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Shadow Work By Good Fridae


Visuals By: Good Fridae’s AI

By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Fridae & Lulu D.

The term “shadow work” has been thrown around all over social media spiritual communities, especially those in a twin flame journey and nobody has been explaining what it is! It’s not a clinical term neither is “Spiritual Psychosis”, they were coined as their monikers because both are a part of the spiritual awakening process. We all have a shadow side, some people have more darker tendencies, while others harbour self deprecating thoughts and deeply rooted insecurities. Shadow work is the healing of trauma, spiritual psychosis is induced by a spiritual awakening, this planet is the reason for the duality we all are capable of. We all experience both sides of the coin, everyone has or will live their villain era, some live it multiple times if they don’t learn their previous life’s lesson and others are just dark entities that can’t be changed because they were born of negative energy. The whole purpose of the duality is to find the balance between the light and the dark within, to evolve our soul.


 Spiritual psychosis is different than regular psychosis, it involves, flooding thoughts of religious propaganda as it’s deprogramming, spiritual awakenings are triggered by some type of life event. People mentally sink into a manic state or swim, while they hyper fixate as they’re going down all the rabbit holes, this is where the red pill, blue pill theory comes in and can spiral into a spiritual psychosis Most psychotherapists can distinguish the differences between a regular psychotic episode and spirituality induced psychosis. Regular therapists and psychiatrists are not informed or educated enough about “spiritual psychosis” but can help with shadow work, as it heavily involves psychological aspects that some may need guidance understanding. Always good to obtain an outside perspective, the professional analysis can prove to be effective in assisting with the psychological or chemical imbalance some may have. 


 Most “spiritual gurus” can’t explain half of the things they talk about in depth because they are fake and pretend to have had these spiritual awakenings but have not. They just take the information they gather from other people who are legitimately spiritually inclined. Nothing new, they always steal from small or POC creators and culturally appropriate various spiritual practices to profit or control people with as religion has for eons. There is a brief explanation on tiktok and was mentioned in the spiritual debrief on “Twin Flames”. When we’re born, we don’t have any expectations, biases, prejudices or complexes. The impact our environment had on our psyche while growing up is indicative later in life. 


 It’s very true when they say that a child is a product of their environment, they are. We all have some type of trauma we need to heal, I have not met anyone who hasn’t had any stressful life events, insecurities or struggles. Everything we have absorbed and learned from our parents, relatives, teachers, friends etc. If you grow up in a toxic abusive narcissistic household, that alone, can alter your brain chemistry and cause a variety of illnesses like; CPSD, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Depression, BPD and many others that the medical field didn’t link until recently. This all stems from the early childhood developmental years. Many people often hear people say to heal your inner child, connect to it but don’t understand what it means. It doesn’t mean date an eighteen year old when you’re having a mid life crisis, blowing up your life to make you feel better but made it things worse in the long run. Connecting to your inner child means do the things you loved to do as a child, be with the people who make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, watch cartoons and films you loved. You will heal, when you unlearn everything you were taught and to remember to have fun in life, even through the darkest nights! Live the dream life you wanted as a child, become a Doctor, Lawyer, Scientist, Singer or Actor be and whatever you want to, who is stopping you but you? 


 A lot of people shut out unpleasant memories to cope, without acknowledging or validating those feelings. We need to fully sit in them and come to terms with their existence and the situations that transpired, in order for us to successfully release them. We need to feel to heal, if you didn’t get a chance to resolve those traumas and bad experiences at the time it happened, it’s so important to open the locked memory box. It is extremely unhealthy to keep emotions bottled up inside, they can and almost always do, manifest as a physical or mental health ailments. That is where a lot physical issues come from, when we internalize our emotions and if we don’t give them an outlet, they can gather and create physical pain like back problems, chronic stomach pains, headaches and it’s because our bodies can’t distinguish the difference between physical trauma and emotional trauma, it treats both the exact same way. 

 Spiritual shadow work is a practice of self-exploration and healing. It involves delving into our inner darkness and facing our fears, traumas, and other unresolved blocks. By doing this, we can gain greater insight into our true nature and how we interact with the world around us. Shadow work is an important part of the spiritual awakening process and specifically important if you’re on a twin flame journey, it triggers immense personal growth and spiritual development. It can help us become more self-aware and guide us to understand our emotions, motivations and patterns of behaviour that keep us in that fuckeryism loop. Shadow work, often requires you to dive deep into your consciousness healing anything you have not acknowledged. Th cause physical illnesses and many people can’t mentally handle all the emotions that arise can also help us to identify and heal any unresolved issues that may be holding us back from living our best life. Shadow work can be done in a variety of ways, including meditation, journaling, and self-reflection. It is important to approach this work with an open mind and a willingness to explore the depths of our inner self. By doing this, we can gain greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the world, while we are here living. It can also help us to become more compassionate and understanding of others, as we come to understand our own struggles. 

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