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 TORONTO.   The CaribanaTM Arts Group (CAG) is back and they are looking to kick start the 2019 year with a free event designed to compliment Black History Month celebrations! 

They are delighted to open their season with a splash of culture, colour, mini CaribanaTM costumes, sweet sounds and lots of energy, by showcasing the unique CaribanaTM On Ice show.


WHO:       CaribanaTM on Ice, presented by the the CaribanaTM arts Group. Co-presented by Tropicana Community Services


WHERE:  Mel Lastman Square, 5100 Yonge Street.


WHEN:     March 2, 2019 2 pm - 3.30 pm


WHY:        In the past, CAG has held other CaribanaTM On Ice events, albeit with a more informal approach. “This year we have designed what one could describe as a ‘mini’ CaribanaTM on the ice presentation,” says Event Programmer Amah Harris.

WHAT:     The Conch Shell calls in the distance, embraced by the sound of drums. Trumpets herald the entrance of Dance Caribe performers in full regalia. They splash the Fringe Stage with Caribana™ colours, while the skaters’ arm of the company graces the Skating Rink Stage, completing their ensemble.

The excitement of sound, complemented by the experience of Dance Caribe,which has graced world stages from the Vancouver Winter Olympics, the Hong Kong Festival, Ottawa’s Winterlude Festival, The Pan Am Games Opening and The Pan Am Village in Toronto, brings the audience into the energy of “Caribana™ On Ice”.


As skaters and dancers swing off stage, the host Henry Gomez, (sobriquet King Cosmos,) wearing a Caribana™ headpiece, entices the audience to be a Participatory Audience. He gets them to clap to the rhythms of the drums, which take over the stage.

The drumming pauses, as the host introduces the audience to Caribana™, Dance Caribe and the Drumming Ensemble. The drumming resumes and the host continues working the audience to pick up the beat of the Caribbean and African drumming rhythms.

As the musicians make their exit, the time is now for a Calypsonian to take over centre stage. He skates onto the rink, working his way into the hearts of the audience, wowing them with renditions of Calypso and Zouk song. The latter is Kweyol Music, representing the countries of Haiti, Dominica, St. Lucia, Martinique, Guadeloupe and St. Martin.

The Conch Shell is heard calling skaters back once more. Wearing Caribana™ colours and headpieces, the skaters dance in choreographed movement to the rhythms of Calypso and Soca. Veteran Pannist/Calypsonian Panman Pat with a novel presentation - “Pan-Around-De-Neck”, follows them. Initially, the steel pan instrument, which originated in Trinidad and Tobago, was played while carrying the pan suspended by a cord around the neck. It later developed into an orchestra transported on wheeled platforms while the musicians play the instruments. “Pan- Around-De-Neck” is a rarely seen treat for the audience. Dance Caribe takes back command of the stage to once more thrill the audience with its magnificent choreography, drawing them further into the energy of “Caribana™ On Ice.”

Here, as the audience is filled with the beauty of the dance, the Drumming Ensemble performs the Grand Finale. Drums and Brass take over with a vibrancy that floods the stage and flows into the audience. The host leads the audience in clapping to the rhythm of the music. Sweeping into this energy filling Mel Lastman Square, Dance Caribe makes its final entrance as they join in the Gala Finale. Drums, Saxophone and Trumpet embellish the DJ Sounds of DJ Gus accompanying Dance Caribe; the Conch will not be left out. The Dancers are in their element. All the other performers of the production join Dance Caribe as they work their choreographic magic.

 Why: CaribanaTM Arts Group is looking to engage the community in a positive manner and encourage families, couples and anyone with a love of music, dance & spectacle …all ages show, everyone is welcome. Co-presented by Tropicana Community Services

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