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Visuals By: Goddess Good Fridae AI

By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Good Fridae & Lulu D.

 This subject, I know a lot about, but still don’t know everything and love to learn the new information I do everyday. The truth has been hidden from us, the word occult has been misused to promote fear, the definition means “hidden information” not spookiness or witchcraft. It is a lot harder for some people to understand, there are spirits and ghosts that do float around. I talk to them regularly but choose to not see them right now because I don’t want to and did when I was a child. I know I have the ability to unclog my vision, I just don’t want to at the moment. There are various other forms of communication with the other side, and the spirit realm that I have, I don’t need to see them. I’m haunted, but it’s still takes me a minute to gather composure in certain supernatural situations, especially when I’m alone like that time in 2020 when I was punched in the face for no reason and couldn’t move my arms to fight back! It felt like an invisible force was holding them back (there was, a spirit was holding my arms behind me, restraining them.). I have never experienced anything like that before, I have never been punched in the face, I always block them. Eventually, I was able to get a few hits in myself but my arms were still being held back, by my own father in spirit form! We were in a fight at that point & he used a random to fight me, it was like trying to punch and fight someone underwater…I stopped fighting when I was being blinded by my own blood. The short bitch pimp was scared because she didn’t knock me out after two hits to my face and when I landed my last hit blindly, she ran away shook. 


 There were ten people watching, not helping an innocent woman who was just attacked for no fucking reason, not even the hotel staff! All of them were just watching with their phones in hand, recording, to get views and likes for clout or to go viral on social media. I would like a copy or link at least, so I can have more evidence to sue the shit out of that hotel. Feels like I’ve shared these adventures before. The electricity started to flicker from my emotions, electrokinesis was activated, I felt like Carrie when I started screaming like a banshee, “Why won’t you help me!” as my blood was gushing everywhere blinding me. Thankfully, my deceased ex boyfriend sent someone in 3D to help me, he had the same name but Spanish version. It’s insane that I talk to dead people, my ancestors and my ex, he’s had my back more than the living men who claimed to love me. He’s not a ghost but a spirit and there is a difference but we’ll get into that momentarily. Paul was my ex boyfriend and twin flame catalyst, November 30th 2013 he was tragically killed in a car crash and is now one of my spirit guides. Tears are streaming down my face as I write this, I never want to feel like that again, in pain but also heartbroken at how this world has become, we’re worth more than likes and follows, know your worth. I still have trauma from that experience and it was just the beginning of a whole bunch of summer fuckery. I had never felt so alone in my life, than I did that Juneteenth night in 2020, not even when my father died. That traumatic Juneteenth night, I had my spiritual death and resurrection.


  I have hundreds of stories about my interactions with the spirit realm and “ghosts”, before I knew about my mediumship. In just three short years, I have encountered so many more. I cross souls over to “heaven” every day and show lost souls the light in the fourth dimension, where purgatory is. What other Reverend do you know, this hauntedly connected to the divine and spiritual realm? None of the Popes had the connection to the Gods that I do, I‘m their blood. There are many people like I, who can communicate with ghosts, spirits and the divine, we are all supposed to be able to talk to the other side. Some of us are unable to tap in, due to the density and low vibration of environments and the people around them in their daily lives.


 Whether you believe in them or not, these entities continue to captivate our imagination and inspire countless stories, movies, and TV shows. In this article, we explore the topic of ghosts and spirits, and attempt to shed some light on what they are, why they exist, and what their presence means for us. It's important to understand that ghosts and spirits are two different entities. A ghost is the spirit of a person who has died, but for some reason, has not yet moved on to the afterlife. This happens if souls are trapped, they have unfinished business, unresolved emotions, or simply a reluctance to leave loved ones behind. Ghosts are often described as apparitions, which means that they appear as semi-transparent, misty figures that can sometimes interact with the physical world. The more advanced a ghost is, the clearer and solid their appearance is. Spirits, on the other hand, are a more general term that refers to any kind of non-physical entity that doesn’t have an avatar in 3D. This includes other entities like our past loved ones, guides,  angels, demons, or elemental spirits. Spirits are believed to exist on a different plane of reality than our physical world, and can sometimes interact with us in subtle ways, like through dreams or synchronicities.


 Now that we've defined what ghosts and spirits are, let's take a closer look at why they exist. There are many different theories about this, depending on your cultural or religious background. Some people believe that ghosts are simply a natural result of the soul leaving the body, and that they exist to help us process our grief and come to terms with death. Others believe that ghosts are stuck in a state of limbo because of their own unresolved emotions or because they were wronged in life and seek justice. Many people believe that spirits exist to guide us on our path, to offer us protection and wisdom, or to help us learn important lessons. All of that is true, and spirits are always around us, but we can only perceive them when we are in a heightened state of consciousness or awareness. You can group thousands of orbs (spirits often appear as orbs rather than physical forms like ghosts but can also be visible if you want to see them and are on the same frequency to see them.


 Of course, not everyone believes in ghosts and spirits, and there are many skeptics who believe that these entities are nothing more than figments of our imagination or the result of psychological phenomena and energy imprints. However, even if you don't believe in ghosts and spirits, it's hard to deny the impact that they have had on our culture and our collective consciousness. How many people have encountered apparitions, disembodied voices, shadow figures and more. Energy imprints are different than ghosts, they are like frozen traumatic events on loop, you hear people often experiencing this when they have slipped into purgatory and think they’re in hell but ended up where these imprints thrive. Like the one recent Pastor who had a near death experience and said he went to hell and they were playing Rihanna to torture people. No, he was just in purgatory in his own personal version of what he thought hell would be, so he thinks listening to Rihanna would be torture. 


 These negative incidents, leave an energetic imprint and that energy influences the environment it has attached to. Often times people get energetic imprints confused with ghosts or poltergeists. Poltergeists are created by a humans negative emotions, like an egregore, these manifest by feeding them more negative energy. All of these mediums and psychics that say that they talk to certain souls from the past…A lot of them like I, have been reincarnated, there is no way we are talking to the mediums, our souls are in a new avatar in 3D, what they are connecting to, is an energy imprint, a situation that has already happened to the soul they’re trying to contact. That’s how the Amityville house amassed so much dark energy, from that first murder. The negative energy was so thick it stuck and accumulated. A few of the ghost did linger for a while too. My guides tell me it has been cleared and there aren’t any spirits or ghosts haunting the Amityville house anymore.


 Another ghostly experience, wasn’t traumatic but did affect my body. I mentioned it briefly in a previous article, I believe it was on Demons. June 2020 was my first time ever staying at the Hollywood Roosevelt, even in my youth floating LA prior to my past life discovery as Marilyn, I have never stayed there. I went to the restaurants and bars but have not stayed there as a guest in this life, until June 2020 for my first Marilyn earthday celebrations awake. I was guided to stay there by Archangel Matatron, Michael, Gabriel and St. Michael, there was a purpose for it. I was getting more of my old memories back, the closer I got to my LA trip after I did an Akashic records meditation in March 2020. I only remember pieces of my other lives, they are longer life cycles away. I recently discovered another past life of the same current name I use she was a Saint, Saint Friday (Agia Paraskevh) today is our day! She was born in Rome in the 2nd century AD and lived in Greece, we are so similar in this life it’s mind blasting, I have the same name! Back to the Roosevelt situation, (there was a lounge in Toronto called the Roosevelt room and I was invited to the opening, it was a cute venue, it makes sense now.). As stated above, there was a reason for me to stay at the hotel, other than it being central to the protests, I was supposed to get back a piece of my soul that was trapped there. All of the people from Marilyn’s era that have reincarnated and have a star on the walk of fame are cursed. Their soul fragments are scattered around the places they were lost, when they were there. I will explain that in a film or book, it’s far too complex to try and explain in an article. My soul fragment was trapped as many others from that era still are and they need to go get their soul fragments from the Roosevelt, as advised back in 2020. That was an important piece to my healing journey puzzle, to heal my past self so I am able to heal myself now. She was extremely traumatized, this planet fucked up Marilyn Monroe. The Fridae you know today, is a byproduct of that treatment. 


 I didn’t get the fragment when I first arrive to the hotel, as I initially thought I would…But of course, like with any horror escape why would it be that easy? My old face decorates the lobby of the Hollywood Roosevelt, a portrait sitting above the sofa in a frame, of what looked like a two panel Andy Warhol pop art. I will add the photo if I can find it. There was all this drama, my credit cards weren’t working, the atm at the hotel was inconveniently not working too! I told my card companies, I was going to be in California for a bit, that way there wouldn’t be any issues, this has happened before. I had to trek it to find an ATM that worked to pull out the deposit for my stay because they didn’t accept Canadian bank cards…That took half an hour, I had to dodge all these military Larries and Popo’s trying to talk to me. I was just thinking about how coincidental it was that all three of my credit cards were not working? l knew from there, the negative energies of Hollywood didn’t want me to break my curses. I still had a double curse at that point, after everything was resolved with my funds, throughout my stay, the negative ghosts of the Roosevelt, thought they were going to school and delete me….


 I encountered a ghost in the hallway one evening coming back from a protest, I dropped my key card, and when I went to pick it up, some thing brushed up against my big booty, it felt like a hand… instantly cussed out the pervy ghost who touched my ass and then I heard a faint “Marilyn” I disregarded it and then I heard it again, only this time it was saying “Norma Jeane, Norma Jeane” louder, I replied with “I hate that name, she’s dead”. Even as my Marilyn self I despised that dowdy name, it angered me so much to hear that, this is how I know I didn’t like being called Norma. Same as how I don’t like the name my parents made up in English to write on my birth certificate to blend with Canadians, after scratching out my ethnic name. We pick our names before we arrive to our new life and some times, past names carry bad memories we want to stay forgotten...

Took me 20 years to come back and I wasn’t even going to, I was gonna stay on the other side because the creatures here are ruthless and this planets vibration is shit. I had a few other ghostly encounters during my stay but the one as I was walking out of the hotel by the fountain I will never forget. That was my soul fragment integrating back and I thought a ghost possessed me, chilling my body to the point of convulsions. I stood there freezing, breathless and convulsing, it was like I got hit by an iceberg like the Titanic but was in a deep freeze. One of the hotel staff asked me if I was okay, I couldn’t talk, I tried to get words out but I couldn’t. I began pointing to my duffle bag, where I had a large sweater and some sweatpants that I could put on to warm me up. I have had similar experiences where I walked through spirits but I have never convulsed out of the coldness that I felt, when that first piece of my soul came back. It was the beginning of me, lifting and ending the ancient curses that were cast.


 After Juneteenth’s resurrection, I cleared my family’s generational bloodline curse and my past life’s curse with one stone myself. I was told by a few demons that I was going to die, like legit they came up to me out of nowhere on my Goddess walks and said “you’re going to die” over and over on repeat and one of them added to his NPC dialogue “you’re going to die, if you don’t get a man to help you!” tauntingly and that pissed me off, I looked at that one and told him to fuck off, I didn’t need a man to help me…I’ll save myself, I’m the darknesses worst enemy!”. Even with my handicaps, that’s exactly what I did, I’m alive and I keep schooling them! 


 So what does the presence of ghosts and spirits mean for us? Again, this depends on your perspective. Some people believe that encountering a ghost or spirit is a sign of something significant or symbolic, like a message from the afterlife or a warning of danger. Others see ghosts and spirits as a natural part of the world around us, and try to connect with them through meditation, ritual, or other spiritual practices. Ultimately, the meaning of ghosts and spirits is a deeply personal and subjective experience. Whether you believe in them or not, they do exist because energy never dies it gets repurposed. So the next time you hear a ghost story or feel a strange presence in the room, remember that there may be more to this world than we can see or understand.

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