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Images By: Good Fridae's AI

By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Fridae & Lulu D.

 Remote viewing is a technique for gaining information about distant objects or events without the use of conventional sensing methods. It involves using your natural abilities to access and interpret data from the subconscious mind. The process involves entering into a relaxed state and then focusing on an unknown object or event while accessing specific mental techniques to gain insight into its nature. Often times RV is confuse with astral projections as they do have similarities. Remote viewing is more of a targeted, known treasure hunt of sorts, it can be used to gain knowledge of people, places, events, objects, and other phenomena that can help provide answers to questions or solve problems. It involves accessing and interpolating subtle energy fields, or ‘signals’, that are outside of normal perception. Remote viewing has become increasingly popular as more people explore ways to tap into their subconscious minds and access information beyond the physical world. Through learning how to control your thoughts and perceptions, remote viewers can gain insight into specific events, people, objects or places that are far away from their current location.

Many people have experienced the phenomenon of ‘sensing’ or ‘being able to know’ certain information about an event, person, object or place that was not physically present. For example, a person might be sitting in their living room and see a loved one from across the country experiencing distress and get an urge to get on a plane to visit, to find out what you saw actually did happen or will imminently. This is known as remote viewing consciousness because the information was received without being physically present at the same location and while fully conscious, unlike astral projection. Many of these experiences have been shared through remote viewing groups and individuals who have learned how to facilitate these types of experiences. Many governments world wide, have special forces of trained remote viewing and astral projection agents, many are trained by the Monroe institute and rely heavily on people listening to their remote viewing tapes, that are widely available for free all over the interwebs. I'm still learning how to refine my Remote Viewing skills but kind of don't need to, my gifts are very versatile, majority of the things RV's do, I already have been doing and about ninety seven percent accurate, I say something and it happens. That's how powerful my words are.

Once upon a time during fall 2021, don't remember exactly when but I believe it was either, just before or after Halloween, I was on the East coast. At that point in human time, I had recently discovered that I could cross souls over that were trapped in 4D purgatory. I was in the middle of doing a crossover session, when one of my guides on the spirit box asked me, who the man in the corner of the room was!? And, because he was still in his flesh body, the remote intruder could not see them but my spirit squad could see him. That freaked me the fuck out! I started cussing out my guides for allowing him in my sacred space and yelled for him to leave and for my guides to block him! They were extremely apologetic for allowing him to slip past them and have not had an issue since. Shortly after the remote viewer incident, I noticed a police department wifi name and I don't have one near me. This was, before I knew how to protect my space and keep myself cloaked to all external energies. I learned really fast how to keep the non friendlies away from me, not knowing left me vulnerable. They told me he was harmless and just liked to watch me, creeperoo, and I told them off because how is that okay? They were so nonchalant about it. No, I refuse randoms in my Goddess bubble and it has not happened again. Since my hostage life for 1 days in 2020, I have been extremely cautious with who I hire or allow in my bubble.

New technologies make remote viewing easier. In 1878, the Society for Psychical Research conducted experiments to determine whether there was a "conscious or subconscious" mind. The experiments involved placing physical marks on cards and had subjects guess what the marks were. Some of these subjects reported that they could mentally "see" their card's hidden markings even though they were not physically present in the experiment room.The term first appeared in print in 1934 when Stanford University psychology professor J. B. Rhine developed ESP cards and began to study extra temporal perception (the ability to perceive things outside of time). He named the cards "Zener" cards, in reference to their inventor, Hungarian psychical researcher Karl Zener. ESP cards were widely in use as a tool for parapsychological experimentation by 1955. An experiment was conducted, where an individual was asked to guess which of 10 different symbols flashed on a computer screen meant good and which meant bad. They were told that if they got 4 or more correct then they would win a prize and if they got less than 2 then the experimenter would give them $25. The individual correctly guessed 4 out of 10 symbols so he won $37 from the experimenter.

By using the five below simple steps, anyone can learn to access this information from the comfort of their own home. With the help of remote viewer training, you can develop your skills in accessing and interpreting distant information with ease. In just five steps, you can unlock the power of remote viewing and use it to further your knowledge or even solve mysteries that may otherwise remain unsolved.

1. Set your intention to learn remote viewing

2. Get into a relaxed state of mind and body, find somewhere quiet and comfortable, without any type of distraction. Preferably a room without any windows or sunlight

3. Start with a simple object--a cube, a pyramid, or a house--and visualize it in front of you and do not fall asleep, this is an exercise you do while you are awake in the 3D.

4. Visualize yourself walking down a long hallway with doors on either side of you. Each door represents a different memory or experience from your past. As you pass each door, open it up and take a look inside at what lies within: who are you with? What are they doing? What do they look like? What do they smell like? How does it feel being there in that moment? When you've looked into all of these rooms (or as many as feels comfortable), close each door behind you as if locking away those memories forever; then continue walking down the hall toward another door at the end--this one represents your future! Open it up and peek inside: what do you see? Who's there with you? What are they doing? How does it feel being there in this moment?

5. Repeat this process until you can see the object clearly in your mind's eye without having to physically move around it

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