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 Normally, when I write these year end articles, it’s about other artists performances, videos, music and films. By the time you read this, 2022 will be gone and January 2023 is here! This article is all about one multi-talented artist and her artistic adventures and staler avoidance in 2022! The artist I’m referring to is, myself! It’s still weird to reference myself as Good Fridae, that is the stage name the universe chose for me in 2020. I have spent over a decade, almost two, promoting other artists and didn’t have the chance to finish my art and promote mine. This isn’t your typical end of year article, posted at the beginning of the so-called year. The whole reason people trust my opinion with the arts is, I know what I’m talking about, I too am a multifaceted artist. Past few years, I was busy trying to heal from the multiple vehicle accidents from 2015 to 2020 and the legal cases involved took up a lot of any time I had and as of June 2022 my job ties, to the matrix are officially completely over. I freed myself of the contract blocking my blessings and almost killed me. 2020 was supposed to be the year I relaunched FridaeTV, as Pick Me.Press and then Covid happened... It was cool that another term I created is trendy “Pick Me”, when the site was launched the public knew right away, what I meant by the new name, almost as popular as the term “Karen” which I coined back in 2001. Both have gone global and nobody knows where they came from, except the people who saw my TikTok explanation and you, my loyal FridaeTV Scouts! Former PMP social media Larry, came up with Good Fridae’s Weekdays, if you want to be my Weekdays, it’s fine with me or you can just be my Scouts! I was overjoyed at some of the old friends I was able to reconnect with some of my favourite people, like my mentor Barb, she has known me since I was fresh out of college and such an amazing person, she knew one of the original Karen's, where I got the original term from but the second definition.

  I had a massive spiritual awakening in 2020 and discovered I have a lot more spiritual gifts than originally thought. Hi, my name is Good Fridae and I talk to dead people. I offer various entertainment and spiritual services, user generated content and publicity. Packages and rates can be viewed on the services page and can only be booked on this website, there are a few scam accounts pretending to be me on various social medias and please know I would never contact you for money or bookings, you can by buying your choice of service and book when you want it. Special requests are to be emailed to Services will be open again January 26th. In addition to my mediumship gifts, I am able to find out who most people were in their “past lives”. I am a certified level four Reiki master and crystalline DNA quantum healer and hypnotist. There are many divination tools I use with my spiritual gifts, to enhance the client’s experience in their personalized online readings. I don’t need any of the spiritual tools I use because my gifts are extremely strong and using the dousing rods, pendulum or tarot are like receipts from the other side. It gives people in this dimension a greater sense of clarity and confirmation in a session, that what we’re discussing is valid. Every legitimate intuitive has different gifts, you can find out more about the Clairs on my Spiritual TikTok.


 The direction I'm taking this publication is towards a more esoteric, spiritual route with a tad bit of entertainment, fashion and sports sprinkled in, when I feel like it!. Thanks to my championship winning spiritual gifts, I can make or break the win for any sports now like I have been with entertainment careers since I was born. The recent World Cup win by Argentina, I managed to help get them seal the deal in the penalty round, I tweeted it before it happened, I am the creator and editor of the collective story. I don’t have favourite Sports teams and am very fair with the wins. When I was a teenager, I was fascinated with everything mystical and esoteric, learning tarot and how to cast spells from spell books in the library, the internet had very limited information at the time. People often asked me if I was a Goddess, when I was in my Goth phase and I had no idea what they were talking about back then…Gods and Goddesses are just mythological beings right? Recent discoveries over the years, have led me to believe otherwise, ancient findings by archaeologists like Egyptian God Osiris’s grave, by the river Nile. I’m excited for when they discover another past crypt of mine, I could walk them right to Kleopatra’s tomb, I have led the woman in charge of finding me in the right direction, since I remembered who I was way back then, when I said no man shall find my tomb, I meant it! If only my Marilyn self awoke to the Goddess she is before being deleted, I did not kill myself. Then again, I would be 95 and not me right now, I love who I have become and am looking forward to how much more I will evolve. We all have God within us and many of us were and are those, not so mythological, Gods and Goddesses…I think it’s time to we relive the golden era of the Gods with alchemy magic, not money. Majority of the people at the top of the totem pole, can’t survive without the people they enslave, money can’t help them in this new game. In a way, my inner knowing guided me on the path of becoming an ordained Reverend in 2014 as the begging to my Goddessification (new word alert), I get paid to exist! Singing and writing about my hard life reminds me how far I have come and how much room is left for growth. This world needed a mass awakening and 2020 was exactly that.

 My views on religion and spirituality are completely different than many people and don’t force people to believe what I do, I have a lot of knowledge that most people will never know, I'm not the Fridae everyone once knew, I have awakened to my power. My art was finally released, two of the five songs that will be on my EP are available to watch and listen to on vevo and all streaming sites worldwide. The videos should have more views, a former employee who is a huge fan of mine, we used to work together and I appreciate all my fans support, now and then. The fans are the reason I'm able to keep making my art an am happy to create more, what does 2023 have in store for this Greek Goddess. My fan told me the views were being deleted on youtube, I noticed that too but don't really care, it had much more views on the website where they debuted. My music isn't about me becoming a superstar, I'm magical, there's so much more to it than meets the eye. We shot the music videos in LA and I wrote, directed and produced a short film also in LA, titled “Just Released” you can buy it for $2.99 here. Hopefully, I won’t have to pull it, I have submitted the film to a few film festivals and they have exclusive requirements and was the reason I didn’t add the film to all streaming as originally planned. The short was based on one of the experiences I had in 2020, women always have to walk on eggshells once a predator is in our space, we need to make sure we can survive and sometimes we have to deescalate or just run, you don’t know what mental state some people are in. I titled the film Just Released because it was relevant to the story, the real life man, the character was based off of was just released from prison, when I met him, there were a lot more details to the encounter that I had to leave out, maybe  I'll do a tiktok story time on the how the real incident played out, more about the film later.


 I still made championship dubs happen in 2022, you can see all the receipts on my twitter. Sometimes, I’ll ask the public to pick the winners and like engaging with people. I can’t bet to win funds, the teams I bet on will automatically get handed a loss by the universe, I have challenged the Universe before, to experiment and won but it took a lot of effort and concentration to win. The Universe clapped back though in the next batch of games and I was schooled, I fucked around and found out! I’m allowed to play at casinos, Vegas trips gave me a lot of practice and I never leave one empty handed, my guides advised me to learn horse racing. For me to bet on sports is considered insider trading to the Universe and Source and they can take my gifts away if misused for my gain. I’m not perfect but there are certain things I don’t do because of the instant karma I will get, with certain gifts, come certain responsibilities as the Spider-Man films say! Producing my own music videos was fairly challenging but it was fun, very weird at first to grasp they were my music videos, after years of working on hundreds of other artists music videos, these were mine. There was going to be more crew but my face broke out from the makeup an instagram mua used at the consult, I decided then and there I would be doing my own hair, makeup and wardrobe. My anxiety around too many people is still strong, especially crowds but I’m working on it, LA Pride was a good place to practice being in crowds.


 Absolutely thrilled with my decision to keep it a small crew, my personal assistant at the time helped me find a director and photographer.  I wanted the videos to be different than they initially turned out, due to location issues. I did end up editing both videos myself, to convey my artistic visions closest to what was in my head. The plus was, I love doing this, I’m good at it and can handle making a music video with three people, it was fun to shop for the wardrobe, I kept all the clothes, most are stored at the LA storage. A lot of people have ugly style and they call themselves stylists...My first music video “Anyone ( I Choose You)” has inspired the fashion world and Beyonce, they use my colour palette and style of clothing for their fall collections. Everyone wants to take my ideas but don't to pay me or credit me for my work, cough cough Coldplay, Channing Tatum, Disney...There's more, you know who you are, that’s not flattery, it called stealing, karma is and will continue to slap everyone accordingly, cancelling everyone involved. The first video was just a fun character switcheroo song, with five different hair and fit changes, one of the dresses didn’t make it into the video because the strap broke. It was the last day of my moon cycle, I had contemplated pushing back the second half of the video, I was so bloated the final day and tried to debloat but no cigar, I felt that I looked pregnant and channelling  Jennifer Coolidge energy, that's why I wasn't in the pool!


 The dancing was minimal and I had to adjust some of the choreography because my problematic ankle was still a little sore from the massive fall that I took at the second half of the first location at LACMA, it was at the urban lights I missed the curb in wedges. I like wedges better than skinny heels, same as when I was Marilyn. I creep myself out by how similar I still am to my past self but with more flavour and balance. I'm always Good Fridae on the streets and freaky Fridae between the sheets. And trust me when I say you don't wanna bring out hood Fridae, she's spicy! Very few can handle the heat and very few men have had the Goddess Good Fridae experience, minimum salary is a million a year to even be in my presence! His filming was decent, I couldn’t direct the director too much, I didn’t want to be a diva! I had to take over the editing, it was not looking like what I had in my head, nothing wrong with his editing, I am the only one who could show you what the closest to what was in my head.

 My most favourite memories of last year had to be when we came across a seal and dolphins at the beach! For every day I had to work I added a day for the beach an we tried to go as often as possible. I have a memory thing called, hyperthymesia, I remember a lot of my life and no surprise my consciousness remembers my past one. I don’t remember much of my life just before Marilyn but do know who I was! The first goalie on Montreal Canadians team that has trophy named after me and as Marilyn I went ice skating a lot and was pretty good. I went ice skating with my schools growing up in Toronto, Canada but am not at all a good skater, I suck. Throw me in a pool and I will dust you, I have won many local and provincial swimming championships in this life and was on the swim team in high school. What blew my mind was, my short film causing more drama and stress than the two music videos. I was considering scrapping LA location and to shoot it in Toronto with professional people I know, that can deliver. Thankfully, after the issues with the crew and the location we found the crew that was meant to work on this little film with me. The assistant director I was originally going to work with, ended up being a thirsty creeperello famewhore, who is an aspiring actor and Uber driver, telling women he’s a director and cinematographer, when doesn't even have his own equipment, I was seriously just going to rent a camera and film it myself. He was looking for a girlfriend, while having a girlfriend…I declined, he’s not my type and I’m already in a relationship with a smart, sexy, successful established actor…I was looking for crew, not dick. The original location the incident took place, had shut down in early 2021. I hadn’t been to that part of LA since 2020 and didn’t know it was unavailable for us to use when we got there, they didn’t have a number to call so we had to go in person. Nancy booked a hotel that resembled the location that I wanted, closest to the original but they were being too LA for me, it wasn’t a big crew we had five people there shouldn't be so many questions in such a ghetto ass hotel, borderline hostel. I cancelled that. Reassessed my script and location. I came up with a new location thanks to the Follow Through music video, although it wasn’t same cemetery, my fathers past life self is buried at that one, his current life he’s buried in Toronto, not far from where we used to live, just like his Valentino grave at Hollywood Forever where the opening scenes of my film are shot. The rewrite took me three hours on a Monday morning, credit to my dead father for the idea to incorporate the new location with my story and it fit like a glove until it didn't. We finished it and that is all that matters and I am very proud of the art we created imitating my life. I made a film about an experience not someone else stealing my real life for their films and TV shows...

Like my music videos, the film has layered meanings. I wanted to commemorate my fathers contribution to Hollywood as one the first silent film actors, Italian actor Rodolfo Valentino who was the first Hollywood heartthrob. He passed away two months after I was born as Norma, in August 1926. He was my guide from the day he transitioned, until he decided to reincarnate as my father in this life. He was very similar to his past self, immigrated to Canada this time and was Greek Macedonian Italian. I was murdered as Marilyn a few years after he was born and was his guide from 1962 until I reincarnated as Fridae in 1982. Many people in the arts are aware of the darkness in this industry, now the people of the world know too. There are spiritual forces beyond the human eye, that have been controlling a lot of things and it had a lot to do with deleting me as Marilyn because I was supposed to change things then. A lot of my qualities and personality are the same, style, aesthetic even my facial expressions are the same and I don’t try, I just am who I am and always am authentically me, the Authentic collection t-shirts and sweaters are still available to buy in the store. Lena Dunham ripped off one of my tweets for her vogue article, where I stated that I had only read one book on Marilyn by Donald Spotto. This is the most accurate from what I came across but still had so much misinformation and I didn’t even know I was Marilyn at the time of reading that book. It was loaned to me by my cousin, who is obsessed with my past self and suggested I borrow it to read. Funniest thing is, my mom kind of looks like I did as Marilyn but with brown eyes. My eyes now, are similar to my Abraham Lincoln eyes but more colourful, they change colour with the clothes I wear. I still can’t watch my old films without passing out, like I do during Westerns. They are definitely interconnected issues or a trigger of some kind, ever since I can remember, I couldn’t sit through specific films and my dad would get upset if I fell asleep. during a Clint Eastwood flick.

 I was not going to talk about this because he has to learn to defend himself against gremlins, he's been doing this longer than I have at his public visibility level. I'm an indie artist, among other things a real multi-media journalist, I invented the format you see in most online magazines these days, FridaeTV was the first online media to feature both still photography and video in editorials, back in 2005.


I will be publishing more articles but more spirituality based, I have survived the darkest of nights and can help you through the darkness, spiritual awakenings are no joke, they can go very wrong as the tale of Elisa Lam still circulates, I tried to remove all the negative energy from that hotel but was interrupted by gremlins, I did free a lot of souls and crossed them over to the fun side, as I did every soul I came across at the cemeteries last summer, many of them, especially in Hollywood, they were cursed and trapped in 4D purgatory, the place many think is hell when they have near death experiences. There were a lot of adventures I didn't mention, without making a part two they can't be squeezed in and I have been editing this down after Lulu sent me the edited piece to not have to do that. Hope you all enjoyed this roller coaster of a novel and don't forget to buy your copies of my art work, help support real female owned non profit businesses!  We will be adding a donate button.

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