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Images By: Good Fridae's AI

By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Fridae & Lulu D.


 Telepathy is the ability to communicate through thought or feeling without using words or physical contact. It is a form of extrasensory perception (ESP) that allows a person to sense the thoughts, feelings, and intentions of another person without the need for verbal or physical communication. Telepathy is a lot more common than you think, nothing is private, even our thoughts. If you have a basic understanding of quantum physics, it makes more sense and easier to refine this "gift". To stay safe and uninfluenced by others thoughts and energies we must learn to put up blocks, the clarity comes once we are able to divide and categorize the noise. I will make a separate article on how to make and keep those mental blocks, keep it locked.


 Majority of our thoughts are not ours, every day there are different “programs” that influence and manipulate the public subconsciously. Jobs, food, friends, family, television, radio, magazines, internet and social media being the most negative of all energies because it was built on deceptions, insecurities and popularity contests all paid for by these so called "influencers", I have been experimenting with socials since I joined social media, separate from my companies in 2020, there is nothing authentic on social media, so much face tune, photoshop and face swaps trying to be famous with no talent. Now, many companies who hire these people with millions of followers are finding out they don't make sales happen, even those with verification's are frauds, sometimes the biggest frauds like the Gremlidashian empire they built with by stealing other peoples money. All of the mentioned, does affect every aspect of your life. Whether you're aware or not, lower vibration frequencies are always successful in adding intrusive thoughts to unprotected minds, this is why so many people worldwide are stressed and depressed aside from the lack of resources and funds. It's absolutely imperative to learn how to protect ourselves from intrusive thoughts and energies that aren't our own. The fluidity of this ability, couples in with and is enhanced by a person’s developed clairs.


 Telepathy is more than synchronicities, which is the beginning of exploring the world of telepathy and the universe, thinking about someone and having them call, text or post on social media, are the early stages of opening up the connection to this extrasensory perception we were all born with. All sentient beings, especially animals and plants communicate using telepathy. When I discovered this ability, I started practising with my dog, our pets are the best to practice with because that is their main form of communication. I use my telepathic ability to gain the trust of animals, that is how I am able to feed random animals and birds by hand anywhere around the world and have taught others to do the same. They trust me, my energy is loving and always reassuring to my forest friends, that I am no harm and have tasty treats for them. My most recent favourite bird that came to eat from my hand was, a shy woodpecker that I was working with for a few days, trying to gain his trust and he finally carefully came to my hand jumping down into my hand from a tree branch. There are video clips on my socials of that cutie and other animal encounters.

 In order for you to develop and discover telepathic ability, individuals can start by performing simple experiments such as sending images, emotions, or words to another person in a controlled setting. This can be done through writing, drawing, or other mediums like music or social media. Additionally, one can practice sending and receiving messages with a partner in order to gain more confidence and experience in this area. Those who are twin flames or soul mates do telepathically communicate regularly, without knowing it. Very important to stay open to the possibility of experiencing telepathy, be willing to explore and experiment with the ability to help refine it. Below I have added five pointers, to help with opening up your telepathic channels.

1. Start by learning to meditate, calming your mind is the key to clear messages. Meditation helps to quiet the mind and become more aware of subtle energies. It also helps to open up the mental pathways so that it becomes easier to sense other people’s thoughts and feelings.


2. Work on sensing energy. Start by focusing on a person’s energy field, or aura, and attune to the subtle vibrations that are emitted by their energy. This will help to build your sensitivity and ability to sense other people’s energy. Also important to not surround yourself with negative energies, they can influence your thoughts and cloud your judgment.


3. Practice sensing emotions. Pay attention to the emotions that you feel when you are around other people. Are they yours or theirs? This regulates your knowledge of your own thoughts and emotions that tend to confuse the messages. Cognitive dissonance is very important to establish when experimenting with telepathic abilities, you must have awareness of your own thoughts, this will build your ability to pick up the thoughts and emotions of others but be able to distinguish the difference from your thoughts and feelings.


4. Continuously clear your mind and filter the extra noise when you practise sending and receiving messages with specific people. Start by sending simple messages to yourself or to a friend. This will help to build your skill at sending and receiving messages through telepathy.


5. Practice and trust. With consistent practice and trust in your abilities, your guides and the universe, you will become more comfortable and confident in your ability to send and receive messages from anyone. You can always ask your spirit squad for help, like video games, we too have help from the other side but we need to ask, they can't just interfere.


 As with the "Angels", they have to be called upon to assist. Luckily, everyone's prayers to any "God", believe it or not, all goes to same source now. It's like the bat signal for them and they show me, what needs my attention. Be warned though, when you ask Angels for help with anything in your life, prepare for complete upheaval...There's a reason why people take a "demons" offer over an "Angels", it's the more attractive, easier option at that moment and leads to a lifetime, sometimes lifetimes, of karmic consequences. Angels, very drastically will remove anything in your path that doesn't serve you but for your benefit in the long run. When asking Angels to assist, always say "for the highest good and with harm to none, including thyself", when you ask and you must be very, very specific, like asking a genie / jinn for a wish it has to be to the T what you want. Telepathy in a nutshell, once you have it mastered, you can read peoples minds...That is morally unethical and was extremely unpleasant to read dark minds, I do not recommend and instantly unsubscribed from that feature, thank you, no thank you!

 This gift for me, has been life saving many times over, its partly the reason I'm alive today. To improve telepathic ability, one should practice mindfulness and meditation. These activities help to clear and focus the mind, allowing one to better sense and interpret subtle nonverbal cues. Additionally, one should practice visualization and positive affirmations to increase their receptivity to telepathic messages. Other techniques to boost telepathic ability include keeping a dream journal, practising lucid dreaming, and engaging in energy healing, such as Reiki or Crystal Healing. Finally, it is important to create a safe and trusting environment with the person you are trying to connect with, as this will help to facilitate the telepathic exchange. You can find out more about telepathy on my tiktok here.

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