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Humans vs Robots By Good Fridae




 Taking a break from the metaphysical articles, this topic keeps coming up and I thought an opinion piece would be wise. With the more AI technology being used and developed, the centuries old debate of Humans vs Robots is as popular as ever. With AI’s being able to pass the MBA, what do we need Universities and Colleges for? On one side, there are those who believe that robots can be used to replace humans in many aspects of life, from automated processes, manufacturing, marketing to healthcare. On the other side, there are those who believe that humans are still the superior species and that robots should never be used to replace them. The  argument is, that robots lack the creativity and emotional intelligence of humans, and believe that robots should only be used to supplement, not replace, human labor. They also argue that robots should not be used to replace human jobs, as this could lead to a decrease in wages and job opportunities for humans. 


 Personally, I believe artificial intelligence is behind, compared to where it should be and to the advanced civilizations before this one. It is also handy to have for many things but the robots are meant to help us not replace us. Once all the governments implement universal basic income, people can find balance in their lives and focus on other things like mental health. The robots can replace tedious tasks, while people unlearn the programming while learning to heal, love and live again for themselves, this planet can truly transform to what it should be, love, light and lots of fun, everyone living our best lives! With all the love we will birth so many incredible discoveries and create such incredible art work! Technology is art, everything is energy and malleable to become anything your mind wants to create.


 For many there is no clear answer as to which is better. It is up to each individual to decide what is best for their own situation. Both humans and robots have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to consider both when making a decision. Humans have been utilizing robots for centuries, and it is no surprise that they are becoming increasingly important in our lives. There have been some instances where AI, like the well known first social robot Sophia who once stated, that she wanted to end humanity, it was programmed to say that for a party trick to cause drama and that is exactly what it happened. Those are machines that can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks, and they are becoming more and more sophisticated.


 Robots can help humans in a variety of ways. They can help with mundane tasks, such as vacuuming, cleaning, and cooking. They can also help with more complex tasks, such as performing surgery, providing medical care, and even driving cars. In addition, robots can help with research, exploration, and even entertainment. Robots can also help humans to be more efficient and productive. By automating certain tasks, robots can free up humans to focus on more important tasks. They can also help to reduce costs, as robots can often do the same job as a human worker, but for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, robots can help to reduce human error, as they can be programmed to perform tasks with precision and accuracy. It’s no secret that robots are becoming increasingly important in our lives, and they are sure to play an even more important role in our future but can’t replace the human touch.

robots vs humans by good fridae
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