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 Once I heard Vancouver's own Pigeon Parks' music I was pleasantly surprised, I thought they were going to be a Country band! Although, I do like a few of those type of songs, my ears are not a big fan of that style of music, specifically the twangyness of many vocals. Unable to make it to Pigeon Parks' most recent set in Toronto where they were touring the country supporting Diemonds. I thought, why not an email interview that I could transform into an editorial. Just because I wasn't there doesn't mean FridaeTV wasn't. Long time Fridae TV photographer Joanna was able to reach the bands set at Adelaide Hall Dec 1st and she captured some pretty sweet shots of the band rocking out! Please feel free to check out the gallery of the set just below the interview with vocalist Nick Weber. Most importantly don't forget to check out Pigeon Park's tunes here.


Fridae TV: You’ve probably been asked a few times about the band name…How did you decide Pigeon Park was the winner?

Nick Weber: We were tossing a few names around in the beginning of the band and we were headed to our first interview when we drove by Pigeon Park. Kevin suggested it as a name and everyone kind of looked at each other and agreed that it fit. It has gathered more meaning for us over time as well. It's synonymous with Vancouver and that is something we are happy to represent.

Fridae TV: Please introduce yourself to the world!

Nick: I am Nick Weber, lead vocalist.

Fridae TV: I read in the band bio you guys started playing together in high school. Who initiated the idea of going from jamming in basements and garages to rocking stages?


Nick: Kevin and I started jamming together after meeting each other in math class and showing each other our musical interests. At the time, I was also hanging out with our bass player, Artur and our former drummer, Hunter, we began playing music together and the puzzle pieces kind of just fit together. We added Logan to the mix after seeing him perform in a talent show.


Fridae TV: Let’s talk about the single you guys released back in August, “Sunlight Fading Away”.  I’m really vibing the melodies, vocals and especially the guitar solo near the end. How did you guys formulate this track? Can you please let us know about your song writing process?

Nick: This one was written by Logan and it talks about the struggles with finding the inspiration to create and how he got out of that. Generally, our process differs from song to song. Songs are usually made and about 70% done before they are brought in o the jam space but sometimes it can be born out of just messing around, you never know!

Fridae TVYou have released three EP’s thus far, are there plans for a full length?

Nick: Yes, we are excited to get back home from tour and begin writing for a full length album to be released in 2017! We already have a couple songs in the bank for it.

Fridae TV: Fantastik! I cannot hear to wait what you guys create next!


Fridae TVWho are your musical influences? (Specific examples.)

NickOh, lots! Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Funkadelic, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aerosmith. .... The list goes on!

FridaeTV: All good choices!


Fridae TV: How do you describe your music to people?

Nick: We take pride in the fact that our sound moves through different areas of rock. I'd say up-tempo, heavy blues-driven rock and roll, is the best description!

Fridae TV: What is the end goal of your musical quest?


Nick: Ultimately the dream, and I think I speak for everyone, is to have music as a full-time career. We would love it to be something that supports itself. I just want to be on that stage for the rest of my life.



Fridae TV: Anything you would like the world to know that we have yet to discuss?

Nick: If you are ever unsure of whether or not you'll enjoy our music, come see us live and we will put your mind at ease ;)

Thank you so much for answering all my curiosities! Looking forward to seeing you  guys rock out live when you’re back in Toronto and we’ll definitely do a video interview! Everyone should check Pigeon Park and grab their latest single "Sunlight Fading Away" here!

The Band is

Nick Weber - Vocals

Logan Pacholok - Guitars/Vocals

Artur Leppert - Bass

Kevin Okabe - Guitar

Spencer Burr - Drums

Please let us know by email at If you find any mistakes or typos, we are only human.

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