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Visuals By: Good Fridae’s AI

By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Fridae & Lulu D.

T ook a little earth day vacation week off, I’m grateful to be able to travel around for work and play. Another con of being a psychic Goddess tapped in is that, when I’m on vacation, I’m never really on vacation! Work pops up everywhere I go and I just make sure the work I do is fun. I have been blessed to be able to run my small non profit and for profit businesses successfully. We’re approaching 17 years and I still haven’t thrown a party, maybe I’ll have a 20 year anniversary festival…


 Many people just getting started with their magical spiritual journey having recently discovered and practising their new found gifts. A lot of people don’t have anyone to help them refine and guide them along in 3D, valid information is scarce especially with the lack of new books, (Dolores Canon had written valid information, it’s dated though and the galactic federation doesn’t exist anymore, it’s the high council running the cosmos.), then we have all the fake spiritualists, gurus, prophets and witches out there. These articles I share my knowledge in, are going to be released as a book, I’m here to help the planet and it’s people. I don’t gatekeep, this platform exists for a reason, the best way I’m able to reach and teach the masses, before I do conferences and events. 


 Once you are fully aware and freely communicating with your ascendent master like my father the fabled “Jesus”, who in this life didn’t awaken to his gifts but has been helping my siblings and I from beyond the grave. He always told me he was different than his siblings but he himself didn’t know how different, exactly like I didn’t know how different I was compared to my siblings, they have their own paths and I have mine. My father like all my ancestors because of who they are, I am able to tell all of you they, like the angels are available to help everyone, as is “ God”, “Source” the Universe, your ancestors and your guides. The world of psychic, divination, and magic tools is a fascinating one. From tarot cards to pendulums to runes, these tools can be used to access the spiritual realm and gain insight into our lives. They can be used to gain clarity, direction, and even healing.


Tarot Cards are one of the most popular psychic tools. They are used to gain insight into a person’s life and to answer questions. There are many different decks available, each with its own unique symbolism and meanings. Tarot cards are great for daily vibe checks, when you pull three cards it will give you the story you need to be aware of for the day.


Pendulums are popular tools for divination. They are used to access the spiritual realm and to answer questions. Pendulums can be used to gain insight into the past, present, and future, as well as to gain clarity on a situation. They can also be used to gain insight into one’s own life but are strictly yes, no, maybe or unknown.


Runes are another magical tool, they’re symbols that can be used to gain insight into a person’s life, answering any questions that one would have in the past, present, and future, as well as to gain clarity on any situation. These symbols that are believed to have magical properties and are used to cast spells, make predictions, and even to communicate with the gods. They are believed to have originated in Northern Europe and have been used by the Celts, Norse, and Germanic peoples. Runes are also believed to be powerful protection as well, as with all of the mentioned tools, these are used in a variety of ways, from divination to healing, to protection. I find runes to be a fascinating and powerful tool for communication and divination to practice tapping into the spiritual realm. 


Divination Rods, sometimes referred to as dousing rods are most similar to the pendulum, they work the same way

Divination rods have been used for centuries as a way to access spiritual guidance and knowledge. They are an ancient tool used to connect with divine forces and to gain insight into the future. Divination rods are believed to be able to detect subtle energies and vibrations in the environment, and to be able to interpret these energies to provide answers to questions. They are typically made of metal, wood, or bone, and are designed to be held in the hand. They are used to ask questions and receive answers from the spiritual realm. The user holds the rod in their hand, and then focuses their intent on the question they want to ask. The rod then begins to move in a certain direction, either up and down, side to side, or in a circular motion. This movement is believed to be a sign of the answer to the question. When the rods are moved wide and open that is a yes, if they are crossed, it’s a no, when they are just straight no movement it could imply they’re asking someone about the answer you seek. This is mostly common when a family member comes through and doesn’t really know how to interact with the tools without any prior practice. Sometimes the reason for the straight rods is, they don’t know because not all the souls on the other side are psychic or don’t want to answer that specific question. Another rod answer is the L formation, this is a yes with an explanation. If you’re not telepathically advanced, these will be hard to explain to your clients. Like with tarot, there’s more than just the simple answers, there’s more depth when it comes to the L answer. 


Crystals have long been used for their magical properties and healing powers. From ancient times to the present day, people have believed that crystals can be used to bring balance and harmony to their lives. From protection to prosperity, crystals are believed to have the power to help us manifest our dreams and desires. They can be used for a variety of magical purposes. For example, some people use them to help manifest their desires, such as a successful career or a loving relationship. Crystals can also be used to bring protection, good luck, to ward off negative energy and protect themselves from harm. They can also be used to enhance meditation and spiritual practices. By focusing on the energy of the crystal, one can open up to the spiritual realm and access higher levels of consciousness. Crystals can also be used to help with healing, both physical and emotional. By holding a crystal and focusing on it, one can bring balance and harmony to their life.


Sigils are symbols that are used to represent a specific intent or desire. They are often used in magical practices, such as witchcraft and Wicca, to focus energy and manifest a desired outcome. Sigils can also be used to protect against negative energies and influences. They are created by taking the letters of a desired intent or desire and combining them into a single symbol. This symbol is then charged with energy, either through meditation, visualization, or other magical practices. Once charged, the sigil is used to focus the energy towards the desired outcome. This can be done through visualization, meditation, or drawing them out. These days, instead of drawing them out yourself, there are apps that will draw a sigil for you by typing is a description of what sigil you want to create. They can be used to create a shield of protection around an individual, or to protect a physical space. They can also be used to banish negative energies or influences from an area. Sigils are oftentimes used to attract positive energies or influences, such as luck, abundance, and love. 


 These magical tools can be incredibly powerful and useful for gaining insight into our lives. They can be used to gain clarity, direction, protection and even healing. As with all of the utensils available to help us, they are just that, tools! Training wheels for your spiritual gifts, that are meant to help you refine and expand your God given abilities, not replace them. Spirituality is not religious it applies to everyone we all come from the same source. I refer to religious aspects because that is what people know that’s what people are familiar with and that’s what people can relate to in terms of what I am trying to convey with my spiritual teachings. There is so much more out there and within us than you know…Trust your gifts, trust the Universe and trust your guides. You don’t need these tools but they help connect you to your true potential, sometimes even triggering spiritual awakenings in the most skeptical people. You are the true magical power, “God” is a part of you, never forget your worth.

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