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By: Fridae Roma Mattas

16/11/2020 - 19:25pm

 Who knows what day this will be published! The full moon has been fucking with the focus and I wanted to share my thoughts on these two amazing books by incredibly talented individuals, from different facets of the creative arts. It was unintentional to choose two creatives with literally the same last name except one difference, Jim's has two R's. When you notice the coincidence, it probably was not one at all because there are no coincidences in life, those are synchronicities sent from the divine universe. Always trust your gut! That is what this one of a kind, cut from a different cloth gifted intuitive femme did, these reviews were undeniable.

Although I began listening to the books on Audible simultaneously, while "work" floating or beaching, I finished Jim Carrey's first. Yet, decided to start things off with the one and only Queen of Music Mariah Carey. She has been a huge source of inspiration in my life since I was a kid! Listening and singing to her music has helped me through, not only the rain but life's tsunamis too. In addition to this fabulous memoir filled with tea, she also dropped "The Rarities", a collection of rare unreleased demos and remixes of her hits. There are many incredible female vocalists out there, Whitney was huge in my world, as was Celine but the instant I heard Mariah Carey's voice, this curly haired kid that loved to sing was blown away! From that day forward, the bar was set for vocalists in my books and none have come close. Although, I must say Christina Aguilera and Ariana Grande are the closest! Even when performing or recording my own tunes, I know if I can't hit the "Mariah whistle Note", vox is not warmed up enough for usage. So many things I learned from and took comfort in when listening to her music, especially to sleep when we had no food to eat. Aside from being the most incredible singer in the universe, her book "The Meaning of Mariah Carey" showcases that she is so much more than just a voice.


The Meaning Of Mariah Carey w/ MICHAELA ANGELA DAVIS


I do prefer to be read to or I pass out, its so hard to focus on reading for long periods, this was never an issue but after my accidents, I can't read without nodding off. This was discovered during school back in January, when I began my double majors. Even writing makes me nappy ha ha and yes non stop school! As much as I dislike this type of conventional schooling, it needs to be done, just as this dual review jibber needs to be wrapped up after this 900th edited rewrite!

The Meaning of Mariah Carey is a peek into the intimate life of the songstress, she explains more than she has been able to share in the past about her marriages, life's struggles, her industry peers, career and how mislabeled she is. There are so many moments where my heart broke for her because I went through similar situations, including the references she made towards her estate with her first husband, it wasn't a home to her, she called it "Sing Sing" her prison. If going to get some fries with Da Brat was such a task, I can only imagine what she left out. I felt her pain as she spoke on it, at the time of absorbing the book, it resonated strongly with me because I was in a much different episode of life but a prisoner nonetheless. In addition to the turmoil she lived through, Mimi has had a storied career and was able to work with many incredible talents. What most don't know, was how hard it was for her to get some of those features for her records. Mimi had to battle her then husband for creative control of her music, while she was still signed to Sony and under his thumb. Carey also touched on her special bond with Prince, working with O.D.B, Whitney Houston, Boyz 2 Men and so many more incredibly gifted talented people. A few other key creatives that Carey verbalized about was, Michael Jackson, Tupac and Biggie. I'm sure they appreciate the love and have eternal gratitude for showing them so much love, even after they have transitioned from this side of the veil, Earths plain.


It would have been epic to have had Biggie drop a sixteen on "Honey", he probably wanted to make that happen. Sadly, his dreams were cut short when he was murdered in Los Angeles on Fairfax and Wilshire in 1997. I was guided to visit the location not too long ago for FYI segment. Who can say no to Mariah Carey? Producer, Actor, Singer, Mother, "Queen of Music", Whitney Houston even praised her vocals, referring to Carey as "the best of the best" or she would have never worked with her. A funny antidote, was when Mimi stated she was always "high maintenance" and just "didn't have anyone to do said maintaining.". That was funny, she has been labelled a demanding diva but in reality she is a diva because of the high caliber level of her talent, she deserves everything she has achieved! Mariah is definitely one of the sweetest people I have ever met, if she wants a blue m&m give it to her. Won't go on too much more because you need to read or listen to the book yourself. Carey's memoir is not all about work, Mariah drops details on her previous relationships with side effects and heartbreaks, the real ones. Ha ha ha she did not mention the napoleon syndrome advocate Eminem because it never happened. Let it go, he clearly has an obsession with a few of us and she was his number one imaginary girlfriend. Industry folk know who his number two is but he still can't get her either, he doesn't meet the height requirement for the ride.  

The Meaning Of Mariah Carey was definitely an emotional rollercoaster of a listen, with many highs and lows of dreams reached and loves lost. Throughout the book she jibbered about her vices, her inspirations, a lot about her icon Marilyn Monroe, who is very happy that she could be the guiding light in the rain, to help her survive through the pain. If you want all the tea about how the Queen of Music really is and the obstacles she overcame just so she could gift the world of her talents, grab your copy of this best seller and divulge in your preferred format of audio or hardcover.


Memoirs and Misinformation

With Dana Vachon


 A completely different Carrey, we have Jim! Canadian comic heavyweight, whom you might have seen recently portraying American Presidential candidate Joe Biden on SNL. He probably won it because of Kamala by now or Trump is holding the White House hostage. (Update, Biden and Harris won, Madame Vice President made Herstory a few times over. And yes, Trump is holding the White House hostage, he keeps looking for more votes and claiming election fraud. All that he will find are more votes for Biden-Harris, there is not an ounce of proof in his claims.). Congrats to them, let's pray they do good for America in order to begin to repair the foundation and start fresh on the right path to make America a global force once again.

If you need a refreshing new take on the conventional autobiography, this is the book for you. Eight years, that is how long Jim Carrey and his writing partner took to create this fabled universe. I must say, it is a cleverly crafted formulation of words, a unique way to touch upon Carrey's experiences without the huge blow back from those mentioned. Jim recently said; "it is an honor to be playing the character of, Jim Carrey.". Most people wouldn't understand what he meant, I do and the rest of you that have awoken understand what he is also referencing to.

We are all energy, each life we come as different people, some become historic prominent figures, others are shepherds or cops. Regardless of who we are, every person on this planet has a role to play in this universe and that is exactly what this autobiography is about, bending your imagination. Memoirs and Misinformation can be anything you want it to be. Is it all true, maybe? Is it all fiction, maybe? That is the beauty of this work, it has no boundaries. He swerves around the genre lines as he colours the outside edges, painting the picture or should I say "Jeff Daniels" paints the picture, outside of Jim Carrey's life as written by Dana Vachon. Bringing the words to life because like the Queen of Music's memoir above, I listened to the book. A stand out excerpt from the unconventional novel was in Chapter 7, after discussing a deep fake porn using  his likeness accumulating 10 million views. It is here where Carrey questions his existence, talents and reality. Is he real or just a figment of imagination in the billions of connected minds of the universe? His perspective of life changed.

There were moments in the book where it was more like an actual autobiography sarcastically written but it's there. When he and his girlfriend "Georgie", had a rendezvous with a "Marilyn Monroe" impersonator Helena San Vincente, (named after two streets in Hollywood where I, I mean my past self Marilyn lived.). That was one hundred percent believable, Miss Vincente, like everyone else that comes to LA, had stars and dollar bills in her eyes and dreams of Hollywood success in her head, filled with cotton-candy clouds of LA LA land luxury.

Carrey mentions a lot of people he has worked with, loved and befriended whether fabricated or not it was an adventure of it's own. For example; when he spoke about going to Santorini and talks of Atlantis, many people have also had a similar ideas or experiences. Memoirs and Misinformation by Jim Carrey and Dana Vachon was an interesting listen, very telling and different. If you want to go on this chosen adventure, it's highly recommended for your entertainment.


Both of these new authors wrote about  their lives, both books are worth the read and both mentioned Marilyn Monroe but that is where the similarities end. Grab your copies anywhere books are sold like here or if you prefer to be read to like I do, you can download a copy on Audible.

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