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Goddess Good Fridae
Pays Homage To Legend Irene Cara
'What A Feeling' Out Now!


New York, NY – October 24, 2023 – In a profound and heartfelt mission, Goddess Good Fridae embarked on her first official philanthropic foundation trip to New York City this month. These last couple of weeks, she has been blessing the people and places of New York City while answering the call of the restless souls that didn’t make it to the other side. This spiritual pilgrimage marked a rebrand, from the Church Of Aquarius to The Good Fridae Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping various charities and sharing her light with the people. The foundation was established not only to support various charities at Good Fridae’s discretion. It was created to continue to enlighten the masses with psychic abilities and assist them in finding theirs, continuing to spread the message of love, peace and light. 


Religion and spirituality are not the same, yet incorporate many  similarities. Good Fridae was born and raised in Toronto, Canada as a Greek Orthodox Christian. She participates in many of the traditions of the ancient religion, respecting the foundation of one of the eldest ancient religions on the planet, while crafting her own spiritual path as our Goddess, in living flesh. With her books, media platforms and social media presence, she provides accurate, factual spiritual guidance, knowledge and support. Due to the repeated attempts on her life, Good Fridae keeps as low a profile, as she can. She shows up to places without mentioning anything to anyone, however, you may book her as a spiritual speaker or to bless your space in person but it won’t be cheap! Occasionally, when her schedule allows she opens free personal Goddess readings to the public. 

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