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Images By: Good Fridae's AI

By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Fridae & Lulu D.

 Have you ever watched the Disney film Frozen? Storm in the X-Men comics and films or the Last Air Bender? Those films are the perfect example of "Atmokinesis" and before I began to write this article, I was curious to see what an AI would tell me about this gift. As with the medical professionals who have been testing out these new artificial intelligence applications, it tried to gaslight me! It wrote that "atmokinesis" is a fictitious ability and is impossible for humans to do. I couldn't stop laughing, atmoskinesis is the easiest and most common of the kinetic abilities, any extra sensory gifted person can learn how to manipulate the elements. It is the beginner stages of exploring and developing our kinetic abilities, there are many real people showing on tiktok showcasing their ability and how you can do it. I too am sharing with you, how to begin your journey to playing with the elements. Atmokinesis is easy enough that we neurodivergents, can teach neurotypicals how to do this as well. The global governments have been trying to control the weather for a long time, we are now living in that end result. Before we reached annihilation levels on this planet, we main characters were forced awake in 2020, covid was created by the governments and meant to kill off majority of the population. Who are they to play the Gods? The Universe stepped in and God's plan of action was activated, we were asleep. The term woke has been played out, we are the army of the light. Been here many times before with the same missions that we failed to complete, this was the earth's fail safe. Gaia woke us up in her time of need and many other "mystical" beings. We are the ones who are supposed to be controlling the weather, we shouldn't have these "natural disasters" on this planet and we can create or dissolve, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, snow storms, tornadoes, we have the power inside us. There's a viral video of a dog, stopping a sand funnel from forming into larger one, that is exactly what we can do, when we are able to refine and harness the gift, we can bring the earth back to it's original healthy state. That is why it is the simplest of the kinetic abilities to learn, it’s taking a village to save this planet, no amount of trees planted can reverse the damage the one percent gremlins have caused.

 The first time I was ever aware of this gift, was back in 2013, two weeks after an ex boyfriend was killed in a tragic car accident, my world further spiralled when my special needs Uncle passed away. He was a special soul and my ex I was supposed to visit in California in January, after years of not talking, he didn't make it to 2014. My emotions were everywhere, I was at work both times I was told about their deaths but I could at least get to my uncle before the coroner arrived. I had no idea what was to come, the next day we were blasted with the first ever ice storm in Ontario Canada since 1998, it was me, I was the problem and had no idea until 2020 that I caused the electrical problems at my uncles funeral too...My Uncle Anastasios, deserved all the best things in life and death, his story is heart breaking. While the family was gathered in the room with his casket, I couldn't stop crying and not just for my uncle but for my ex Paul who was in the middle of filming his last film, unbeknownst to him and the rest of the film cast and crew. The water works coming from my face was unstoppable, he left behind his daughter, parents, brother and extended family while he was on the brink of exposing the Hollywood pedophile and trafficking rings. I was triggered when I saw my asshole cousin be rude to my other uncle who is like my second father and I was pissed! Just as I was about to go cuss her out for being disrespectful to our uncle, who is like a living Saint and the reason her parents were even able to land in Canada the power went out in the whole building. We were standing there in the dark with my uncles body in an open casket! I freaked out and ran outside, the energy in the funeral home was making me nauseous and the blackout really scared me. When I got out side to catch my breath clam down panic attack was beginning and this was before I was diagnosed with any known anxiety issues and it was two years before the first car wreck that tried to delete me in 2015. It started to what seemed like snow at first but turned into ice pellets really quick, and then my uncle and cousins popped up out of the funeral home to tell me the lights are still out, they scared me so bad I broke the frozen tree in front of us. They all looked at me and then at the tree we stood there in silence trying to understand what just happened and nobody spoke of that incident to anyone, we went back inside and said nothing. Fast forward to 2019, after almost dying in a number of motor vehicle accidents from 2015 - 2017, that was the first time in my life that I visited a psych ward and had a psychiatric appointment with a psychiatrist. If you read the previous article on electrokinesis I mention the story and it was because of the above 2013 incidents that I knew it was me, I was the problem.

  Since my rediscovery of this particular ability, I have been using it to calm extreme weather the best I can. The places around the world that usually have wildfires, didn't have as many last year, they weren't as frequent or as strong and the desert even got some rain. When we were driving from California to Vegas in late August for a photo shoot and some fun, we saw the flooding that was still present along the infamous route 66 and at the base of the Mohave desert. California got some much needed rain this winter too, I have been working on that since 2020 but not in which the way it was delivered. The bomb cyclone was not my creation, I was able to dilute the damage that it or any of it's tag along friends would cause. California was in desperate need of hydration, they're still thirsty over in Hollyweird and it will get worse for the uncouth if they don't start to act right, my ancestors don't play. Their shenanigans have gone on too long and since 2020's crazy wildfires, I have been utilizing all my gifts combined, while frolicking in the oceans at the beach every time I'm in California or any tropical place. I do what I like to call "Goddess water works", this is just me, setting my intention for calm weather and peaceful water. The ocean is a fascinating yet scary place, the power it has, is incredible and we must respect the oceans or we will end up a water world. Many people are aware of this gift and experimenting with it, that's why the weather has been weird, in addition to the inevitable climate change and governments trying to play Gods with weather machines and cloud seeding. I'm alive and well, survived all the death balls gremlins have been throwing at me and am here to make art, get paid to exist, save the planet and educate the masses on how to reach your highest potential, so you can help me with this challenge.

 Atmokinesis is the ability to control the weather and the elements of air and wind. It is a supernatural power that allows a person to manipulate air currents, wind patterns, and the overall climate.

Steps to do the real-life air bending ability:

  1. Start with meditation: To be able to control the air, it's important to be able to concentrate and be in control of your mind and emotions, especially your emotions, those can cause great damage if not controlled and healed. Get into a state of calm reflection, focus on your breathing.

  2. Visualize the air: Once you are in a state of focus, start visualizing the air around you. See the air as a fluid that you can control with your mind.

  3. Start small: start with small movements of pushing air. For example, try to make a cloud dissipate, concentrate really hard on the cloud, breathe in and out and point your fingers to the cloud you want to break apart or dissolve. Use a flick and push apart movement with your index finger and thumb, as if like you're flicking a bug from clothing and then start to pull the cloud in the sky a part, like cotton candy.

  4. Focus on breathing: Your breathing should be in sync with your visualization. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly while you visualize the air bending and flowing around you. For me I recently used this to keep the weather clear for my relicensing road test to drive. I succeeded for two and half weeks until the universe decided to throw me a bonus challenge and made it snow for my test, when I was trying to keep it away. It was not on schedule to snow that day but it did lightly and most of it stopped just in time for my test and the sun made an appearance for me just before!

  5. Practice regularly: Regular practice is important to develop your skills and become more proficient in air bending.

  6. Expand your abilities: As you get better at air bending, start practising more advanced techniques like controlling the direction of the wind or creating a vortex. It is important to understand the different types of weather and how they interact with each other. Once you have a good grasp of the fundamentals, you can begin to practice manipulating the weather.

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