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What a whirlwind weekend in LA! The main M.E.G crew went on our annual holiday retreat and this year it was back to my 2nd home, Los Angeles. I don't live with any of my men and didn´t renew my sublet lease for the the last half of year, so we stayed at a hotel on the Sunset strip, one of my favourites. The last time the crew and I were together in LA was in 2020 during the pandemic closures. This time, everything was open and Hannibal was not in LA, we really needed this impromptu adventure. Nothing was planned, I just let the universe guide us as we flew by the seat of our pants and had a fantastically incredible weekend, of priceless memorable fun. Normally we don't discuss gossip here but since my personal life has been the subject of a few SNL episodes now, the cats out the bag right?! Before delving into the surprise review of the House of Gucci movie in theaters now, we'll clear some things up. Have never been one to broadcast my relationships, especially when dating men in the industry.


That's up to them because I have kept myself as low profile as possible for the majority of my life but am no stranger to crazy fans. My men are lucky to even get a mention that I am in a relationship to people in my life, never mind dropping their names in my work. They don't mention me directly anywhere in their public platforms but follow basics and expect to have a future with me? This is not my first crazy fan rodeo, I dated Nick Carter in his prime, it's absolutely hilarious to think I'm like anyone else and am tired of being a secret we're not teenagers. If you don't add happiness to my life and only bring drama...That won't be the reality for long because I don't need a man to fund my life or make me happy, I love myself and enjoy my own company. Wasn't even going to come back to the entertainment world or date anyone in this industry, let alone two of the same type of man and procreate with one of them. I know one hundred percent Chris Evans, is not interested, dating or replying to dm's that have anything to do with gremlin Selena Gomez. Chris, like I, doesn't like to talk about his personal life. When we're not together, he's at home with his Dodger, hanging with family and friends or he's working on films and his newest informational source A Starting Point. Evan's created the website to help educate the uneducated small minds of stupid Americans, like Selena Gomez. Sometimes though, Chrissy baby should speak up and clear his throat chakra if he wants to keep this Goddess in his life...

That creature Gomez, is a desperate drag queen (I won't call you or any other of my crypto stalkers a woman, until you tell people the truth, that you are a transitioning woman with balls and sausage that blackmails men for publicity, exactly like that Ashley Moore dragfish, who also hit up your ex boyfriend Justin Bieber for cash.). Both of you gremlins fiending for some talent, energy and attention, like the incubus crackheads you are. How desperate, boring, sad and lonely can one, money rich drag queen be? To sit there and send hundreds of thirsty messages to someone in a relationship, who has absolutely no interest in you whatsoever and leaves your messages unread. Selena is still hoping for a reply, to collect some evidence and back up his lies as proof to share all over social media and leak something real to the tabloids. But, he hasn't sent you back any replies, no evidence so you just photoshopped your own pictures for hours and created a fan fiction with someone else's man. Funniest part is how you lie about it being the fans whispering the rumours, we all know it was you because you Joe, don´t have any real fans or friends, just publicity bots like the other Hollyweird drag queens. I'm not Hailey Bieber, you can't intimidate me gremlin, I'm a legit psychic boss, not psycho like you and half of Hollywood on the wrong meds! I have been running my business on the low since 2006, have been in so many films and T.V. shows as background by choice, will be hitting the studio again before the end of the year and have no time for your bullshit with my man! I'm an actual certified indie director and producer, who was re-certified by Michigan State again last year, during my University stint to get a Criminal Justice/Humanities major from Athabasca University in Alberta, Canada. Karma and her son Karmo (I know them personally, they're like mi Famiglia) are going to be handling all the gremlins, for my fellow Toronto lil homie's Justin Bieber and The Weekend, who you made up your relationship with too and he had to play along, this time like the other drag queens from the summer sausage fest, you fucked with the wrong one, you're trying to do that with my main boyfriend, my real twin flame and the universe including my ancestors is not having any of it.


Like wow, as the late Leslie Carter once sang (she hated that song, Leslie told me this backstage once before her set, when I dated her brother Nick). You´re so cool salami and paid friends, you have the most insta followers but no real life love or happiness. Those things, like talent and rhythm, money can't buy and I don't even have an agent, imagine if I did?! You can't keep a real boyfriend because you don't love yourself and you're not real period, everything about you is fraudulent. Money did buy you a few things, your career and boobs but that still doesn't make you a real woman, where's the taco? I know for a fact you have balls, some big ones too trying to ruin a refreshed relationship. Back in July, I somewhat cooled things off with Chris because I was trying to work on my relationship with another man. I don't put up with bullshit and decided I deserve much better than how I was being treated, Chris was my side piece but they switched places with no benefits and only adopted until he fixes his Beast situation, so I can release him back into the wild. Selena Gomez, you have been very aware about Chris Evans' current relationship with this Canadian, Greek, Macedonian, Italian, Goddess from Toronto. My name is Fridae but you already know that, did you know that I am a real Journalist? Among many other talents and skill sets.


Fridae comes, before the Weekend, "The fans" say, Salami Gomez stalked us all last weekend, as we frolicked in and around LA´s famous shopping strip, Melrose Ave. We posted a video clip of our early morning adventure on our instagram, can you spot Selena Gomez? Gomez was following us in search of my office sweater, el capitán Jim, to get the new fan photo with Captain America, like the random Halloween Vegas girl. Our social media specialist Jeffy, was the look out for any the nutzo, Hollywood, crypto stalkers and wishwitches of weho, like my oldest fan boy, Paris Hilton. Thank God he was on his honeymoon because he's still obsessed with me, I mean, its only been a 17 year obsession...Paris dated the same Backstreet Boy after me and was rejected by my other boyfriend who he is also obsessed with. We'll end this rare personal glimpse of Goddess life here and get to the reason I'm even writing this article, The House Of Gucci movie!

Al Pacino and Adam Driver House of Gucci LA Premier. (Photo Credit: Eric Charbonneu)
Al Pacino, Lady Gaga and Jared Leto House of Gucci LA Premier. (Photo Credit: Eric Charbonneu)

 We arrived at LAX Friday morning, missed the LA premier of the House of Gucci movie the night before but managed to catch a special private screening before we flew back to Canada, Monday morning. Thank you to a homie for linking that for us, the crew and I were thrilled, eternally grateful to you, much love and blessings always. Personally, although I could, I don´t buy designer clothes, I like some of the purses and shoes (I don´t buy those either, my men usually buy them for me or take me shopping without me even asking. I'm worth every penny spent, as is every woman, we're owed reparations for our slavery and continued oppression.). I do love Gucci´s Envy Me perfume, it has such a great scent with my pheromones like Versace´s Red Jeans. My perspective is, if they like to see me look good for them, buy me the clothes to look sexy for you in because I dress to look good for myself not for men, like many assume. Most designers don't make clothes that suit my naturally curvy body and most of the time they´re really not my style. Every woman should have classic curated pieces, for their wardrobe that they like. I have always set my own style and never follow the trends. My love of fashion like most women, began when I was a little girl, always trying on Mom's shoes and dresses. Naturally, in awe of the retro Gucci gear they were donning in the film, it was fantastic to see.

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 09_ Lady Gaga attends the UK Premiere Of _House of Gucci(Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Universal Pictures )

(Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Universal Pictures )

 It wasn't until my first legal paying job, that I was able to buy my first pair of Nike kicks, after I gave my single father some money for groceries of course. Always made what I could afford work for me and still not one to succumb to the materialistic pressures of fitting in, I don't want to. I would rather spend my extra funds on adventures to make memories and have experiences to talk about, instead of that new Valentino dress I would wear once to an event that could feed half of LA's homeless. I have met many well respected designers and covered hundreds of runway shows and even walked a few because I am a model too. Haute Couture fashion, is not about every day fits, its about the artistic vision the designer has. Fashion is a dying art form, like music and film, the creativity has been lost in the number crunch translation and confused with basic reality stars and "influencer" socialite tastes. The inspiration for many of these familial brands is stale, they're afraid to take risks and sometimes, that is all that you need to do to keep from fading out, inject a fresh re-inventive creativity to the designs. In the the current reality of the fashion world, the big designer brands, are at an all time high of losing out to fast, trendy, affordable fashion.

HOUSE OF GUCCI LA PREMIERE JARED LETO - (Photo credit Dan Steinberg)

The film was set in and around Milan, Italy where the entire biopic was filmed and most of the Italian fashion houses are from. I have never been to that part of Italy and would love to wander it with my favourite boyfriend one day soon. I walk as much as I can anywhere around the world because for the last five years I have been in and out of hospitals and physiotherapy sessions, in recovery from multiple accidents. There were months at a time I couldn't walk, everything I was doing to heal didn't include pain killers, only had cannabis and advil to curb the breath taking pain of my injuries because I'm allergic to majority of the pharmaceuticals out there. That is all behind me now, I'm beyond grateful to be alive and have the ability to walk again for the most part and will continue to walk everywhere before I step behind the wheel of or into any motor vehicle.


First time I was able to wander some of Italy briefly was this past summer, vacationing and visiting my boyfriends at work on their sets and Roma was randomly added as a pit stop between European wanders instead of Amsterdam as usual. My Italian heritage was unknown to me until 2017, my younger brother did the ancestry dna kit and it came back as a mix of Greek, Macedonian and Italian with sprinkles of other Mediterranean countries including 8 percent British, 12 percent Russian and 16 percent Spanish. I went back to the village (Kella Pella, Macedonia, Greece. Yes, Alexander the Great's Pella, I'm a descendant.) to see my now deceased Uncle Basili from my Dad's side in 2018. He informed me of a lot of important family history, that the elders of the family in Canada failed to mention. My grandmother's family is Italian and she was shipped to Greece during the first world war to hide and stay safe with relatives around Pella. I did a shit load of research on my family and grandmother Roma after that trip. I talked to my cousins, who still live in Europe and we discovered our great great great grandmother was the Queen of Rome, Italy, which it was named after, hence the last name Roma. It also traces forward from Italy to France and to Joan D'Arc's family, enough of mine and more about the Gucci's.


The House Of Gucci cinematographer Dariusz Wolski captured the magical essence, of what I imagine Italy's vibe would be at that point in time. The actors did well with the direction they were given from the films director Ridley Scott. The locations were beautiful, from the canoe ride on the famous Lake Como, to Adam Driver's bike ride around a fountain, that looked like the Piazza Della Madonna Dei Monti near Rome. Everyone is talking about the accents but not the actual grand performance, that these actors delivered. Was Kristen Stuarts' British accent any better? Or how about any of the many Angelina Jolie butchered Greek accents? Nope, thy were horrible, do you not hire speech and dialect coaches for the actors? Germanotta's and Driver's accents were not those thick fresh off the bird Italian accents everyone was expecting, they were passable for the audience to understand what the dialogue was and where the story was going. Driver's depiction on Maurizio Gucci was fairly accurate and gave him more personality than he actually had. The writing was basic, as expected from a flavourless white woman named Becky writing an Italian woman and an Italian man who probably has no idea about the history of the Gucci family, other than the novel... Gaga's famous one liner, was her own improvisational creation, I don't even recall hearing in the film when we watched it, only in the trailer. Becky, gets no credit for that!

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 09_ (L-R) Salma Hayek, Jared Leto, Adam Driver Lady Gaga (Photo by Gareth Cattermole_Getty Images for Metro-G

Seems like many of the Italian family fashion houses have the darkest macabre endings, like the incredible Gianni Versace, who was murdered in similar fashion at his Miami home. The complete destruction of the unmistakable Italian fashion house of la famiglia Gucci, was grazed over in this tragic but true film, still unapproved by the surviving members of the Gucci family. The film left out a lot more of the backstabbing, lies, greed and secrets than it showed. The good stuff remains untapped, only a real psychic knows all their secrets. Teehee. This film was written to be more focused on the sensational murder of Maurizio Gucci, which wasn't even accurately written about or depicted in the film, according to a source from the family. Could my sources be the Gucci ghosts of past? Aldo, Guccio or Maurizio perhaps? Everyone who knows me, knows, that I come with a lot of dead people who communicate with me non stop daily and if I don't actively block them with shields and my ancestors, it's like a concert of dead people and I'm the only light in the dark. 

The Gucci family itself, hasn't been affiliated with any part of the brand since 1993. Salma Hayek Pinault has more of a Gucci ownership tie, than they do. (Her husband Francois-Henri Pinault who for some reason I always confused with Gerard Depardieu, legitimately owns; Gucci, Balenciaga, McQueen and more.) She plays the role of Patrizia's psychic best friend with a twist. In the film you see how Patrizia and Maurizio met, it started a little slow as most biopics do and eventually kind of found its groove with a steady pace, that felt more like a travel brochure at times than a biographical depiction of a legendary family. It was a little dry, had I been home and not in a theatre like setting or the actors cast in the film were different, I probably would have passed out mid film. There wasn't any suspense or buildup to the murder scene, it just happened. Convicted murderess, Patrizia Reggiani Gucci, played by Lady Gaga is horrible evil woman. Gaga did well in taking her character's role and making it her own. She put her heart and soul into that role and it showed, I almost felt sorry for the money hungry psycho. Patrizia stalked Maurizio Gucci every day, like Selena Gomez does to my boyfriend and I, after initially meeting the man at a club one night and he introduced his last name to her thirsty gremlin ears. She eventually discovered his schedule, like many stalkers seem to do and followed him everywhere until he fell in love and married her, his stalker, fatal attraction in real life. When she talks about their courtship, she tells people it was him obsessed with her, yeah sure it was because he hired someone to kill himself and not her? Not too long ago, "Lady Gucci" was caught on the street and was asked why she didn't shoot Maurizio herself? Her reply; "Because I can't see that good, I didn't want to miss" and still proclaims it was all her psychic best friend's idea to hire the hit men. Rodolfo Gucci, Maurizio's father, did not approve of the union and threw his son out on the street. Granted, he was right about the social climbing, energy vampire, black widow but, had he not forbade him or disapproved of the relationship, maybe he wouldn't have wanted to marry Patrizia so badly and would still be alive today. I'm speaking from personal experience, my father had his many disapproval of my boyfriends in the past, past. Romeo and Juliet anyone?


Aside from the obvious plot of the film, which was based off of the true events that unfolded and written in the 2001 novel, The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed. The book was written by: Sara Gay Forden, another white woman writing about Italians like she knows them. Most recent scandal the family is marred by, was sexual abuse allegations from Aldo Gucci's Granddaughter, Alexandra Zarini. Zarini made the abuse claims against her mother Patricia Gucci's ex-husband Joseph Ruffalo. She informed her mother and grandmother of the abusive occurrences, from the age of six well into her mid teens. The poor girl went to the women in her family, who she thought would help her but was forced by her mother and grandmother to keep it quiet or they would cut her off from her inheritance. The man wasn't even related to the Gucci family by blood, he was her step-father. Had Alexandra been comfortable enough with any of her uncles to tell them, she would have received the help she needed, how is a young girl supposed to know that though? The adults in her life should have protected her and kept her safe, that has definitely affected her psychologically as an adult.


This behaviour needs to stop, families need to stop protecting pedophiles and sweeping the abuse under the rug or helping them groom other victims, for your own luxurious life living benefit. Why have children if you're going to fuck them up and not take accountability for your actions or validate their traumatic experiences? Zarini recently created the Gucci Children's foundation, an advocacy group dedicated to ending the sexual abuse of children. The film doesn't show much of Alexandra's mother Patricia Gucci but a lot of her brother Paolo Gucci, who was more involved in the family business than Patricia. Paolo Gucci, is portrayed by none other than one of Hollywood's best, most eccentric method actors, Jared Leto. His role, had a jaw dropping transformation, that took six hours to shlep on daily. His look was created by Prosthetics Designer, Göran Lundström. In my opinion, Paolo stole the show and should have had more scenes, he was more of an active member of the family than the film included. You can watch a soundbite, of Leto discussing his role as Paolo in the film at the end of the review, with a few other chats from the main cast members.

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 09_ Salma Hayek attends the UK Premiere OF HOUSE OF GUCCI (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Universal Pictures )

London, England- 11/09/21 Salma Hayek attends HOUSE OF GUCCI (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for MGM&Universal Pictures )

"House of Gucci" New York Premiere - Pictured: Sir Ridley Scott and Giannina Facio - Photo By: Dave Allocca/StarPix

New York - 11/16/21 -"House of Gucci" New York Premiere - Pictured: Sir Ridley Scott and Giannina Facio - Photo By: Dave Allocca/StarPix

One of the actors my late father and I both admire is, 81 year old Academy Award winner Al Pacino, who played the other Al, the late great Aldo Gucci. Aldo Gucci was the eldest son of Guccio Gucci and chairman when his father Guccio, the founder of the fashion house retired and his son ran the company until he was forced out by his nephew Maurizio in 1986. Aldo was father to Paolo, Patricia, Roberto and Giorgio Gucci. Pacino is perfect in his patriarchal role, he brought the emotion and authenticity of Aldo as a person to life. I mean who better to play this role? He's an impeccable actor, who is known for so many critically acclaimed performances but his most memorable works were as the infamous gangsters Michael Corleone and Tony Montana in the legendary God Father films and equally as iconic Scarface.

11/16/21 -"House of Gucci" New York Premiere - Pictured: Al Pacino - Photo By: Dave Allocc

11/16/21 -"House of Gucci" New York Premiere - Pictured: Al Pacino - Photo By: Dave Allocca/StarPix

If you learn anything from this film about fake news, its never trust a T.V. psychic just like you wouldn't hire an attorney from a commercial! Remember Miss Cleo? Millennials and GenXers? Well, Salma Hayek's character in the film was the Italian version of her, Patrizia Gucci's co-conspirator Giuseppina "Pina" Auriemma, who served some prison time and was released in 2010. Salma did a wonderful job, especially with the mud bath scene, I could not tell at all how awkward she was feeling because the scene was flawless. We were lucky enough to catch her speech last Friday, in Hollywood during the full moon when she accepted her star on the Hollywood walk of fame. It was a very emotional moment for her and as a legitimate highly gifted psychic medium myself, I was feeling all her feels tearing up as she explained her horrific blvd of broken dreams story. Many artists from other countries trying to make it in Hollywood  can relate, I've had my fair share of Hollywood Blvd horrors and then some. The film is worth a watch, it shows you that even with a name like Gucci, without communication and co-operation, nothing lasts forever and family doesn´t always have your best interest at heart. Thank you for taking an entire week to read this novel, until next time Goddess out.

11/16/21 -"House of Gucci" New York Premiere - Pictured: Lady Gaga and Salma Hayek - Photo

11/16/21 -"House of Gucci" New York Premiere - Pictured: Lady Gaga and Salma Hayek - Photo By: Dave Allocca/StarPix

11/16/21 -"House of Gucci" New York Premiere - Pictured: Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker - Photo By: Dave Allocca/StarPix

11/16/21 -"House of Gucci" New York Premiere - Pictured: Adam Driver and Joanne Tucker - Photo By: Dave Allocca/StarPix

11/16/21 -"House of Gucci" New York Premiere - Pictured: Al Pacino and Jared Leto - Photo

11/16/21 -"House of Gucci" New York Premiere - Pictured: Al Pacino and Jared Leto - Photo By: Dave Allocca/StarPix



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