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Planets by Good Fridae


By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Fridae & Lulu D.

 From a very young age, my fascination with Astrology was obsessive, it was a hyper fixation, my gateway drug to metaphysical knowledge. I absorbed as much information about the mystical as I possibly could, before I was able to understanding the depths of what I read. Esotericism and the cosmos were always so fascinating to me, my inner knowing always knew they were connected. I knew deep down inside there was more to life, than what I was living and being presented with. These were the days before home Internet was available, social media was decades away from being conceptualized in 3D. The internet was dial up and in its infancy, information on the web was not as plentiful or advanced as it is today. The are search engines that do hide or try to bury a lot of information from the public but you can always find the truth in some old library books, at the library! 


 Until the age of fifteen, I basically lived at libraries all over Toronto when I wasn’t swimming competitively. Any chance I could get to leave the house and escape my mothers wrath, I took. Spent hours with my head deep in books reading, the information was so vast and some non fiction I read, was hard to understand until it made sense later in life. My memory is wondrously weird, it holds an imprint of what I read and applies said knowledge to adapt to any situation that arises in the future. Reading was my escape to another reality, I needed to lose myself in another world, to cope with my harsh reality. Now, I write more than I read and Astrology was one topic I was always fascinated to learn about. Far too many people are quick to disregard astrology because their earth brains cannot understand, how the planetary alignments can affect our daily lives and psyche. We were all born at different days, months, times, planetary alignments, frequencies and places that gives us all our own unique cosmic map, tailored to us. 


 Astrology is our real life cheat sheet, what we need to learn and experience during our time on Earth. What our purpose on this planet is, our natal astrological charts hold all the good, the bad and the ugly, that we scheduled for this lifetime to throw at us, for our souls evolution. Knowing what curve balls, tornadoes, tsunami or earthquakes to expect can better prepare you to survive, the traumatic events we go through in life. Not everything we experience we planned, there are people who can disrupt the chart and block blessings. But as with anything, your path can change, the course your life should take can be altered by one wrong choice or crossing the wrong people. There’s a reason they say to not display your full birth chart if you don’t know how to protect it, some people who know how, can and will block your life’s blessings out of envy. Astrology has been an integral part of human life since ancient times. It is believed to have originated in Ancient Greek, Sumerian and Babylonian times and has been used by many different cultures throughout history. Astrology is based on the belief that the movements of the planets, stars and other celestial bodies have an effect on the lives of people on Earth.


 “Millionaires don’t use astrology, Billionaires do!” that quote is very true, Kings, Queens, Politicians and various people of “nobility” use astrology before making any major decisions or life changes. King Phillip of Macedon always relied on his astrologers wisdom, prior to any battles to ensure his fight would be victorious. Back in those days people with any metaphysical gifts would refer to themselves as astrologers, to not be caught and executed during bans on magic when the European witch-hunts took place. In the past, astrology was used to predict the future, to determine the best time to plant crops, insight into relationships and gain a better understanding of our own personalities and how we interact with others. It always was and always will be a powerful tool for self-discovery, personal growth and a trusty guide to help unpack all the natural cosmic phenomenons and the energies they bring, such as eclipses, solar flares, new moons, full moons and comets. Today, there are many kooky skeptics making false claims and studies to discredit astrology. The charts are the cheat codes you don’t have to use it but it helps because unlike predictions, astrology is always on point and is still used to guide us on life’s next steps and what negative oppositions to look out for. Astrology is already widely used and will become more mainstream as everyone discovers all of the magic around us, that the planets have been trying to show us. 

Galactic Moon Eclipse by Good Fridae
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