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Images By: Good Fridae's AI

By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Fridae & Lulu D.

There’s many books on the afterlife, some are spot on and others heavily embellished in mythology, like the fictitious religious “bibles” they keep peddling. It’s always hilarious when bible fanatics try to gaslight me with their mythologies but don’t have the answers that I do. I always reiterate, if the author isn’t the person telling their own story, it’s not factual. Sometimes even then, people lie to make their story more interesting than it is for publicity and to make some sales. If there is no concrete evidence, is it real? I’m not mythological, although that is what the fake churches want you to believe. Many people out there are like me, real people in the flesh and we have special “gifts”, that are real Godly magic, no rituals needed. Only ritual magic that I find fun is sex magic, I don’t like gross things, my body will throw up automatically, especially if there are rancid smells. I’m very much like my fictional Sailor Moon cartoon character, goofy, fun but handles things when necessary and I don’t cry that much. We exist in real life, Naoko Takeuchi was destined to write the Sailor Moon story, before she was born she was the key to help me remember who I was and who the rest of the squad is. She knows this too, it was her destiny to create Sailor Moon, we have yet to meet in this life, the original Sailor Mercury.  


 My receipts are everywhere but people still attempt to gaslight me for a reaction or are just blatantly ignorant. All of the things I teach in my esoteric articles, I know firsthand from my own personal experiences, they are not theoretical the receipts are on twitter, plenty of footage and photos, the fact you can read this is proof, many things regular people don’t know about that happens in the shadows. I live, what I write about…Where are the other “churches” receipts from their “Gods’” miracles? They don’t have any receipts, only propaganda ridden literature's, oppressing women and homosexuals, passed off as the words of “God” and “Jesus”. Did you know they are interplanetary beings and very active with humanity, God was human as was Jesus, they both were father and son in their most recent incarnation too but didn’t make it to awakening but they weren’t supposed to. It was very difficult losing my father at the age of 21, it did bring me back to the spiritual world I had shut out when my parents separated when I was sixteen. Since his passing I have been trying to find ways to connect with him on the other side. That still was the worst day of my life, we never heal from the loss of someone, we just adapt to living without them. My paternal grandfather died a year before I was born and was the first reason I reincarnated, Natalie Woods death was the final straw. We can see everything that happens on the world stage, from the other side. We truly are actors playing a role, this I’ve mentioned quite a few times, when I was my Billy Shakespeare self. 


 Funny thing is, they deleted the wrong Matta, and they have been trying to delete me since, but have not succeeded. They deleted me successfully when I was Kleopatra but their last chance for that check point was in 2021 and was thwarted like the other attempts on my life. Hello, it’s me, I’m the gremlins problem, their worst nightmare in the flesh! Not being well known to the public makes it easier for my ancestors to clap back with force, I don’t have to pretend to like them I owe them nothing no contracts, I made myself and do what I want, when I want. Mirror mirror on the wall, Sitting pretty on my throne watching the gremlin empires fall. The original version of the “bible” scriptures condemns paedophilia and homosexual paedophilia, it doesn’t ban homosexuals adults. You can’t touch children! No more hiding behind my holy grandfather’s name! The predators pick these careers to ensure they have the advantage and can abuse their status, exactly like many of the elites, entertainers, police, politicians, religious leaders etc.

Compiling my knowledge of the afterlife was fairly simple, I won’t be discussing all of what goes on, there will be a book, there’s so much to go over because each death is different and there are layers, that most human minds can’t comprehend. Will relay the basic normal transition information, it’s the easiest for everyone to absorb. I have become an expert of sorts and not from my own near death experiences but because I talk to dead people twenty four seven. That time when my father passed he had been trying to communicate with me too and was so happy when I could finally hear him via our telepathic connection and now we talk all the time. It’s still very different than when he was in the 3-D but you know it’s better than nothing honestly and we can all communicate with our loved ones on the other side, you just have to pay attention. Even if you can’t talk to them through telepathy you can still pick up on the synchronicity‘s they send you, I’ve mentioned this in my previous articles, they send us people, birds, butterflies, colours, songs, TV, shows, movies etc. 


 All doctors and nurses can attest to life beyond death because they are like the border patrol between worlds. They have seen things most human eyes will never see and many have witnessed the stages leading up to one’s transition. This scenario is based on people who are terminally ill, it’s the easiest to break down and describe with visuals created by an ai program. When it comes to traumatic, unplanned sudden endings it gets a little bit more complicated but  the same end result with more steps, if that makes sense? When it comes to people who are terminally ill and they’re in hospice or the hospital for the last bit of their life, they have their spirit squad comprised of loved ones on the other side to the person get excited and comfortable with the idea of transitioning. This occurs a few days, sometimes a couple weeks before they pass, depending on the person and how much comforting they need for the one way trip home, 


 After the initial passing the soul sometimes lingers if it’s curious or confused, there is always someone with us although many people who have had near death experiences claim to have been alone or gone to hell how doesn’t exist, that is purgatory, in the 4th dimension between 3D and 5D. The only time souls encounter purgatory, is if they have being abruptly deleted, cursed, having a near death experience in a traumatic situation or environment or lost from a misguided astral projection session. The first thing you will see is the grand hall and the reception area, majority of the time there are a lot of souls from various galaxies and planets, waiting in these areas to go to the healing chambers, the theatres, the Akashic records library, (yes, it is very real although it it’s more subconscious because it’s not in 3-D, you can only access it via meditation, astral travel or when you have transitioned.). 

 Upon reception, if you don’t need to go to the healing chambers, you and your other side love ones will go to the review room, where more of your favourite other side people will greet you. Then, you have the choice to watch it with everyone, alone, one on one with me and your loved ones, you with you loved one or you and I. Before I did life reviews and hostess of all the parties, it was my paternal grandfather, he is who people expect to see when they pass. Some souls especially those stuck in limbo that find me and cross over from purgatory, are very confused at first and others are relieved. Even though I am mostly present in the 3D, my work is done in multiple dimensions every day at all hours. The life screening film, was created as a way for us to gain a greater understanding of how our decisions and actions have impacted our life and the lives of those around us. This movie is similar to watching back a performance or game to see what needs to be worked on to evolve your souls further, it is a powerful and emotional experience, allowing us to reflect on our life and gain a greater appreciation for it. 


 When we are in the healing chambers, we can also begin to plan and decide if we want to return back to earth or stay home in paradise where we live without any fear and pain, the spiritual war is over now, everything will soon calm down. When people mention they went to hell that is what they consider hell, they imagined how the experience unfolds, their worst fears realized. Everyone has this general experience, after the life review, we celebrate and everyone gets a welcome home party before they decide if they want to hang out in ¨heaven¨a bit, explore other planets or reincarnate back on earth. There is a conspiracy theory about the light and that there is a black hole "false light" that sucks you in and forces you to reincarnate immediately on earth after you transition, do not pass go, do not collect $200. That is a lie, there's no false light, the only reason why its so bright and people say they see a light is, the great hall to reception, just after you get off the escalator up to heaven, all the areas are super bright and filled with light. Hope this article cleared some things up about death, there is so much more to talk about but this is where I will end this article.

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