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Images By: Good Fridae's AI

By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Fridae & Lulu D.

 What is an Oversoul? By now, I assume most people know what a soul family is…And, many have probably heard the word oversoul mentioned a few times especially on tiktok. The Oversoul is typically believed to be a collective soul group or consciousness transcending physical and human boundaries, representing the highest level of spiritual awareness and connection. In philosophy, the oversoul is considered to be something that links all humans and all things in the world, allowing them to be connected at a spiritual level. In essence, it is comprised of the soul family and the Source of creation, tethering to everyone in that group, this is why many people say, we’re all connected because we are. There are different levels to an oversoul and not all of the soul group energies attached to one’s oversoul are benevolent….


 The concept of an oversoul can be found in a variety of spiritual and religious traditions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Neo-Platonism, some forms of Western Christianity, Kabbalah, and New Age religions. It has also been used by some Eastern and Western philosophers to describe a higher spiritual self or Collective Consciousness which lays beyond the physical world. The oversoul is commonly seen as the source of spiritual guidance and guidance in life, the source of all learning, and the pathway to personal growth and development.


 In some forms of Hinduism, the oversoul is believed to be the source of Atman or the higher self that lies within each individual. This Atman is believed to provide guidance and spiritual insights, as well as a deeper connection to the Universal Consciousness. In Buddhism, the oversoul is called Dharmakaya, which is the ultimate state of being, beyond thought and form. It is said to be the source of wisdom, enlightenment, compassion and joy. In Neo-Platonism, the oversoul is seen as an unknowable spiritual realm, beyond the realm of physical reality, where the ultimate truth can be found.


 The New Age religions, the oversoul is the source of spiritual energy and knowledge that can be accessed through meditation and other spiritual practices. It is viewed as a form of spiritual energy that transcends physical form and is said to be composed of unconditional love and understanding. This energy is said to be accessible to those who take part in self-discovery, meditation, and spiritual exploration. 


 For the people who practice Western Christianity, the oversoul is sometimes seen as the Holy Spirit or the Divine Soul, the source of spiritual reflection and guidance. It is believed to provide spiritual guidance and insight, while at the same time transcending physical and human boundaries. Overall, the idea of an oversoul is an important concept in many spiritual and metaphysical systems, providing a way of understanding the interwoven connectivity of all things, and elevating an individual to reach the higher source, above us all.

The Cosmos and your Oversoul
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