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Protection Against Spiritual Attacks

Images By: Good Fridae's AI

By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Fridae & Lulu D.

 Most people have no idea how important and how easily accessible our unprotected minds and thoughts really are. This is not a conspiracy theory, this is reality and sometimes the truth is hard to accept for many. We give information daily without people needing to tap into our thoughts. Your phone records everything you say and knows where you are at all times, that information is distributed to various "companies" regardless of the privacy policies in place. Have you ever talked about something and it suddenly appears in the news ticker, as an ad on social media or a friend brings up that exact thing...Nothing is coincidental because coincidences, don't exist! Everything is energy, you are the co-creator and it is all connected. There's a reason web pages always ask for consent or want you to accept their cookies, the fine print fails to mention the details of what they actually do with your personal information, they sell it.  Everything discussed in these esoteric articles, all have the same criterion that I follow as a veteran journalist, all the topics I write about and publish do. I always do my research, even with downloads from Source, my guides or High council.


  I request tangible evidence and they deliver the proof to me, esoteric spiritual content is no different from researching an artist for an interview. A lot of information I already know because I live it, daily meetings about world events, sports dubs and losses along with constant downloads. Another daily task I have is, assisting transitioned souls in crossing over and I also free "lost or cursed souls" in the 4th dimension of purgatory, a lifeless, vapid void between the 3D and the other side, that people often refer to as "hell" and get trapped or sent there. People get sent there based on what deals they made in life, with dark entities and what fate awaited them due to a gifts or "loans" they didn't repay. They are not allowed to do this anymore, we’re here. It took me a year and a half to accept my purpose and come to terms with this path, I'm not meant to walk alone but need to be in solitude sometimes, to make big miracles happen. All of this has become normal to me, my family is slowly accepting my gifts as they and the rest of my people awaken to theirs. Some people chose to stay asleep and it is very important to respect those wishes, we all have a part to play in this cosmic production, small roles still make an impact.


 Accepted my purpose, I have to use my gifts for the greater good of this planet but don't want to see physical apparitions quite yet, like I did when I was a child, they were creepily unforgettable! The orbs that are always floating around and occasional "ghost hugs" are fine, at some point I have to suck it up but need to have my man with me, to be able to handle a full bodied apparition in my grill talking to me! Due to my enhanced senses, I must always have my spiritual blocks up or I will get harassed by random spirits trying to get to the front of the line and talk to me out of turn. Like asshole pervert Hugh Hefner, who refuses to reincarnate, constantly trying to breach my blocks and spiritual security to get some Goddess energy. Apparently, he has nothing better to do on the other side than stalk my spirit squad, his afterlife goal is to get to me, the stalker did bury himself beside my old avatar in Westwood. That gremlin launched his magazine using my past life photos, without my consent, he will never get to me ever. I was surprised Truman Capote didn't end up buried beside me, he is however, in the same cemetery and his crypt was in my first public short film by complete chance! We were going to film beside my old avatar's crypt, like we did in my second music video but the lawn mowers got closer to that area and were too loud for dialogue.


In this jam packed informative novel style chat, you know, must stay on brand, delve deeper and further to explain how to protect yourself from intrusive telepathic thoughts, psychic attacks and external programming. For more transparency and authenticity, I always add personal experiences to the various subjects I discuss. Most of the topics in these editorials, I have already discussed on tiktok stopped uploading this content because many fake spiritualists and production companies continue to steal my copyrighted intellectual property and likeness. The first approach to protection is a form of cloaking and was popularized among truthers recently. Cloaking has been around in many cultures and used for hundreds of thousands of years by various magical beings; Gods, Goddesses, High Priests, Priestesses, Witches and Warlocks of the world then and continues to be practiced to this day! Is it really a conspiracy if it's real? I use all the below methods myself, I hate to break it to the skeptics and those still asleep...I don't use the tinfoil hat technique... In all honesty, as with construction hard hats, it is a valid way of protecting yourself from psychic attacks and negative telepathic intrusions. It is slightly eccentric and unhinged to use a tinfoil hat in your house or out in public but it does work as a barrier for your mind, if you don't know how to put up mental protection blocks, cloak items or secure your abode.


This cloaking procedure is meant to be utilized while out in public, any type of material head coverings, clothing items and accessories like; shoes, purses, hats, hijabs, wigs, etc. can be enchanted to cloak you and your loved ones as I do. I have been cloaking my nephew with every gift I give him and my sister. She's still somewhat asleep and her gifts are dormant. My nephew I only share with my closest friends and of course the family but when I post myself with him I cover his face. This is called a cloak and you will be enchanting items that will protect and "cloak" you from any type of mental attack. And, before you put those items on your avatar, recite the following "poem or prayer" for any of the items you will be wearing outside that day, each must be done separately. "This "your item" I am enchanting, will keep me shielded from any external influences, psychic attacks or mental manipulation. This cloaked "your item" will keep me protected from all that is not from source and doesn't serve my highest good, in the name of (whoever you worship) by the power vested in me (your name or my name and end it off with) so it is or amin.". I use a variation of this "poem" to enchant everything I own and you can personalize the words to fit your specifications. You don’t need to wear multiple items for protection, one will do just fine but if you wanted that extra layer you can always add on. When you're wearing head coverings, make sure it covers the entire top of your skull, that is the easiest spot on our heads to get through to, aside from our third eye "pineal gland" which is always exposed and easy to access. I wear wigs as my protective gear and I refer to them as my "hats". My biggest cancelled stalker fans thought I was referring to actual hats, no darlings, I call my wigs hats and they all have names.


 We are not supposed to get depression or any mental illness, this world was not meant to be the way it currently is and needs to change if it wants to be repopulated. There are souls waiting on a waiting list to be reincarnated but very few are allowed to come back until the world collectively changes from greed, hate and fear, to love. Not a soul is supposed to be poor, without the basic essentials of life, living in lack. No one is supposed to have these addictions to pharmaceuticals, that have natural alternatives and are supposed to be helping people, not killing them. The favourites, for people of darkness to manipulate are minds that struggle with life on earth, people who have mental illness, people who are running on trauma drive, unhoused, unstable and have substance abuse addictions. People with extreme insecurities and no to very low self worth are all the perfect candidates for thought extraction and insemination of malicious external energies and can be infiltrated with one alcoholic beverage. Those people are the easiest targets because mentally, they are already flooded with negative energies from life's funding struggles, work, school, home, relationships. All of the latter plays a key role in how strong our mental competence is. This day in age, social media contributes a lot to destabalizing your mentality and enhances mental illness, it's all fake, facades and illusions, the usual smoke and mirrors of Hollywood on a smaller screen to pass off as reality. They gas light the public into thinking the frauds are real, just to get that fix of external validation they crave. The Gods are meant to be worshipped not basic untalented bitches from Beverly Hills, all the fake idols that are anything but extraordinary energies. How the mental attacks affect different people, depends upon how weak or susceptible their minds have become to these influences. People you associate with, follow on social media and feed your energy to willingly, will keep you in doom and gloom. The gardens that grow, are the ones that are being loved, watered and maintained.


 Another great block I use to filter the nonsense from breaking my bubble is, declining consent. When you listen to radio, go on social media, watch TV "programs", you consent to their programming and in turn, you give them the permission needed to affect your psyche. When you engage with these technologies and forms of entertainment, state the following "Poem" prior: "I do not consent to this programming, I am watching and listening to this technology for entertainment purposes only, no influences are to be embedded or retained in my mind or any part of me". More than ninety nine percent of the time, the mental attacks affect your mood and can have a real detrimental effect on your health and livelihood. When you go about your day, continuously unaware of invisible threats to most human eyes...It leaves people vulnerable, open to attacks and "possessions" by dark entities. Commonly occurs after a spiritual awakening goes left and turns into spiritual psychosis, that is usually where the most manipulation takes place. When the mind is unprotected, inundated with all of these metaphysical and religious thoughts that are not their own and can't get them to stop, tends to make even the strongest minds slip a little. Contrary to the popular belief of how a possession begins, it is not due to being overtly religious or if the person doesn't believe in or have a higher faith. Most of the time, its next level spiritual psychosis and not hard to miss when someone has gone extremely left. A person in spiritual psychosis can switch up in seconds, I have seen it, various stages of spiritual psychosis including possession level and not because they're Bipolar or Schizophrenic, although the mental illnesses mentioned are a part of uncontrolled spiritual psychosis, there's a huge difference in behaviour but can be similar.


 The information from Source that I relay to you, can be obtained by others if they're like I and can receive clear telepathic communication. The only non metaphysical, scientifically proven way regular humans can connect to the high council is, through a device like... CERN's hadron collider, which they have been using to communicate with my coworkers in the high council since they started the collider for the first time in 2008. (They were known as the Galactic Federation until 2020, when they were disbanded.). What did you think it was for? Most people just see or hear my multilayered art or media persona, they don't know me as Goddess Good Fridae, the world wasn't ready for her yet, she doesn't fit the mould and this world is obsessed with boxing women in and pitting us against each other. The patriarchy is relying on our insecurities, to keep selling the one percents latest products and distractions.


  Our world is slowly getting there, close to understanding the truth and taking off the rose coloured glasses, like the film Strange World by Disney, it reveals many truths that are hidden in plain sight. I'm here, your Goddess, I am living proof hidden in plain sight and awake to tell you about people like I, the Gods! We exist, we are real. I'm not a witch, I'm a Greek, Macedonian, Italian Goddess born in Canada to gifted immigrant parents. Gods and Goddesses are born with natural divine magic, we are not made in a studio, we inherited our gifts from our ancestors and past selves. Our lives have been a lot harder than most because we needed to learn the adversity on this planet to help guide the people. You can’t be a world renowned leader without understanding every person and life’s intricacies. I don't do offerings, people give me offerings, some still worship my past incarnations and give offerings to them, which end up coming to me, the cosmic Goddess. 

 You need a balanced mind to be able to handle all of this information, that is constantly being downloaded once you are tapped in. The clarity must be there in order to relay the information and explain it as clearly and concisely as possible. All of what I discuss, is or will be scientifically proven in the very near future, others before me have spoken of these metaphysical esoteric subjects as well, like Ekhart Tolle. You can read about what has been hidden from us, right on the CIA website where they have a vast collection of heavily redacted declassified documents. Most of the conspiracy theories are based off of truth and sometimes the truth is unbelievably stranger than fiction. The term Conspiracy Theory, was created by the CIA, to gaslight people who awoke to the truth and use it as a reason to discredit any whistle blowers.


 Too many crazy things they have done to us, can you imagine all of the pertinent unredacted information, that governments and the Vatican are still hiding from the world? It took them long enough to release the JFK and Interplanetary documentation purposefully. I know about many things as the President of the High Council. A lot of what I know is considered highly classified information, the President of the United States doesn’t have the clearance to know what I’m privy to. We have been shown the truth time and time again, they have shown us in films, that are closer to truth than the propaganda we've been fed our whole lives. There are so many frauds, people worship these false prophets and idols and unknowingly giving them access to their energy and mind. Toxic Spiritualists are trying to cash in on peoples faith, imitating the chosen ones. I am so sick of seeing these fakes out there broadcasting toxic spirituality and in many cases these tiktok and youtube gurus like Teal Swan, are dark empaths who exploit their "clients" and take advantage of their emotional vulnerabilities. Most of the frauds steal content from those of us that are real but can't do what we do, unable to deliver what they promised the people they have been misleading. Thus, exposing themselves and many of these "Spiritual gurus" have no regard for human life, they are driven by greed and have caused fragile minds to end their lives. It’s nothing new, just the latest cash grab, cults have been around for a while and re branding with different labels and faces. In this new age of Aquarius, there will be an emphasis on spirituality, however, there needs to be regulations put in place and people need to start to use their discernment a lot more frequently, your cognitive dissonance is essential to filter the bullshit we will be encountering more of.


 Fortunately, there are a few steps we can take to help keep our minds and souls safe, from these types of threats. Knowing what to look out for can help us be more prepared and alert to anything that comes our way. Pay attention to your environment, people you interact with, partners, coworkers, friends, family, anyone that doesn't pass the vibe check. You will know who to avoid, if you get a headache or cold symptoms directly after an interaction with those types of "people", recite the poem you used to enchant your items and add; "I am protected by the light from the highest source, you are not allowed to be here intruder. Leave my mind immediately in the name of the father, the son and the holy trinity the daughter of light. These are my thoughts and only mine and can only be shared by or accessed by me. I call back all of my power and energy from every person, place, space, dimension, frequency, timeline, past, present or future and so it is.".


Intercourse is a major way to catch more than STI's, dark energies and attachments linger and feed off of your energy if the person is not of the light. For this reason alone, I am very cautious who I allow into my Goddessverse, no gremlin energies in my Goddess bubble! If you feel unwell flu like symptoms, headaches, lethargy (depression), substance abuse, feelings of fear, confusion, or paranoia. Those are all symptoms of a spell or mentalist attack. It can affect your day to day, random motor vehicle wrecks, slips and falls, lack of funding, lack of opportunities. People can and will block blessings, love, money, peace if they are envious, sometimes subconsciously… Remember, not everyone is your friend, if you do the blocks and safe guards but still don’t feel one hundred percent, go see a medical professional. I am not a doctor, I’m a Goddess with healing energy and will always recommend seeing a doctor, if your condition worsens, it's most likely not a spiritual issue and you need to go see a medical professional immediately. Sometimes, our guides will bring up recurring ailments if we haven't resolved it and should do so, it is important if they keep highlighting it.


 Additionally, for even more protection you can summon my shield. When you are grounded and centred in your own energy, imagine a pink, white, purple or blue light forming a bubble shield of light around you and ask your guides, in conjunction with whomever you worship to protect you from anything that attempts to perforate your protective holy force field. God's shield is always available to assist with protection, he has saved me many times and am so grateful for him. He is Archangel Sachiel and was known as legendary rapper Notorious B.I.G in 3D. Keep envisioning that bubble shield and recite your favourite protection prayer or poem. This can be done while walking in nature, meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practices. Being centred in your own energy, gives off an aura of its own, the "fuck around and find out" aura, this energy can be like a bug spray to the gremlins, very triggering.  When you’re confident in yourself and know who you are, it’s much harder to influence one’s mind. It is so important to surround yourself with positive energies, influences and optimistic people. It’s true when they say, “misery loves company” because not everyone in your life is happy for your success. Make sure to take care of your mental and spiritual health, that is our true wealth.

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