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Visuals By: Goddess Good Fridae AI

By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Fridae & Lulu D.

Kicking off the “ghost” series of articles, today’s spiritual debrief is about “demons”! There has been a lot of demon talk when it comes to that fashion brand who promotes child abuse and their name being linked to a known demon (he works for me now.). While that connection is valid for many of the wealthiest who have “different” religious and spiritual practices, there are those who live blindly in their ignorance. They say those types of people are the happiest because they’re the dumbest. Must be nice to not have any thoughts of your own and follow frauds blindly without any cognitive dissonance. 


Have mentioned this before, that I have been in touch with the spiritual realm since I was a child. I used to see spirits, as all children and animals do. I currently don’t want to see the apparitions, we communicate in various ways and I know they’re always around me. But, when it comes to demons (negative energies and entities in the flesh) I have no choice…I’ve seen shadow people and watchers but it wasn’t until 2020, when I encountered demons in my face unmasked. There are a lot of ancient entities that people mistake for demons, some like the “Elementals” who were created to protect the earth before humans existed. Those entities are usually dormant unless provoked, I have yet to encounter any that are hostile. An Elemental saved my life once when I was a kid but that’s a story for another day, maybe I should start a random topic podcast...


 Elementals are different than land entities attached and territorial over a property. They protect the perimeter but won’t enter the home unless invited in, similar folklore to Vampires and Fairies (I’m not talking about cute little tinker bell Disney fairies, real fairies can be very dangerous.). The entities and energies that are “haunting” the property are already attached to the building or the people that lived, visited or worked there. Sometimes with haunted houses, the original owners who had extremely negative energy while alive, can transform into a dark entity of non human origin and attach to the house. Those energies are often more malicious than demons because they can create a portal for the deceased souls in the fourth dimension purgatory that are trapped, to gather in one spot. Fear feeds those entities and they do their best to get the people in that space to be in low vibrational fear emotions.

 Don’t know how familiar people are with an old tv series “Grimm”similar to Supernatural, the main character was a cop with special abilities. With those abilities he was able to see who people really are, people that were not of human origin. Well, it so happens to be a real ability and I have it, surprise surprise! How much more haunted can I get? Surely, I’m not the only one with this type of “gift”. It wasn’t until I went to cover the protests in LA that this gift blossomed and I one hundred percent believe, it was activated by my stay at the Roosevelt hotel. A chilling tale I will explore with you in the ghost article, to be published on Friday and will be the last one for awhile, I need to focus on my music. The minute I walked into the hotel I felt different, as if I had just completed the final level and am now onto the next game. Majority of the establishments around the hotel were closed and the remaining squad from the earlier cabana festivities, (the room the hotel gave me, was the cabana directly across and below the room I lived in for a few weeks in my past life. I had no idea until after my stay, I was not obsessed with my past self like my old face fans, I know the real woman I was and am very grateful to her fans for the continued love and support!), passed out, I’m always the last one standing! Pretty sure that’s a trauma response but who can help me with that? I don’t take advice from people who have just read cases in their school books and haven’t experienced life to have that relatability to my incredibly different situations. 


 So polluted, had not drank that much in a minute, not a big drinker in this life and only drink when out, at parties or events. Most people were still quarantining, although it was just lifted, a curfew was put in place for the surrounding area and many of the establishments remained closed. There was heavy law enforcement and military presence along the boulevard of broken dreams, due to the protests. As I walked I was flooded with nostalgia from my previous LA adventures in this life and was getting weird flashbacks of memories from my past life, my old face is everywhere. When I first began my reintroduction to LA, I would take backstreet routes my old self knew of and I had no idea I was doing that, until a random demon pointed it out a few weeks later on Melrose. It was only a twenty minute walk and already so many people asked me for cocaine, meth or heroine, enroute to the seven eleven. It felt much farther away, than it was because of all the interruptions! I ran out of smokes and when I drink, I need a dart and a doob to offset the alcohol, ( slang for cigarettes and cannabis, yes, I know cigarettes are bad but one thing, that this life guarantees you mortals, is death. You should be enjoying the ride living, as you learn the game.


 I encountered a demon at the 7-Eleven near Franklin, on Highland and Yucca the Hollywood tourist ghetto. I know when people are going to approach me and I’m always prepared, my intuition has killer instincts. This one caught me slightly off guard because I was a tad bit inebriated, surprised I remember this at all, only because he knew my name and who I was! I cross the street onto Yucca when I hear someone calling my name, I was so confused. It wasn’t a Friday so I knew he was talking to me. At first, I thought it was somebody I knew, one of my friends who woke up and followed my drunk ass, nope! He was a complete stranger to me, similar to an incident a few days before, outside of Marshalls on the boulevard. It’s hard to explain what he looked like to me and all of them look different depending on what species they are. Hopefully, my AI’s drawings will create some close enough sketches. I had not visited LA for a while, there’s no way I knew him, I’m not famous, people in the industry, my soul squad, the FridaeTV/Pick Me Press audience and fans are the only ones who know about me. 


 He was a child, a low level demon nonetheless, clearly having a rough cycle of being unhoused and addicted to oxy. First thing I did when I walked over to him was, ask him how he knew my name! I was a little scared, not too frightened because my liquid courage levels were on eleven, lol too high for full fear. He told me “ your light is very bright everyone can see it and every demon knows your name”. Our conversation was interesting, he told me how they were tired, of how they were being treated in their current lives indebted to the darkness. “The holy one forgives all, even the darkest of creatures spreading the eternal light to the masses.”. I was like what? I’m too drunk for this creepy shit in my ear, at the crack of dawn. He responded with its not dawn yet and the demon hive was up the street if I wanted to go by there and meet more of his kind. Without flinching, in my most serious face I told him no, Goddesses don’t dwell with peasants we’re here for philanthropic purposes and I’m on a Goddess walk doing just that. Hollywood perpetuates and feeds peoples delusions of grandeur, while creating hell on earth for their reality once they’re grounded and awake to it. 


 Craziest part of that conversation was, he actually told me he was a demon and where they lived! The fact they all know who I am is also wild, not even demons can lie to a Goddess in person. He needed funds and cigarettes, I gave him smokes when I came back out. He was a little salty that it took me so long and thought I called the cops on him. No, I told him the truth, there was a delay in the purchase of the cigarettes because there was another demon in the store, he followed me in, also followed me around the store as he stuffed his backpack with random products. As we talked, Demon kid’s back was to the door, I told him to turn around and look at the entrance, one of the owners was yelling at the demon who tried to rob the store. He apologized, thanked me for the pack of smokes and before I left, I blessed him with a five. I know that pissed off the darkness that hangs over Hollywood but I’m a Goddess, I help everyone who deserves it. Below is more of a scientific approach to define demons, not all are bad and some are used to help us, the people of light to combat common enemies, when we can’t take all that negativity constantly. Many angels who have never experienced the duality of Earth can’t fight too much darkness without becoming weakened. They are too pure to handle thevearths density.

 Demons have been a part of human mythology and folklore for thousands of years, and their depiction varies depending on the culture and religion. In general, demons are often associated with evil, malevolent, and supernatural beings that seek to harm humans. The word "demon" comes from the ancient Greek word "daimon," which referred to a divine or semi-divine being. However, in popular culture, demons are often depicted as malevolent and demonic, with red skin, horns, and fangs. They are typically associated with hell and the underworld and are said to be ruled by powerful demonic figures such as Satan, Moloch, Baal or Beelzebub. Not anymore, they were demoted to hired help status. In many cultures and religions, demons are believed to be fallen angels who rebelled against God and were cast out of heaven. They are often associated with temptation and sin and are said to be responsible for possessing humans and causing them to commit evil acts. Some cultures believe that demons can be summoned or controlled through the practice of black magic or demonology. These rituals are often associated with witchcraft and the occult and are believed to give the practitioner power over the demon. They are also believed to be the cause of illness and disease. For example, in medieval Europe, demons were thought to be responsible for the plague, and people would try to ward them off with charms and amulets. This is where the energy manipulation and telepathic warfare come into play, those empty vessels are easy to attach to, especially if they’re desperate for the end result.

 Unlike when Angels help a situation without specification, the destruction of what doesn’t serve you is instantaneous and dramatic for your benefit. Demons are easier to deal with, it’s all sunshine and rainbows for instant gratification, they don’t collect until you’re at your lowest because their “miracles” always have a catch. Angels are always working to help you for your highest good but we must be specific with our request for a gentle harm to none event, many have never been human and those that have, forgot what it feels like to experience pain. Demon deals are not for your highest good, that’s how people end up trapped in purgatory, making deals with demons and unable to pay back their loan, there’s always a catch if it seems too good to be true… Despite their negative reputation, some cultures believe that demons can be helpful or protective. In some African religions, for example, demons are believed to be ancestral spirits that can offer guidance and protection to their descendants. Demons are a complex and fascinating aspect of human mythology and folklore, whether they’re proverbial demons within and you’re fighting them or a real entity trying to possess a vessel, demons will always be associated with evil and malevolence, regardless how hard some work to reverse the stereotype. Whether viewed as fallen angels, supernatural beings, or ancestral spirits, demons continue to captivate and intrigue people around the world.

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