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By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Fridae & Lulu D.

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death is a familiar lyric line to the legendary hit Coolio song “Gangsters Paradise” but it’s also a prayer, psalm 23 to be exact, often spoken by a clergy person when we lay our loved ones to rest. The “prayer” itself, actually comes from the other side, it’s a protection prayer to repeat until we secure ourselves in our new vessel, our souls go back and forth between 3D and 5D for the first five years of life. While the fetus is growing, most of the time the soul isn’t in the body, it will astral travel to get downloads, observe the new location and people that will be in their new life. Majority of the world’s population has been here before, we are all here for our own individual or paired purposes. Whether you’re the protagonist in your story, an ally to your friends or a martyr, we all are the villain in someone else’s universe. Just like some people are the villains in the collectives story, throwing us their predictable plot twists for centuries. 


 The origins of reincarnation can be traced back to ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians, Greeks, and Hindus. However, the concept of reincarnation was most notably developed and integrated into the Hindu religion in India, where it is still widely believed today. In Hinduism, the belief in reincarnation is a fundamental aspect of the religion, and it is believed that the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth is a natural process that is necessary for spiritual growth and development. The goal of Hinduism is, to achieve moksha or liberation from the cycle of rebirth and attain oneness with the divine.


 Prior to understanding my ability to communicate with souls through the veil, the topic of reincarnation has always fascinated me. As a child, the esoteric life was always a part of me, I used to see spirits daily but stopped telling my parents about them because they thought it was my imagination or a horror film I recently watched. (I was obsessed with horror films as a child, I guess we now know why but the first horror I watched was Poltergeist.). When they caught me talking to “myself” and asked who I was talking to, instead of saying a Booba (slang for ghost in Greek), I would tell them it was my imaginary friends, the “ghostbusters.”. (Laughs) If you can’t laugh at your past trauma, are you truly healed? Seeing physical apparitions, faded over time, when they did pop up it made my heart race and I was scared every time the older I got. I guess the programming of life put the blinders on? Have said this many times and I repeat, I’m not ready to see the apparitions, still a little apprehensive and adjusting to my haunted real life. Talking to them 24/7 is more than enough for me, I also feel their presence, see orbs and can feel them when they touch me, sometimes I run into the spirits guarding my doors. I will discuss spirits, “ghosts”, demons and all that spookiness in a future article.


 Any chance I had, I would go to the library to read everything I could on the mystical and metaphysical. The era was mid 90’s, the year before the original “The Craft” film was released, the internet was in its early days, we were still using netscape navigator as a browser and there wasn’t that much information available on the occult or metaphysical online. My brain just wanted to know more, hyper fixated on learning as much as possible, about the world of real magic always knowing there was more to discover. A lot of the books I read, spoke about reincarnation, also known as transmigration or rebirth. Reincarnation has been the subject of controversy throughout the centuries, in many different religions and cultures throughout history. The belief in reincarnation is the idea that after death, a person's soul or spirit is reborn into a new body, allowing the individual to continue their journey in life. This is exactly what it is however, there is always the choice to return here or do other things on other planets, as I mentioned briefly in “The Afterlife” article.


 The goal of Buddhism is to achieve enlightenment or Nirvana, which involves breaking the cycle of rebirth and ending the suffering associated with it. Buddhists believe in reincarnation, but with different variations than Hinduism. In Buddhism, the belief in reincarnation is based on the concept of karma, which is the belief that the actions of an individual in their current life, will affect their future lives. This is somewhat true, there are a number of factors that play into our next life and the two key factors I mention below, are applicable to everyone. One of the purposes of us being here, on this planet is, to learn and evolve our souls through the human experience. When we transition, prior to any reincarnation decisions being made, you have to do your life review. We absorb what we have learned during that last round and what we still need to learn going forward, that way, in our next life we can cover those areas. Some people forget what it’s like on earth after they’ve been healed, and get over zealous, by planning a little too many plot twists to keep things exciting…


How Reincarnation Works:


 The process of reincarnation occurs after an individuals current physical body expires and their soul is released from the body, transitioning back through the veil home to where we all came from. The soul then travels on to another plane of existence, bright colours and very ethereal is the fifth dimension. You choose your own adventures, your family, friends, bodies, except the eyes, we always try to keep the colour of our avatars eyes the same, for familiarity purposes to find our soul tribes, the eyes are truly the windows to the soul and reflect the lifetimes we’ve lived. For some religious and systematic beliefs reincarnation doesn’t exist as with others there are different opinions on what takes place when reincarnation happens. Until science catches up to what I discuss in this article, we only have people like I, who remember their past lives and or talk to people on the other side, to share our knowledge with you. When science proves it in a few years, come back to this article or book (this will be in the book) to reflect on the accuracy. I explain the straight up version of reincarnation because it’s the easiest way for everyone to understand it. 


 There is no false light as mentioned in the afterlife article here. All my information comes from books I’ve read, what I personally know through my lived experience as a psychic medium and the multiple lives of my “past” that I remember and have mentioned quite a lot (From Kleopatra to Abraham Lincoln to Marilyn Monroe to me now). I’m able to tell anyone who they were in the past, just from your date of birth and some people can’t accept their past. It is so important to find out who you were so that you can evolve your soul further, to not repeat the same cycles and errors. People still try to gaslight me about my past and gifts, that’s when I ignore and bite my tongue. My words can hit like daggers and trigger those types of narrow minds to spiral, I don’t waste my energy on peasants. 


 Most ethnicities and religions have their own beliefs with traditions, in Buddhism, the process of reincarnation is based on the concept of dependent origination. This means that all things are connected, and the actions of one individual will affect others. Therefore, the actions of an individual in their current life, will determine their future lives and their experiences in those lives. As we come to the end of this informative article, regardless of what religion you are, whether you believe in reincarnation or not, it happens. Many people have their opinions with different factors such as karma or the will of a higher power influencing the next life. Regardless of the specific beliefs, the concept of reincarnation offers a way to understand the cycle of life, death and the eternal energy of the soul.

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