May 6, 2020 - Los Angeles-based trio Fast Friends unveil a bold and timely new single titled “We Broke The World” today, alongside an incredibly innovative video featuring a deepfake rendition of the track sung by many familiar faces. The band wrote the spirited tune in mid-2018, attesting that they have “been on this whole ‘everything is crumbling, probably best to hole up’ vibe for a long ass time.” FF’s debut EP HI T LO IQ will be released on July 10, 2020 via Dine Alone Records.

Stream and purchase “We Broke The World” HERE. Watch the official video for “We Broke The World” HERE.

The video kicks off with an image of Guy Fieri staring you right in the eyes and singing, “...big fucking house at the end of the road...I don’t even care if you take birth control no more,” and gets more