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 It has been 14 years since the first mokumentary parody film, "Borat" was released. 262.6 million box office dollars later, Actor, Writer, Producer - Sacha Baron Cohen is back at it as Borat, in the newly released sequel exclusive to Amazon Prime. The "BORAT - Subsequent Moviefilm" is free to stream with a Prime subscription.


Having seen this film a few times now, I am still catching random lines I didn't notice the first time. For example how he pronounces "Karret West", referring to Kanye, my ears totally skipped that the first time. Aside from, "The Running of the Karens" (So flattered that my invention of the term "Karen" made it into the film!). The favourites, so far are "MacDonald Trump" and the Melania story, so funny especially the boner, we were dying of laughter, in absolute tears. The few scenes before Borat's migration back to America, he talks about losing his wife, sons, his "Michael the Mouse" pajamas, all to his neighbor and then discovers he has a daughter.


His daughter, living in shack type barn with the cattle is played by newcomer, "Maria Bakalava". She did a fantastic job with her character, that was a hilariously sad dose of reality because it's exactly how females are treated in small third world countries, like cattle. And, those poor girls who are trafficked live, put into cages and sold off to the highest bidder are still victims...

 I don't want to be giving away all the funniest parts but one last mention won't hurt; the baby removal scene at a Christian "pro life" clinic, amazingly done! How they kept a straight face for half of the shit they did to random Bob 's, who had absolutely no clue. I can't believe some of the non actors in this film, like the Sugar-baby influencer and the old man at the ball. Before the Father, Daughter duo did their "Moon Blood" fertility dance, the old man answered "$500" when Borat asked how much his daughter was worth. Most creepy of all the scenes was the one with Rudy Giuliani, so gross, he was definitely flirting back. Many men of "status" feel they can do whatever, whenever they want, not anymore creeperellos your time is up! Being in the entertainment industry since I was a teen and a journalist for the past twenty or so years, I have had more than my fair share of fuckerello creeperooz try it, including the kidnapping parts of this year.


Bakalava who played Borats daughter "Tutar" brought the film its plot twists, like when she stowed away in Johnny's crate, discovered that the manual from her country and what her father had told her is all lies, (I can totally relate). In addition to that, she also discovered that her "Putka" or "Vagine" as she called it, didn't have teeth and wouldn't eat her hand if she masturbated. Many people clearly don't understand the nature of this film, near the end of the film it reminded me of a recent South Park episode. Maskini included, this film is a much needed form of alternate comic relief for those of us that are awake, even though some things pushed truth and were close to the crass limit, it still made us laugh. If you want a no brainer, semi-reality film to watch, go ahead click the link here.

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