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Electro kinetic


Images By: Good Fridae's AI

By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Fridae & Lulu D.

 We have discussed Telekinesis and Telepathy, now it's time to explore another extra sensory "gift",  what I coined and refer to as “Pikachu Syndrome”! What most people assume only exists in comic books, Marvel or DC superhero films, where do you think these different characters came from? People can say what they like, I am not the only one with the abilities I speak on. I am alive to talk about the metaphysical, it is a huge part of my life currently and will continue to be a part of my future. The scientific technical term for Pikachu Syndrome is, Electrokinesis! The Clairs we all have but when it comes to this other "Kinetic abilities", it does take enhanced spiritual training, with a strong solid mind to use this gift with proper control. Many of us who are electrically inclined, have had various experiences with electrokinesis during our many spiritual awakenings and traumatic life events. Majority of the time, the person is unaware it's them, yes, it's you, you are the problem. Before I give you some examples of my personal experience with this particular gift, lets break it down a little further for the skeptics to grasp. As always, everything I mention is also backed by science and you can find many articles like this informative little chat, by doing a little research. I will always implement the logical and spiritual aspects to the metaphysical, it's called balance, I am an ancient Aquarian after all.

 Electrokinesis is considered to be a supernatural ability, that allows the user to manipulate and control electricity with the power of the mind. However, it is an extra sensory ability that a specific group of minds are only able to access, not everyone can be trained to develop this extra feature. As with the fictional Hollywood blockbusters, some things make sense, if warped, untreated mentally ill minds had access to this ability...It would be catastrophic, we would not be here. And unlike the other abilities, this one can't be taught to everyone, only certain people have this "gift". EK, is a form of telekinesis / psychokinesis, which is the ability to move objects with the power of the mind. Electrokinesis is a powerful and very dangerous ability, it should only be attempted by experienced practitioners. This gift can be used to create, absorb, and manipulate electricity. The user can create electrical currents and electrical fields, as well as control and disrupt the flow of electricity.


 The power of electrokinesis can be used for a variety of purposes, such as healing, creating force fields, and even to create and manipulate objects. It can also be used to create electrical blasts and lightning bolts, as well as to control and manipulate electronic devices and machines. Electrokinesis can also be used to create and manipulate electromagnetic fields, and even to influence the weather, that specific kinetic gift is called "atmokinesis", this is another gift of mine, that I have been using to counter act the governments control of the weather and try to heal the planet at the same time. I will delve further on atmokinesis, in the next article. In order to practice electrokinesis, it is important to have a clear understanding of the basics of electricity and how to safely harness the energy. Its also important to have a good understanding of the power of the mind and how to focus it. It is imperative to know the hazards and the risks associated with electrokinesis and the potential for harm to you and those around you.


 Story time, unlike most people who dissertate their theories on electrokinesis from stories or things they have seen on TV, I am blessed and cursed with this gift and have had many experiences unknowingly and knowing. This is the the shortest experience other than last week when I blew up an amp and a power bar, it exploded when I plugged it in, no one was hurt and surprisingly it didn't blow out the fuse. I don't know why I was electrically charged, the power bar was off as was the amp... Back in January 2019 I was doing the usual rehabilitation and treatment hospital rounds for my injuries and anxiety. My only medication is cannabis for everything, to this day, my body rejects any pharmaceuticals that are not ibuprofen or regular Tylenol. I call it Marilyn's fail safe, we all know what happened to that version of me and not by choice. I was listening to my doctors advice, about what medication was to be prescribed but that life ending last injection, was not approved by me. When I walked into Etobicoke general in Toronto's west end, for my first ever psychiatric appointment for an anxiety diagnosis, I had no idea what was about to go down. My anxiety was on extreme levels already, this was before my massive awakening in 2020 and I knew I was gifted but my gifts were dormant, or so I thought...I went up to the psych ward and that was freaking me out already becasue I knew about my sensitivity to certain energies and hospitals are the worst place for a psychic to be, especially one that talks to dead people, at that time I didn't know about that part of my gift. I talked to the receptionist and she told me the doctor would be with me soon with some unnecessary attitude that triggered me. He wasn't, it was forty five minutes later and my anxiety was uncontrollable, the psychiatrist was nowhere to be found, I couldn't leave to calm my energy with a walk and a breath of fresh air. I was picking up on all the patients energies, the staff in the psych ward and the whole hospital.


 Trying to curb my attitude from popping off at the ignorant and rude receptionist, I sat back down in the waiting area, annoyed about my time being wasted, keep your appointment times! Have some common courtesy and respect for other people. I was so angry, it was mixing with my anxiety, my breathing changed and then all of a sudden the lights went out and a woman screamed in one of the patient rooms near me, that freaked me out! The lights began to flicker on and off like a horror movie when the killer is near by and I kept telling myself I'm in a dream, this shit isn't real this is not happening right now I need to calm down and ran down the hall to the stairs to get outside for some air, I couldn't breathe. I was in full on panic attack mode and I'm tearing up just thinking about that because that's just the beginning. I had to go back inside for my appointment and that was not a good idea, the psychiatrist was a complete moron and I cussed him out making his doctorate look like a google certificate. While I was telling him off, the lights in his office began to flicker and he was starting to get a dry throat. That's when I knew one hundred percent that was me, it was the second time that day my emotions triggered the electricity to be wild. As I always say, there are no coincidences and for me that was a definite eye opener to the power of my mind. I composed my self, told him he should have his license revoked because he's stuck in the 1950's and walked out and began to cry out of anger hoping I wouldn't make the lights or power go out while I was in the elevator, the psychiatric ward is the scariest place for people like I, the energies and emotions I was feeling were not mine but I couldn't distinguish them back then, as well as I am able to an now.  


 Once the basics of electrokinesis are understood, it is important to practice in a safe environment. This can be done by focusing on a single electrical device, such as a light bulb or a fan. It is important to focus on the device and visualize the electricity flowing through it. Once the visualization is complete, the practitioner can attempt to manipulate the electricity. This can be done by focusing on the device and visualizing the electricity moving in a certain direction or changing its intensity. With practice, you can eventually gain control over the electricity and do with it what you want. Again, if you are electrically inclined please use your gifts for good, many of my work you have heard about the Facebook power shut down in 2021, continuous instagram issues and a few other magical events for various companies, to keep the one percent on their toes, as I bring them down with the help of all of you!

The Cosmos and your Oversoul
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