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Filmed By: Fridae Mattas and Joanna Glezakos

Interviewed and Edited By: Fridae Mattas

 On Wednesday Nov. 9th, FridaeTV veteran photographer Joanna and I caught up with The New Electric before their set as supporting act for Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys at the Danforth Music Hall. TNE recently released their debut EP “Living Loud”. The bands music is a short but sweet collection of musical candy for the ears. They were super sweet, and did a pretty fantastic job owning that stage, the fans loved them. I would have loved to make the interview a bit longer but it was cold outside and as expected there were multiple distractions and noises on the streets of the Danforth in Toronto. Along with the usual traffic sounds of a busy city, some of the other noises included; loud Nick Carter fans jibbering excitedly, ghosts causing interference with the sound and a lady on an electric scooter who just didn't give a fuck! She just rolled right on through as we were filming. Anyways, not to worry we’ll do another interview with these guys in the future, maybe on the bus next time or you can come to me at a studio because inside the venue was becoming too sounchecky.


Check out the interview below, followed by two videos from the set, oh and you can read the full review with stills from the set here! Be sure to grab their EP “Living Loud” available all over the interwebs and see them rock out on tour across Canada now! Much thanks goes to Sam and her Strut team!




The Band


Kyle McKearney – Vocals
Shade “Indy” McKearney – Bass & Vocals
Chris Doi – Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Adam Casey – Drums





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