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 On Monday November 28th, 2016, Adam Gontier performed his final solo show of the year after a month of touring across the U.S and Canada. This was Adam’s second show at The Velvet Underground, a small, intimate venue on the famous Queen St strip in Toronto.


The ambiance of the club and the energy of the crowd made it the perfect ending for a tour. It has been at least 4 years since I had seen Adam perform, but that was with Three Days Grace at a sold out ACC show. This made me very eager to see him in a smaller venue and it was definitely worth it.

I watched and listened as the eager crowd of Three Days Grace and Saint Asonia fans shuffled in with whispers of; “I wonder what songs he’s going to play” and “have you ever seen him perform solo? I know I’m so excited.” The anticipation was killing them, every time someone would come on stage to move a cable or tune the guitar, the crowd would cheer. “Adam! Adam!” They started to chant.

There were no openers, no grand entrance, just Adam, a microphone and his guitar. So when he took the stage with a mug in his hand and a huge smile on his face, the crowd erupted. His performance was emotional, there was so much passion when he sang. He was captivating to watch as he played new Saint Asonia songs and Three Days Grace classics, it was an incredible experience.


His voice was absolutely flawless, it was such a raw and personal performance, the crowd was in the palm of his hand. He played with every emotion and spoke sincerely as he thanked the crowd for their support and joining him for his last night on tour. It was a phenomenal night and it was such a pleasure to watch Adam perform again. If he has any future solo gigs or any dates with his new band Saint Asonia, you should waste no time grabbing tickets!

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