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A vigil took place in Toulouse in support of Gazans, the Gaza Strip and more generally for

Written By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Good Fridae & PMP Staff

 Last time I checked, Genocide was illegal, collective punishment is illegal, false self defence claims, to justify carrying out a holocaust, yes a Holocaust! It is illegal and punishable by international humanitarian law. All of the above are war crimes, currently being committed by imperialist Israel a neo-nazi nationalist government, headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, who changed his name to better assimilate to the land he has been invading. That is exactly what is going on in the Middle East and parts of Africa, genocides, the ethnic cleansing of entire generations and the history of countries. Don’t be fooled by the mainstream media, all propaganda paid for by Zions, that’s if they don’t already own said outlets. Mainstream legacy media, have no journalistic standards, ethics, morals or integrity. And, are owned by the very apartheid Zionist state, gleefully committing war crimes and putting profits over human life.


Before, we get into all of the maltreatment and necessary facts, I must reiterate, that this article, is not paid propaganda or conspiracy theory click bait. This exposé is straight up, good old investigative journalism. The kind we used to have, you know, where they do research on a subject and give their unbiased perspective and facts, with evidence to back up the claims. If you have nothing to hide, why are you killing journalists and all the people vocalizing your crimes? We as the legitimate press, have a responsibility to the public we must uphold, to be their truth, in an ocean of fake news. Over 70 Journalists were killed by the Israeli military in the last 3 weeks, then any conflict in history to date. More journalists lives were taken than during the Vietnam war, WW1 and WW2, they’re not military press, Palestine doesn’t have any armed forces. The Israeli government is so desperate, they began labelling the citizen journalists as part of “Hamas” for exposing them on social media. This isn’t an opinion piece, this is the reality for millions of Palestinians, since 1948 and I’m here to bring, the deluded Benjamin Netanyahu aka Benzion Mileikowsky and his apartheid neo-nazi fascist besties, a reality check!  


 The future of change is now, it's the age of Aquarius and being a humanitarian isn't only in my astrology chart, it's in my blood. We at Fridae TV/PickMe.Press will always be about the truth, we have been researching this genocide, since the Oct.7th incident. My staff uncovered a few more silent genocides in Congo, Sudan and many other African countries. I have known about these and was almost arrested in 2020, for my team and I, spilling that piping hot tea! Those tea biscuits of truth, needed to come out, to get this ball rolling. More people needed to know the truth but the Zionists whose secrets were revealed, weren’t thrilled with the spillage of the tea and tried to delete and arrest me. One of the secrets revealed was about Trudeau and his wife…Which all eventually came out now, didn’t it Justy? This information was amongst the many skeletons released and still coming out. Their attempt to arrest me, like their attempted hits on my life were unsuccessful. I play dumb but am I really? Not at all a dumb blonde, I’m a natural brunette, an incredible actress and I still don't have a criminal record. I know my rights and the Universal Cosmic laws.

 A few other truth bombs followed suit, like the war crimes, that Israel’s apartheid, fascist government is committing. How is Israel the victim? So many lack awareness and critical thinking skills, I don’t know any victims, who are hunting down their imaginary enemy, before the “Hamas” attacks, eviscerating neighbourhoods and illegally squatting on someone else’s land. Constantly milking the Jewish people’s heritage, when it’s not actually their heritage and putting them in danger! The members of the Zionist project have been weaponizing, the history of the Jewish victims of Hitler's Holocaust, as an excuse to incessantly drop bombs on innocent, indigenous, unarmed, Palestinian people. How do those two things correlate? How is it the Palestinians fault, for Hitler's holocaust? Who is to blame now, for Israel's holocaust? In the name of real holocaust victims and GOD? Killing everyone in their path; men, women, elderly, disabled people, children, animals, including but not limited to targeted hits on doctors, nurses and journalists. Intently destroying residential neighbourhoods, ancestral homes, schools, hospitals, places of worship, bakeries, restaurants you name it they blew it up. It's not self defence, they don't want Palestinians having anything, they don't want Palestinians to exist. The Israeli army has been arresting and shooting anyone who tries to escape during this "pause", but have been doing this prior to Oct. 7th, to anyone who questions their actions, propaganda or motives, detaining children as young as two. Most Palestinians, don’t live to see the age of 35. They’re constantly being brutally attacked and living in fear their entire lives, since birth! Their cortisone levels through the roof, they don't know a life without anxiety, it's always been fight or flight for 95% of the Palestinian population. Can you imagine? Living under that type of duress your entire life? 

If you go back to 1450 BC, long before Jesus, Judea and the invention of Judaism or Zionism, there was always Palestine. I don’t know how these nut jobs, have gone on so long, in power, this mentally ill. They’re clearly unaware of what year we’re in and what era, with hyper fixations on murder and war! It’s almost 2024 and they’re still torturing innocent humans for profit, the gravitas of the mentally ill, inhumane barbarism of Israel, is unparalleled. Israel is, the only occupying state with such longevity, pulling the wool over the worlds eyes. The magnitude, of the unjustifiable purposeful massacres of Palestinians and the inconceivable destruction of their infrastructure is devastating. This is not a military defense plan, when you target schools, hospitals and civilians, withholding food, gas and medical aid, you are ambitiously looking to erase the Palestinians from existence!  


Pictured above, is one of the many leaflets distributed by air drops from the IDF. No food or water but these were dropped for the Palestinians, with instructions. They stated for the civilians to go to the north, Once the people arrived in North Gaza, the IDF set up a trap and bombed them. The occupying regime then advise civilians to go south, only to ambush them again! Shooting people in the legs unabashedly, as they were trying to evacuate and go home, during the temporary ceasefire. The Israeli military, also have been shooting the people, trying to help those they just had shot! This inaugural global exposé, is not our usual entertainment content. I had concluded in 2021 that I refused to put my funds, support, time or energy towards Zionist owned companies, they have enough money. At this moment in time, the Zionist project has a contract on my head, as they do many journalists, especially those in Gaza, who have been our eyes and ears on the ground running. Literally, running for their lives, while their friends and families are being targeted by the neo-nazi Israeli regime. All for speaking truth and trying to shine a light on the atrocities happening to their people, by the illegal occupying apartheid fascist entity that is Israel.


 Going back and forth about what visuals to publish, in this piece because a lot of the footage and photographs of the horrors in Palestine, are deeply disturbing and pure unbridled evil. I don’t want that low vibrational energy on my website. Instead, I have linked Al Jazeera and various other legitimate sources, throughout this exposé, that have the more graphic content. Such graphic images like fathers holding deceased infants in their hands, after an Israeli air strike bombed one of many hospitals in Palestine's west bank. For over 75 years, Palestine has been under illegal occupation by the occupying state of Israel. Meaning, Israeli militants and religious fanatic squatters, forcefully uprooted and displaced the indigenous Palestinian people and Mizrahi Jews, by destroying their villages and taking over their ancestral homes. Some of those homes are dated to before Christ as is Palestine. The 2nd oldest Greek Orthodox Church in the world was in Gaza, Israel targeted and bombed it to send me a message, a day after I blessed the newly reconstructed Greek church, in lower Manhattan. It was reopened last year, the original church was desimated in the 2001 9/11 terrorist attacks.


 Are we connecting the dots yet? Here is the link, to the letter Osama Bin Laden wrote to America, after the 9/11 attacks. The cult that is the Zionist project, has the Israeli people believing they are owed the Palestinian land and they’re the Gods chosen people and better than everyone, especially, the Palestinians and should be treated as royalty. The delusions of grandeur are wild but they have manifested wealth thus far, by oppressing and stealing from others, this is what created the stereotypes about Jewish people and the Zionists are not even real Jews. They're frauds like Netanyahu's wife Sara, who was charged with fraud for stealing money, not that long ago. There are many religions that lived within Palestine and many different religions slaughtered by Israel, the civilians taking shelter in the Greek church were of various nationalities and faiths. The Gods don't care what faith anyone follows, we're not insecure about our identities and the prayers always come back, to the same sources. We truly are, one giant consciousness experiencing the earth's dualities, the only planet in the cosmos with this instability and beauty. But its not meant to be like this, it's supposed to have balance but there are people on this planet that have veered off course and breached their contracts.


The audacity, alabaster men always have is impeccable! It was a Hungarian Austrian man who invented Zionism, sound familiar? Austria, is where Adolph Hitler was born. Let’s make this abundantly clear, for all those ignorant people out there, purposely confused and sitting on the fence because it’s not you or your family that are targets of ethnic cleansing. It can happen to anyone. The Palestinian people are called the most dehumanizing things by the Israeli's, such as savages, terrorists among other derogatory, Islamophobic terms and racial slurs. This is what they raise and teach their children to learn, to hate, in propaganda filled school books, without any actual facts. And here I thought, it was just the Northern former Yugoslavia and Albanians who did that against the Greeks. (Macedonia is in Greece, you are part of the Baltics.) Hate is always taught, we aren't born hating anyone, I don't even hate the people who are still trying to delete me.

 Now, before anyone tries to confuse Jewish people of Judaism with the Zionist project imposters, who use Judaism but have never read or follow the wisdom in the Torah. Basically, no Zionist follows any scriptures in the Jewish holy book, even those who claim to be Rabbis. You see, the real authentic Jewish people of Judaism, are against the Zionist Project and all know it is against their religion to claim any country or state as their own. But, the mentally ill, far right apartheid Zionist government of Israel, has broken multiple international laws. People like finance minister Bezalel Smoltrich who is a known fascist and far right extremist, that was previously arrested by Israel's Shin Bet, on suspicion of terrorism. He was just granted a visa for the United States, a known Israeli terrorist, has a US visa. Let that take a minute to sink in America. My bloodline isn’t new to this type of trauma we were displaced, kidnapped, shot at etc. I am able to relate to Palestinians and anyone in these inconceivable situations. Judaism and Zionism are not the same. Zionism uses Judaism as a mask, to hide the horrific things they’ve been doing, like the genocides of Palestine, Congo, Sudan and many others. Israel cries wolf with antisemitism and are the most antisemitic, all while playing the defenceless victim. What God would want this? None of them!


 This contract on my head, has been out since September 11th 2001, when they failed at their first attempt…They still haven’t fulfilled it but have consistently tried. Last week, a man tried to grab me from the sidewalk, as I stopped to feed a squirrel on my daily Goddess walk. He was surprised by a kick to the face. The look he had in his eyes, when he realized, what was about to go down, was priceless. The mental illness of the Israeli government is rampant, people gaslit me and called me crazy, when I came out and told the public I’m a psychic medium. I was a psychic medium, in many of my past lives, in some of them I was called a witch, I am not, I am a Goddess. Don’t get it twisted because we’re very different.

 Everything I have “predicted”, has come true but when a bunch of white supremacists weave fairy tales and tell people they're the Gods chosen people, without any evidentiary proof, no questions were asked…Nobody asked if they were having a mental breakdown. Instead, the western governments were like, omg bestie bet! Here’s billions of dollars to keep the genocides going, we believe you besties you don't have to show us proof. Gods people with no magic, only blackmail files, how were people fooled for so long? I thought the USA doesn't negotiate with terrorists? Why is Israel all up in the White House, running your country then? Why are you continuously sending funds to them, when your own people are in a humanitarian crisis? I know and I’m going to call that delusional lie as it is, another bold faced lie by the Zionists of Israel, to control the narrative and keep their eyes on that Gaza gas prize. Which they have been extracting, while distracting the public, with bombs on "Hamas" = the Palestinian civilians. This public relations blunder, is huge and you are never going to recover from it, the damage is done, Israel is cancelled. The crimes have been committed and many individuals in that government, should be committed. As someone who is tapped into the divine, all day, all night, I can guarantee the world, that the Zionist project cult, is definitely not the chosen people, they are absolute nobodies.


 The chosen ones are about love, equality, human decency, peace, freedom, justice, not ethnic cleansing, stealing, control, profit, murder, financial and physical abuse, oppression or segregation. The chosen ones are intelligent, just, emotionally competent, compassionate and all have ethnically diverse nationalities, with different skin tones, talents and gifts. In one of my university psychology text books, they discuss mental illnesses and they have a term for derelict minds, with extremely negative personality traits, “The dark triad”. I have made many videos about this subject on tiktok. In a nutshell, it’s a compilation of mental illnesses, the main three traits in that triangle of darkness are; psychopathy, narcissism and sociopathy. They are also sometimes referred to as dark empaths because they weaponize the information others share with them and they pretend to empathize or use against you. Can we take a gander, at who comes to mind? Hitler of course but it is believed, that Benjamin Netanyahu has surpassed his mania and war crimes.  

People holding placards and Palestinian flags march though the Intersection at Ginza, one

 Palestine was promised to the now former Zionist project, by the British and Americans. May 15th, 1948, just a few years after Hitlers defeat, the Zions began their reign of terror in Palestine. Where they fled to escape the Holocaust, the Palestinians took them in, were extremely hospitable and this is how they’re are thanked for their kindness. Makes it a little questionable, as to who was actually in charge, Hitler the puppet, or his advisers? They quickly moved to take over Palestine, without any hesitation after Hitler deleted himself. It’s almost as if, that was the Zionist plan all along, to start another War. The first was lucrative and the head of the Zionist project at the time, was getting impatient with Britain, they wanted their own country. 

 That brings us to 1917, in order for the British to win Jewish support for Britain's First World War effort, the British Balfour Declaration, promised the establishment of a Jewish national home in Ottoman-controlled Palestine. Due to the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, the British automatically assumed, like the colonialists they are, that it was their land. Palestine was liberated for only a few years, after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. That’s where I can definitely relate, Greece was also under Ottoman rule and were liberated but still harassed by neighbouring countries. So there you have it, a man did promise Palestine to the Zionists but not any Gods, it was a British Prime Minister, a known Zionist, Lloyd George and American President, Harry Truman also a Zionist, who bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki to appease his ego. Those mortal men, most certainly were not Gods. The Zionist Israeli colonial settlers, were sent to Palestine, by the colonizers. They gave away Palestinian land, that wasn’t theirs to distribute. For thousands of years the people that already lived there, had a peaceful existence, all ethnicities and religions lived harmoniously together, say it with me, in “Palestine”.

 The not so secret Zionist projects plan, is to ethnically cleanse the Middle East of the Arabic people, country by country. Palestine is only the first of their targets, all of this can be found here about “Plan Dalet”, in an official document from the 1940’s. They also have plans to expand into the Arab nations, in a project called “the Greater Israel Project. For an illegal apartheid state, that is quick to claim antisemitism, they sure are very antisemitic and Islamophobic to name just a few of their fascist idealism's. We, mentally stable individuals, whose discernment is working and are very aware of the real definition of antisemitism and it states; antisemitism is hate speech toward Jewish and Arabic people. Which Israel has insinuated to anyone who speaks against them, time and time again, as a they hijack the authentic Jewish religion of Judaism. To mask their Zionism and commit international humanitarian crime after crime, for decades against the Palestinians, without any legal repercussions to this day!  It ends now!

Palestinians search through the rubble of a collapsed building searching for survivors and

 How much longer, did illegal occupiers think, the children of the people they have been deleting and making martyrs were going to allow Israel to continue to kill, their unarmed people and not find a way to fight back? Hamas was and has always been, funded by the cowards that are Israel’s government. Only coward do what Israel has done, to the defenceless people of Palestine. As Benjamin Netanyahu stated in 2019, “Hamas is essential to Israel and we must fund them. To not support Hamas, you’re going against Israel”. The Palestinians as a people and country, have been Israel’s hostages for over 75 years, not for 50 days like the Israeli hostages. Who all have said, Israel’s government is to blame and that they killed their own people in front of them, including, soldiers, civilians and other hostages. The released Israeli hostages have said in recent interviews, that they were treated well by Hamas. The same can’t be said for the innocent Palestinians, who have stated they endured psychological, physical and sexual abuse, torture, starved, burned, shot, humiliated and berated. Sounds extremely familiar, to the way the gestapo arrested and treated Jewish people, before sending them to concentration camps.  

 “Hamas”, is the resistance group within the occupied state, who took part in retaliatory aggression against their genocidal captors, Israel. It was an uncalled for violent attack but weren't the only ones to blame, turns out Israel had a hand at killing its own people. They solders are instructed to follow a plan called the Hannibal Directive, where they kill everyone, including hostages. Israel has used the Hamas attacks, to deflect from the war crimes of the last 75 plus years, Netanyahu’s failing leadership and this was his failed attempt to save his career. I don’t condone violence and the Palestinian people have been dealing with Israeli torture, for over 75 years. They are wrongfully detained and imprisoned by occupying militants, for being Palestinian. One of the Palestinian locals told me, they make up a crimes just to arrest them and sometimes don’t sentence them and let them sit in deplorable conditions on “administrative detention” or in solitary confinement for years! Over 2000 prisoners are currently detained, 1300 of those hostages in Israeli prison, are children under the age of 18, some as young as two years old. Years not days, the Palestinian hostages Israel released, were about to end their sentences. Israel didn’t release any newly detained Palestinian hostages.  

 The Palestinian captives families were told by Israeli soldiers, to not celebrate the releases of the prisoners or they would be arrested again. Some of the IDF soldiers stole sweets, from inside the remains of a bombed home, that a few families were taking shelter in and salvaged for one of the family’s daughter's release. She was released after 5 years in Israeli prison, not from Oct. 7th. They detained her as a teenager, for the crime of being a Palestinian walking to school on the wrong street. Which was, a “Jew” only street. She was one of the lucky ones, she got to live. Palestinian people are not allowed to be in certain areas of their own country or walk down certain streets. The Israeli squatters built a long Berlin-esque wall, that divides the Israeli’s from the Palestinians and they are not allowed to go through it.

 Absolutely unforgivable, unfathomable treatment of humans. Peter Nygård’s crimes have nothing on Israel, the only place in the world that has a human skin bank and a military prison for children. Can you imagine what they’re doing to those children? What they use them for? I will let you fill in the Pizza gate gaps on your own. I have seen videos and am utterly horrified at the things I have seen, some more gruesome than those of Hitler's Holocaust. What I saw, I cannot unsee. I tried to get to Gaza on Sunday but it proved to be a tiny bit more difficult than expected. It was a miracle, I was able to get into Palestine at all, let alone Jerusalem undetected for a few hours. Thanks to a few very brave, local anti-Zionism Israeli’s I met in Jordan. I don’t mention names, so they don’t become targets. Which is why majority of my public facing staff, have alias’s or not mentioned by name for their safety. The journalists I mention by name in this are to be protected at all costs and they are protected, by the Gods.

 No excuses! The fact these barbarians call themselves humans and the victims?! Israel is constantly excused and encouraged to do these abhorrent crimes and for what? Money! Where’s the humanity? Where? These people mimic human emotions because they don’t feel, there’s no remorse or compassion. What is even more unimaginable is, they have Zionist squatting savages, holding watch parties, celebrating and cheering as the bombs and rockets destroy homes and kill innocent Palestinians, like they’re watching a Broadway musical.  

A Palestinian child inspects a destroyed house belonging to the Sheikh Al-Eid family, afte

 They call them martyrs, the victims of Israel’s three quarters of a century and counting genocide in Palestine. Martyrs! The babies they deleted, who weren’t even conscious long enough to know they were born in the middle of a Holocaust. For those that don’t call it a holocaust, what do you call the targeted extermination, of innocent civilians as a collective, for their ethnicity? You don't call using explosive weapons and illegal chemicals, like white phosphorus to do intentional bodily harm leading to death a holocaust? The definition of a Holocaust, if you ask me and the dictionary, is, "Holocaust; destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war." The so called most powerful countries of cowards, are funding the Israeli massacres as they keep slaughtering innocent people, for existing! Even now, during a so called “truce”, the bombs and bullets keeps flowing. They raided another camp and hijacked a drone from a few journalists. The IDF soldiers have been breaking, any and all cctv camera they can find and are still targeting journalists. If you're not guilty, why such disdain for the journalists? 

 What can we expect from the OG colonizers but enhanced colonization? They are the enemies of freedom and peace, United States, Canada, Britain and France. Shame on all of you! Claiming to be educated, intellectual, individuals, who uphold the law! When that couldn’t be farther from the truth. All of you are complicit, in the ongoing ethnic cleansing of innocent people in this modern day! You need to be imprisoned and on medication. What laws shall anyone abide by, if Israeli lunatics are running around spreading misinformation, dropping bombs and collecting donations to keep annihilating innocent people? Do you think, the psychologically unbalanced Zionists won’t turn on you? What examples are any of you setting for the future generations of humanity? Most of the people living in the opposing countries, are against genocide and have signed historic petitions, with hundreds of thousand of signatures. People don’t want their tax dollars used, to support murder messages on bombs to children. Millions of people around the world, have been protesting in solidarity with Palestine, standing strong and being loud for freedom! The revolution won’t be televised because the villains own the mainstream media and networks.  

 Palestine isn’t the only one going through a genocide, in Congo, they’re enduring a silent genocide that has been active since 1996 and the violence on the people of Congo has escalated ten fold in 2023. Of course you know whose funding all of the genocides, France, Britain, America and you guessed it! The terrorist Zionist state of Israel! Who are the biggest exporter of diamonds and pay rebel groups in Rwanda, to force the Congolese people to mine diamonds and cobalt from their land. Children in mud pits, without any protective clothing, sifting through toxins without masks or gloves, just their bare hands. Women and children are sexually and physically assaulted nonstop. The evil that the Congolese people are facing, has no bounds they are the same evils the Palestinians have been facing. It’s astonishing to me that nobody has stood up to these maniacs or has done anything to stop them! The time has come for change! Nobody has held Israel accountable at all! For any of their continued, inhumane crimes against the Palestinians and everyone else they’re trying to silence. We must set an example by holding those criminals accountable for their intentional, inexcusable crimes against humanity. Actions do speak louder than words and Israel’s actions, far supersede their false narrative, in the out of touch, damage control propaganda the mainstream media is pushing for payments.


 The Jewish people have spoken, they don’t want their ancestors names, associated to Zionists, who are doing to Palestinians what Hitler did to millions of Jewish and other people in the Holocaust of WW2. He was misled by a Zionist, Netanyahu mentions this in a press conference from one of my old tweets but forgot to include who it was he wanted to delete. Not all Jewish people, just Zionists and it was a Zionist, who advised him to delete everyone, his name was Haj Amin Al-Husseini. So glad Bibi filled in the name gap because I initially forgot the name of the man Hitler was talking about, when his spirit first came to me in 2020, an eventful year that was. While I was doing my philanthropic Goddess work and working on my music, everyone was locked up in quarantine. I found out I was a medium, in addition to being a psychic, which I already knew about as a child. I know what you’re thinking, yes, for real, for real, that Hitler!  

 I wasn’t going to speak on my mediumship gifts but it’s who I am authentically and for context, it was needed for this part. Many say I invented the information or there’s no such thing as mediums, but how do Israel’s people talk to God then? I have nothing to prove, I know who I am, they know who I am. And, I actually have receipts of my divine interactions and miracles. Hitler’s serving out his afterlife prison sentence, he’s paying for his sins and atrocities against the Jewish, Zionist and many other people he deleted, while in a manic spiritual psychosis episode. He’s not allowed to reincarnate, until he has completed his full term, he doesn’t have any spiritual parole options and is currently tasked to help free the Gods people in Palestine, Congo, Sudan, America, Canada, France and every where else that has oppression by Zionists and friends.  

 Netanyahu’s current and afterlife sentencing, is sooner than he thinks and is far worse than what Hitler’s doing for his repentance. For those that don’t do twitter x, I lecture a lot and Bibi’s obsessed with me. He and his neo-nazi apartheid regime's pr team, stalk my social media profiles, like many in the entertainment industry and political arenas do. Hi, it’s you, you’re the problem not me, I know you’re all absorbing every word. I will always be for the people, I can’t be bought. I’m not afraid of you, I owe you nothing. You wish you could control my narrative but you can't and you owe me, remember?  

 After Hitler’s regime was taken down, the “Allies” concocted a story, that the Zionists were chosen by God and to make it believable, the propaganda machine began to spin to the masses using the Jewish people's history. What excuse is there for the 1948 Nakba? Hamas wasn’t invented until 1987. What excuse is there, for their immoral actions to displace 750,000 Palestinians and kill 15,000, their favourite to target are children and Mizrahi Jews. I ask again, who said God talks to them? A delusional mentally ill man on the verge of dementia? I would love to talk to that person and clear some of their fan fictions up. If a woman had said this, she surely would have been locked up! As they tried to do to me, when I found out the truth and began calling them out on social media, with my team in 2020.

 These days, the masking can’t work and the Israeli government is leaning more on the narcissistic psychopathic elements, of their dark triad personalities. While their pr team tries to persuade the public, that they, the occupying imperialist apartheid state, are still the victims. How stupid do they think people really are? The great awakening of 2020 was the beginning, of the end for Israel’s occupation and Capitalism. The veil of illusion they once had on humanity, has been lifted, these are the repercussions of said veil being removed. As their throne of lies and terror continues to unravel, they’re all becoming unhinged and incapable of masking their true intentions of global domination. I would have sympathy for them, had they truly been the victims but have been victimizers, not the victims and using Judaism as a cover, an identity of opportunity because they are the opportunists of the century! They've been terrorizing Palestinians, for almost that long. Again, everything that is written here, can all be fact checked, except the information that has yet to happen or be released. Science takes a minute to catch up with my “predictions”.  

 The horror taking place in Palestine today, is not new to them. Israel is an illegal occupational state, they declared war on Palestine on May 14th 1948, when the first Nakba began under David Ben-Gurion, the head of the Jewish Agency for Israel, formerly The Jewish Agency for Palestine. The attack by the resistance group Hamas, is not celebrated and all violence is unacceptable! They did get the world’s attention to focus on the bigger problem at hand, the genocide the Zionists have been carrying out. The total number of civilians in the last month, surpasses that of the 1948 Nakba and coming very close to Hitlers Holocaust numbers. As of today the number of Palestinian men, women and children that were “Martyred” by the terrorist regime are 1.7 million Palestinians displaced, over 21,000 killed and more than 5000 of those victims killed are children. Nothing they can do at this point to erase their crimes. It has been extremely difficult to stay objective, when you come across scenes like this, in Hebron market where the Israeli squatters literally throw trash on top of the Palestinians as they walk in the market. The Palestinians were tired of getting hit with the savages garbage and put up a fence to block the objects, from hitting them as they walk below the Zionist squatters. It’s abundantly clear, who the real victims are and who keeps playing the victim trying to sweep their crimes under the rubble of their bombs.  










 People were immediately calling Israel’s bluff, they have been going on about Hamas but are the ones who made the tunnels under the hospitals, they know the layout, they don’t need to level neighbourhoods, mosques, churches or schools. But they do because they are pure evil and Hamas isn't theh target, the entire people of Palestine as a whole are. The propaganda, Israel is desperately using to get the public back in their good graces, began to tank after the fake beheaded and burned babies claims were debunked. Most recently, what came to light was 9 year old Israeli hostage, Emily Hand, who was presumed deceased and Israeli officials blasted that all over the mainstream media, they even had a camera in her father’s face, as they told him she was among the casualties. All that is hidden shall be revealed, the Gods are still exposing Israel’s 75 year reign of terror, until they can no longer harm another soul. More to come, as they continue exposing themselves, I’m just summarizing the truth, for the history books. The Zionists are definitely not the Gods chosen people, they don’t believe in God because they’re nationalists they worship money, paper. The Gods people don’t need to be rich, famous, praised or validated like the thirsty dehydrated Zions of false light. We of the Gods, are abundant within, draw people in naturally with our magnetism and charismatic personalities, bursting at the seams with authenticity and talents, that the imposters of the false light, wish they embodied. People who lack self worth, divine light and inner power, will always thirst for external validation, gratification, material objects and status. Insatiable nothing can fill the void of those filled with darkness.


 Most of the colonizers I have come across, all have the same mentality and diabolical need to oppress. For everyone else to have less than they do and financially abuse the world populous. Those types of soulless people, can’t generate their own energy authentically, they’re not of the light and void of any divine connection or Gods given natural magic, they’re all empty shells with soulless eyes. Wizards of Oz, your deception has been exposed, this PR nightmare will keep you on your toes, for a long time. These beautiful countries have an abundance of natural resources and the people should be very well off. But they’re not, they are being are being enslaved and eradicated for colonizers to profit not the people who are native to the land. Very coincidental, that this is almost identical to Hitler’s war crimes during WW2, with his army of Nazis, which ironically only took place, just a few years before the first human rights violation against Palestine, the 1948 Nakba began and turned into a neverending holocaust. Two Holocausts in one decade and one of them continues to this day, oh well, I’m sorry, the occupying terrorists are so generous, to grant the people a week of “pause” from this holocaust.


"Two Holocausts in one decade and one of them continues to this day, oh well, I’m sorry, the occupying terrorists are so generous, to grant their victims a week of “pause” from this holocaust."


 Growing up in Canada, we learned the history of the world, in elementary school. A lot of things that happened in history, didn’t happen as they’re written and taught today. I was eight years old when I learned about Hitler’s Holocaust and was utterly horrified, to see other humans doing such reprehensible things to other humans, without cause just for existing. I felt their pain and terror in my soul, I couldn’t understand why at the time and my teacher told me, it was empathy I was feeling and that I am an empath. He was semi correct, empaths don’t exist, when we feel other people’s emotions, we’re tapping into our Clairsentient abilities, that’s what the technical term is. You can always find more information online about that and other Clair abilities by googling it or for a more in depth explanation, about exploring your psychic gifts, grab, download or listen to my book available on this site and everywhere else books are sold all proceeds go to charity. All neurodivergents are psychic, some of us just pick up on the information quicker.

 A complete, moron can see that this is not a war against another country or self defense, they are the terrorists. The redundant played out Zionist playbook logic doesn’t stick, in addition to the fact, UN international law article 51 states an occupying state, does not have the right to defend itself against an internal resistance group, under their occupied apartheid state. If an outside country or state were the ones to attack, then it would enact the claim of self defense. Israel was hoping Iraq would step in, to justify their defense. I don’t condone Hamas’s attack but it undeniable as the evidence has spilled out and keeps pilling up, just two weeks ago they released footage, of the Israeli IDF’s helicopter, shooting at the Nova festival goers. If it wasn’t a false flag operation, please tell me why the iron dome malfunctioned? It was built to withstand any air strikes and praised as being the best in the world but for some reason, that day, it magically wasn’t working? Again, if you want additional information it’s out there, hidden in plain sight between the decades of Israeli Zionist fake news propaganda, lays the truth.

 This is a complete annihilation of an ethnicity for decades, the text book definition of genocide. I cannot stress this enough, as badly hurt or traumatized the hostages are, they all have said they were treated with human decency whilst the Palestinians have been imprisoned captives since 1948. Gaza has been know, as the world’s largest open air concentration camp. All because a group of power hungry money thirsty lunatics want their resources, the

Palestinian land sits on billions of dollars of natural gas and other natural resources. What Israel didn’t expect in all of this over exposure was, the speed and reach of social media shared the truth globally one platform specifically. The Zionist project is filled with a group of severely mentally ill individuals, who openly talk about their victimhood when they haven’t lived any victimization or trauma but are actively inflicting it. Delusionally claiming birthright to a land, that a man wrote about in a book, thousands of years and hundreds of edits ago. Abraham was from modern day Iraq, Ashkenazi Jews are from northern and eastern Europe not the Middle East. Palestine is filled with natural resources and was easier to occupy than Iraq. The only Jewish people who can claim Palestine are being murdered by the Israeli military, Mizrahi Arabic Jews. What kind of lunatics go around telling people God promised them land with people already on it and to kill them and take it from them? Definitely not the words of any Gods, every "religion" has that one "thou shall not kill".








 You can’t pull the wool over the world eyes any longer, it’s time for the end of Zionism, your cults blasphemous, dusty archaic ways, have run its course. I made sure the Gods blocked all the Zionists alchemical abilities, only a few of them have that capability (they are the fabled “Illuminati”, Zionists). It’s not anti-Semitic to be against Israel or the Zionist project because they are not authentic Jewish people. You come from Northern and Eastern Europe, Vikings more than Jews. They don’t have anything special about them, how are they Gods chosen? We see the truth, they’re not victims, they’re the villains! So used to getting their way, like the spoiled, rotten nepo babies that they are. Always envious and fanatical of what’s not theirs but want to have and so they take but can’t take the divine light the people hold within. The Gods people are resilient and will always be rescued even if it takes 75 years. My whole life this genocide has been ongoing, it’s time to end their suffering.


 With all we see transpiring before our eyes, the mainstream media cover ups, which I am ashamed, to be in the same industry as those avaricious, immoral, ignorant sheep, without a backbone, common sense or discernment. But am happy when I see para-social relationships formed between the eyes of Gaza and the rest of the world. Young journalists like 25 year old Bisan Owda, whose content went from fun and carefree to running for her life as she documented the war crimes and human rights violations of the Israeli government. She reminds me so much of myself and the first time I saw the terror in her eyes I couldn’t stop crying, I feel all their pain and frustrations. Hold on my loves, it is almost over, you are almost finally free. Motaz Azaiza, is another young Gaza press hero who has been targeted and harassed by the Israeli’s, they call him and threaten him, all to stop Motaz from showing us his reality, not the propaganda the illegal occupying state is trying to sell. They keep asking him to take down his posts because it shows the Nazis in a negative light and want him to put up a post condemning Hamas. You can watch that conversation here. Thank you, Bisan, Motaz and the many others who have bravely and resiliently withstood the bombardments. Grateful and thankful to all of those who lost their lives, trying to show the world the horrifying truth. My love and blessings to all the people of Palestine, Congo, Sudan and all the global victims of the tyranny of the Zionist project's totalitarian ambitions, I will be back to visit Palestine again, when it’s safer and celebrate your freedom with you.  

 The takeaways from this dissertation-esque article are, the Holocaust continued after Hitler was deleted because the masterminds lived on and continued tormenting other people. Those who have a historic identity, Palestinians, just for existing. The envy the Zionists have of their gas and resource rich land is their  obsession, together with the United States, who also have this insatiable thirst. After all, they are run by the same people and might as well call them the United States of Israel, not America because you can't shit talk Israel in many states but can defecate on the American name. I mentioned my trip to NYC was crucial, also mentioned on twitter that there was a terrorist attack being planned by the Israeli´s on American soil. I was in NYC but also had to go to Niagara Falls, for my Nexus interview, that recent incident with the couple in the Bentley, by the border in Niagara Falls, it wasn’t an accident or medical situation, he just lost a ton of money at the casino and found out the Kiss concert in Canada, was cancelled, he got into an argument with his wife and he snapped. He was armed and floored his Bentley right out of the parking lot of the Seneca casino in Buffalo, no heart attack, it was a psychotic mental break. Remember, when I said I was a Psychic Goddess and we're different than witches, we are. I went over that border at least six times in two days, I also stayed directly across the street in Niagara Falls, Canada. And, due to these advance precautions, that were taken in October almost exactly a month before it transpired, the event was isolated and minimized but unfortunately had some casualties. It was between two people or forty-five Canadian and American civilians, about to celebrate American Thanksgiving. That is all, I am going to speak on that.

 Anyone who can sit there and oppose anyone's freedom, are just as bad as the alleged maniacs, for being silent monsters turning a blind eye on the ongoing, blatant human rights crimes and violations in Palestine. Israel, is and was always, illegally occupying a country that was never theirs and never will be. The only solution is to abolish Zionism and the former apartheid state of Israel and give the Palestinian people back their homes in peace, with reparations. All that money donated to Israel, needs to be used to fix the infrastructures they destroyed in Palestine and take down that ugly fascist wall, after arresting and charging all those complicit! As stated many times on my twitter, Epstein Island is available for the Zionist project cult of Israel. You can donate to Palestine aka Filistine here or go to the Good Fridae Foundation section, on this site to donate there. These genocides are not Goddess Good Fridae approved and need to be cancelled.

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