Directed By: Guy Ritchie

Released By: Warner Bros  

Starring: Charlie Hunnam, Jude Law, Astrid Berges-Frisbey, Eric Bana and more.


Review By: Fridae Mattas

Friday, May 12th 2017 12:32AM





 Promised not to make this review a mini-series even though there is a lot to say! Managed to edit this down from 1500 words to 792ish. Was lucky enough to catch the Toronto Premier of Guy Ritchie’s take on, King Arthur, May 2nd 2017. The month has flown by, thought there would be more time but two weeks is over and here is release day! King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is the tale of a man who was robbed of the throne and won it back using a sword he pulled from a stone in an epic battle. Everyone should be familiar with the story, Disney even had their animated adaptation "The Sword In The Stone". Did not think I would make it for the start of the film, was running late from another event and completely missed the red carpet but made it to catch the opening scene.

The film started with an action-packed battle, filled with incredible graphics grabbing your attention immediately. From what my brain collected was the battle was being fought by Arthurs' Father, Uther Pendragon (Eric Bana) and his army to protect his Kingdom from his brother Vortigern. Normally, you think horses in the middle ages, right? Nope, there were these ginormous Elephant looking things fighting with them in the opening scene. At first I thought they were enormous dragons. From a creative perspective, it was obvious Ritchie drew inspiration from the fantasy aspects of the many different versions of Arthurian tales

 You will see a number of familiar faces up on that big screen like; Jude Law who plays the perfect, likable, villain as King Vortigern. Another recognizable face in the film is: Charlie Hunnam who plays King Arthur. Both did a fantastic job! Law could make you actually like him, even though sometimes you wanted to punch him in the face...That's acting, fully becoming the character, connecting with the character’s emotion and relaying that to