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Hawskley Workman

Median Age Wasteland
Isadora Records
March 1st 2019


 Award-winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hawksley Workman will unveil his next album, Median Age Wasteland, worldwide on March 1, 2019. It's currently available to pre-order HERE!

This time around, collaborating closely with producer and Dears creative genius Murray Lightburn in studios throughout his new home of Montreal, there’s no lipstick, literal or figurative – just the purity of loving, loathing, and living. With Median Age Wasteland he’s leading listeners through the figurative looking glass for as clear an image of his true self as we’ve ever been allowed. “I’ve always had this constant hunger to innovate, reevaluate what I do, and keep remaking it to confuse myself and maybe confuse my audience,” Workman admits. “This time, I’m just committing to writing focused and honest songs, which feels like the most interesting thing I can do right now.”

Says Workman of his latest track, “'Stoners Never Dream' is a song about childhood insecurities turning into adult ones. The title is a play on compelling anecdotal evidence that suggests regular use of cannabis can prevent dreaming or impair our ability to remember dreams. The lyric ‘ everybody else in here, you were trained to hate your body...’ reflects society's tendency to quell our anxieties with self-prescribed drugs and alcohol.”


Median Age Wasteland Tracklist

1. Birds in Train Stations
2. Lazy*
3. Battlefords*
4. Italy
5. 1983
6. To Receive
7. Skinny Wolf
8. Song of Summer
9. Oksana
10. Stoners Never Dream*
11. Snowmobile

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