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 Growing up who didn't see Disney's Aladdin? What ethnic looking female didn't want to be Jasmine, I did  especially since all the other Disney princesses were white and blonde except Snow White but I've never liked her short hair lol! My siblings loved Aladdin so much, they watched it everyday and thanks to them. still know all of the songs off by heart. It came in handy when I watched the new live action film. Was surprised that Guy Ritchie was directing, so random. But really, how left could a film go with the story basically already there? Would have loved to direct this film or any Disney flick for that matter. Must have been so much fun to make this film, from figuring out the locations to the taxing part of matching the original features.


 Casting was also probably extremely difficult, especially with Genie. It's understandable why people were upset at the casting choice. However, they need to realize that no other actor's versatility could have handled such an epic role, in bringing Genie to life on the big screen. God rest his soul, Robin Williams will forever be Genie but Mr. Will Smith did a phenomenal job, Robin would have been proud.  

Absolutely loved Markham, Ontario's Mena Massoud and London, UK's Naomi Scott as Aladdin and Jasmine. They both had great chemistry on screen and genuinely embodied the characters pain, conveying the story perfectly. Massoud even does most of his own stunts, training weeks for the role. Would have liked to see more of Rajah the Tiger, wasn't sure if Iago the Parrot and Abu the Monkey were real or not in certain scenes. The special effects were amazingly done, wish I knew how to make fx like that in post production. Genie's make up was on point, and Princess Jasmine's wardrobe was gorgeous. Jafar should have been a little creepier and the Sultan's acting wasn't the greatest...

Don't expect the film to be identical to the cartoon version, while it is very very close. There were a few key differences, one major one is the brave spirit of Jasmine and her fantastic new song "Speechless", written by the legendary Alan Menken who made an incredible composition, fits the films soundtrack very well, perfectly.  Below we have compiled some footage of the world premiers with some interviews tucked in, you are also able to see the trailer at the end of the second video.

Disney's Aladdin is playing in theaters now, go see it!

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