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Images By: Good Fridae's AI

By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Fridae & Lulu D.

 Since it’s hump day, why not talk about some love magic! it is February 1st, we are in the month of abundance, (Don't forget to do your first of the month home cleansing and blessing.) love and sex. It feels very right to throw in some magical jibbers, about the most common magic people use. Whether you know it or not, we have all done some type of sex magic. Yes, even you who don't believe magic exists, you are the biggest targets for people who use the seductive arts to enhance their status in life and bank account. This doesn't only apply to women, men actually carry the energies around on their "magic wand" and spread the negative energies like diseases.  Women are the portals of life, we are the only gender biologically that can give birth, bringing life to this planet. Lately many of us have been abstaining or choosing wisely about who we allow in our energy field and who can take our energy. Women absorb the energy, as do men however, the difference is, women can't get ride of that energy as easily as men, unless they go abstinent, especially if they are a sex worker. The worst offenders are serial cheaters, they have so many different energies on them and all of those then mix with their partner. Then their partner ends up absorbing all the negativity from the betrayal of the infidelity and all the stank energy from the other women who you don't know where and who they have been with and vice versa. I am not a witch, nor do I practice witchcraft, I was a witch in many past lives but this time, I'm a full blown Goddess, my words create the world around me, the luxurious abodes and tropical adventures as I create my magical art, do my metaphysical and philanthropic Goddess work, while I live happily ever after with or without a man or kids because I can.

 Most people think it's demonic because it involves temptation. the people who fail the tests and succumb to the seductions of anyone, have no self control or will power, the weakest links are the easiest to manipulate. I love adult play time, with adult men my age unfortunately for me, I am heterodemisexual. Meaning...I don't play with every man intimately, I have extremely high standards and need to spend time with a man getting to know him and if I want to touch his dick. I have never been one to do one night stands although many men claim to have had them with me, just like my lifetime before. With her that would be plausible because she had serious daddy issues, I don't have those issues. For me, because I was parentized so early on I had an avoidant attachment style, I value my space and don't like to share my alone time with people who don't appreciate me, I also don't like babysitting another woman's, peter pan syndrome, village idiot and whore manchild. Goddesses don't dwell with peasants, we don't need you to make our kingdom grow but men need their divine feminine to succeed in their future, marriage and children are only beneficial to men. Plus, I'm a Goddess and have at least 14 kids I know of that I have already sent to people on this planet, five of which I know or have known personally. Goddess of fertility is one of my divine blessing gifts, only to those who deserve having children or, if the souls and their birth parents are scheduled to learn lessons together. Women have been oppressed for so long because men have been jealous of us since they were born, mother is not happy with how the men have been behaving and treating us their best friends and divine partners by playing with the poison wrapped in candy. Do we still think it was "Eve" who ate the apple and not "Adam"?


 Women have worked hard to get any respect or success in this misogynistic, patriarchal penis world. Why would we add unnecessary drama to our lives? We make our own funds and live happy, healthy, stress free lives without men who do nothing for us and expect to be treated like Gods, excuse you...I'm a Goddess and the last time I checked, men are so basic they have dicks and can't give birth through their asshole. If you don't have the coveted womb of life, you need to be on your knees peasant for having any of the laws of power on your mind. Everyone should know about who they invite for a quickie into their space, follows, likes, comments, any energy exchange can throw your energy off balance, it takes one person with a shadow attachment to pass it on to you. Spiritual parasites exist, aside from the thirsty wish witches out there putting love spells on people, there are the energy vampires, succubi (women/trans men), incubi (men/trans women) etc, who are only able to gain what they need, through close contact, any exchange of energies, especially those that involve fluids do amplify the effects. When you are with the same energy type, that's when you both make sparks fly and magic happens, you both get very successful and wealthy making your dreams come true together. When you're with the wrong energy types, it will be fun in the moment but the minute it's a wrap, the person will feel the effects of an energy drain and your blessings will soon become blocked, you will either need to rely on that person or lose jobs, get sick, lose opportunities, ruined reputations, life in shambles and that's the least of the issues to transpire. Mentally, its not fun to have another persons unhealed traumas and demons running around in your mind and body affecting you to your core. A lot of people end up addicts and homeless, some end their lives or they end up in situations that take their lives. When a soul commits suicide, before they are meant to leave this planet...Its an automatic redo, you are sent directly back to earth to finish what you are meant to learn and complete, And, I am referring to those who actually ended their lives and weren't "silenced" and I will go more in depth about the afterlife in it's own article, when it drops.


 Sex magic is an ancient practice that uses sexual energy to manifest a desired outcome. It is believed to be an incredibly powerful form of magic, as it combines the physical and spiritual aspects of sexuality. This can be done through various techniques, such as visualization, ritual, and invocation. The goal is to focus the energy of the sexual act to manifest what you and your partner want. For example, a solo sex magic practitioner may focus on their goal while engaging in solo sexual activity, visualizing it as they are about to hit the climax to feel it manifesting into their life. Sex magic is a powerful practice that should be approached with caution and respect. It is important to remember that sex magic, is not to be used as a form of manipulation or control, but rather a way to channel sexual energy to create positive change. It is important to be mindful of the intentions behind the practice, and to ensure that all parties involved are comfortable and consenting. With the right approach, sex magic can be a powerful tool to change your life and live your delusions, in reality.

 While love spells can be effective, they can also have unintended consequences if cast on a spoken for divine partner. This will manifest in the form of negative energy, which can have a life changing impact, on the lives of those who set the intention for self serving gratification and ill intent. When a love spell is cast on a person, it can cause disruption in the relationship between the two. The spell can cause feelings of confusion, mistrust, and even resentment to arise between them and the third party. This can lead to a breakdown in communication, which can lead to further problems in the relationship and can even cause the relationship to end or send the one affected into a spiritual psychosis. The repercussions of ill intent love spells can also extend beyond the relationship between the two people an can lead to irreparable damage in the spiritual realm as well. Sex magic is a powerful practice that can be used to bring about positive transformation in one’s life. With the right intentions and respect for the power of sex magic, it can be a rewarding and transformative experience. If love spells are cast on anyone with unrequited love, it can turn left really quick with the person stalking, obsessing over the sender inducing a dangerous, unbalanced mental state and can have deadly consequences. Even worse for the person sending the spells, is if the target already has a divine partner, what is made by the Universe can't be played with for extended periods of time and not have the karmic clap backs for their actions.


 In conclusion, sex is supposed to be fun and when you practice sex magic, make sure it is done between two divinely paired individuals or alone. Love spells can be effective, but they can also have fatal endings, if you continue to manipulate people and ignore the cause and effect of your actions on someone you don't know the karmic build up and release of the flame will be devastating, some are still learning not to play with fire. It is important to be aware of the potential repercussions of these spells, as they can have a lasting impact on everyone involved.

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