the world, but also the balance between responsibility, your influence on the world around you, and just having fun. By doing that, and being brutally honest you may alienate some people close to you.The video features extremely talented Toronto artists, doing their thing. We've got a magician, fire spinners, acrobats. Everyone's leaving their legacy.


Looking forward to hearing the full record and now that you've read about it and haven't seen the video? Worry not, watch the tune below and buy the single here!



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