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By: Fridae Mattas

  If you haven't heard yet, MAYDAY PARADE is just about to release their newest record SUNNYLAND, June 15th 2018. The Florida natives have been hard at work, touring the world and recording their latest album "Sunnyland". Time has been very crunchy for these lads, their debut record in 2006 kept them on a steady rise, non-stop to the top. They are one of the bands who helped push the indie music movement along, selling over 50,000 units without a label, out of their trunk at Warped Tour. Now, let's get down to business, less words (Teehee, maybe). From first listen of 'Sunnyland', a retro Blink 182/All American Rejects/Panic At The Disco vibe resonated with me. The first song off of the record is 'Never Sure', and I'm pretty sure I like this upbeat backwards love song, listen to it and you'll hear it. Vocally, front-man 'Derek Sanders' has a unique rich tone with some solid skills in there. I can hear him singing various styles of music, he has a nice vibrato, very clean when he wants to be.  I did catch a little "Backstreet Boy" vocal run that was added to the ending note of the tune. Nicely done! This album was refreshing to listen to because it was real music, guitars, drums, and other real instruments playing together fabulously with minimal auto-tune. Production wise, on a phone it sounded perfect. Then I amplified the sound by playing it with laptop speakers on the beach...The vocals sounded like they were drowned out, instruments were too loud (I played it back in our suite on a different device, vocals still sounded reduced). Small price to pay, but a heads up to the sound engineers, when mixing, make sure to playback on various formats before saving final.

 Unknown as to when exactly, but I'm guessing since around 2010 to now the norm on how media outlets receive music is...Coverage requests via email, from publicity teams. In the email there is the usual press kit also known as a media kit, with a Press Release, visuals and LP downloads prior to their release. However, I still miss CD's! Had a full conversation with Hollywood Undead's Johnny 3 Tears, about CD's when we chatted a couple months back. To read l'interview clickeroo this. CD's were more inspiring to review, I would always be excited to get a new album snail mailed and being severely curious to hear what the creation and combination of sounds were like. Also, they are so much easier to gather important intel from. Legit Journalists, we always do our research. That should be applicable to everyone who claims to be a 'Real Journalist", like that guy who was famous for outing people... I knew half those people when I met them, they were gay it didn't matter to me, I always knew before they did. But, I have respect for peoples privacy and when they are ready, they will come out, don't rob that from people for a dollar. I refuse fake news tabloid culture, that is why I created FridaeTV.


Obviously, downloads are the most efficient and cost effective way to get music into the hands of people. Especially in the current music industry, the greedy dusty suits need to perma-golf and phase out, so we can make music and every other art form amazing again. I'm so tired of losing talented friends and artists due to the industry pressures, losing their creativity and drive for their passions, becoming depressed medicated and discarded. People want ear candy, not the shit that spins on the radio for those money hungry labels, who never stop chasing paper and force dropping eararrhea.



 When travelling, its very hard to find the time to write anything, let alone a record review...Yet, here we are! Found some time to appease my attention deficit disorder, one can only tan for so long! Definitely putting the anti-glare screen protector on my laptop to work! Currently, lounging by the ocean on Bophut Beach, situated at a gorgeous little fishing village in Koh Samui, Thailand. Once the single "Piece Of Your Heart" played, a few of the locals came to ask who the band is, of course I pointed them in the right direction... That in itself, speaks volumes for the refined artistry, sing-a-long choruses and relatability on this album. If you're getting some random locals in Thailand asking about your music, you're on the right track!


My brain was swirling with thoughts the second I hit play! Tried my best to organize those thoughts, while being mocked for working on the beach! Although it's like 9:30am here its muy caliente and my goal is to publish this review while it's still the 14th in Canada. Haven't stopped writing, this record has captivated me from the first track and kept my A.D.D calm enough to not skip through to the last tune, which is, the title track! Sunnyland, blew my expectations out of the water, I would like to hear Mayday Parade formulate new music in the future. Good thing I brought my laptop eh? Can't publish anything on my phone except via wordpress. Wish this review was longer however, this is where the travels continue and our time ends. Next stop Paris, where filming begins! Who knows, maybe I'll post some selfies. Make sure to check Mayday Parade's "Sunnyland" when it drops, all you need to do is click here to be one of the first to buy "'Sunnyland".



  01 Never Sure 3:55

  02 It's Hard To Be Religious 3:22

  03 Piece Of Your Heart 3:40

  04 Is Nowhere 3:51

  05 Take My Breath Away 3:55

  06 Stay The Same 3:21

  07 How Do You Like Me Now 3:29

  08 Where You 3:48

  09 If I Were You 4:07

  10 Satellite 4:03

  11 Looks Red, Tastes Blue 4:14

  12 Always Leaving 3:42

  13 Sunnyland 3:54

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