Interview and Visuals by: Fridae Mattas

  No strangers to FridaeTV, "Hollywood Undead" has always been a fan favourite and what the people want we try to give them. I was just going to do an album review but what is better than an album review? A Phone interview with a member of the band! Hollywood Undead is currently on a North American tour in support of their freshly released fifth studio LP "Five". Yesterday, Monday, October 30th, 2017 I was able to catch up with George Ragan aka "Johnny 3 Tears" to pick his brain. Keep reading as we discuss the album, the bands new singles and the current state of the music industry.  I have to say, we had a pretty good conversation, George was one of the most talkative artists I have interviewed to date. If you all want to see more of Hollywood Undead peep the tour dates to catch them live and don't forget to grab the new record "V" aka "Five" here!

Fridae: So, you guys dropped a new record on Friday?


George aka "J3T": "We did yeah, we’re super stoked! You’re only gonna do that once every couple of years, so really try and make the best of it. Its not like you’re gonna do that one again so we’re really just enjoying it, hoping it does well and everyone is happy. We’re having fun for sure!"

Fridae: That's good to hear! People can download the record, but can they actually physically buy it online or vinyl?


J3T: "Oh yeah yeah, we do vinyl! We did a Bestbuy exclusive for “V”, where they get a bandana we made with the record. It’s funny that you ask that because I have a feeling this one or maybe the next one or the one after that will probably be the last time were doing hard copy CD’s, which is sad for me because I love having something tangible when I buy a record."




Fridae: Yeah (elongated sigh)


J3T: "More and more they’re drifting away from it, vinyl’s doing really well, at least we’ll still be releasing vinyl but as far as a hard cd, sadly those days are coming to an end."



Fridae: I know it's so sad no more CD players, you know the end of an era.


J3T: "I remember when I was a kid I would look forward to buying cd’s because I could read, the inserts, the thank you’s and the lyrics, look at the pictures. Whatever it was, you would sit there and listen to records you had this cd sleeve to hold while you were listening to the album for the first time. Now its instant gratification."


Fridae: On to the next one right?! What can you do...


Fridae: Please introduce yourself to the world!


J3T: "I’m Johnny 3 Tears from the band Hollywood Undead."


Fridae: Thank you, thank you very much! You guys have already released four singles off of this record…


J3T:  "Yeah, yes we did! It will be five real soon too, obviously the whole album is out now but that’s another thing that has changed drastically since we started. You try to hide your record so it can’t get pirated but now they can’t stop pirating so they’d rather just give it them instead of it being stolen. The whole system is backwards now."


Fridae: Yes, it is!


Fridae: What is the next single off of the Five (V) record?


J3T: "Well we’re releasing a song with a