Here we go...Edit twenty-five? Lost count at fifteen. If you're reading this, I have successfully launched the new FridaeTV website! Welcome!! It has been a long and ongoing process but it is finally alive and ready for more coverage like this here festival, Canadian Music Week! You can also visit the old site by clicking here or checking out the front page and more tab on the menu bar. First off, I loved that the CMW headquarters were at the Sheraton Centre downtown Toronto this year. When I was a kid, one of my first live solo performances was at this hotel, a few years later I spent six months frolicking about the hotel when my Father's company did the flooring for one of the hotel's restaurants. Mostly was at the Sheraton for a quick wander or to pick up some cash to go see a band, movie or hang out at Much when cool people dropped by. It's such a shame that the kids today won't be able to experience the Much Music we had growing up in the late 90's early 2000's. The Sheraton is the perfect hotel for interviews if you know where to go, like the one a few years back that was done with Canadian Popstress Kristina Maria, if it was warmer I would have done it at another location in the hotel.


Too bad there was no time to do any interviews this year, not enough crew to go around, limited passes. There were only two of us against 900 plus artists to check. Most of the bands who sent in coverage requests I managed to listen to and determine who was to be covered. The rest of the coverage was decided by fate and some last minute cuts were made due to injury. Super fabulous FridaeTV photographer Joanna was down one ankle, there was no need for her to further injure herself trekking around in an ankle boot to shoot bands... But, the stubborn Greek trooper that she is (takes one to know one), went to shoot a few bands anyway and managed to get some fabulous shots you can view here.























Don't know what it is with me and technology, card readers and computers to be exact, I have come to terms we are never going to be friends. Enough chatter about my tech issues and more band talk. There were a few firsts this CMW, I saw some bands I have never seen like these honourable mentions; Strung Out, Big Lonely, Bad Girls, Diemonds ( It felt like I've seen this band before, very likely!) Their sound comes off as a cross between late 80's and early 90's rock, loved the guitar's crispness.


A few other firsts to mention, actually  watching I Mother Earth or well, I should say paying attention to and being aware of I Mother Earth on the stage performing. Also, seeing Kim Mitchell hit the stage with the Trews (Fantastic band to see live!) and IME. They were all a part of the Unison Jam, a charity concert raising funds for artists by artists. The Unison Benevolent Fund raises money for musicians facing tough times, it was so amazing to see all the Canadian talent that cared enough about their peers to lend their talents.The event included performances by Matthew Good, I Mother Earth, Kim Mitchell, Finger Eleven, The Trews, Tomi Swick to name a few. The event's MC was another Canadian music vet Tom Wilson of the band Lee Harvey Osmond. Wilson had his own impromptu performance if I can remember it right, it went down just before Finger Eleven hit the stage. I could be lying, it was a long festival with many familiar faces and a few new sprinkled into the mix.



























The Unison Jam was held at the Phoenix Concert Theater on Wednesday May 6th, it was $20 advance or pay what you can at the door. Below there is a shot of two amazing women on the Board of the Unison Benevolent Fund, Catherine Saxberg and Amy Terrill, both industry vets. Sadly, I could not recover many of the photos I shot on that memory card but did manage a few. And, thanks to contributing photographer Brystal for getting some cool shots of the Trews set while I tried to get down the street to catch more bands at the Hard Rock.



























Between sets K-os was Djing (Playing whatever is on his iPod), he needs to stick to making his own music because a spin-star he is not. Excited to see Fin