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Images By: Good Fridae's AI

By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Fridae & Lulu D.

Astral Projection, also known as astral travel, is the ability to leave one’s physical body and travel in the astral plane, which is a non-physical plane of existence. There are people out there, that confuse astral projection and remote viewing, they are not the same. Tomorrow’s article will be on remote viewing, to educate everyone on how to differentiate the two. I will be breaking them down for you! Astral projection is a type of out-of-body experience, where the individual’s spirit or consciousness is able to travel freely, without being bound by the physical body. When we sleep we astral project, we do not stay in our bodies, our souls are always travelling between the multiple dimensions in this universe and when we are sleeping here, we are awake in another reality. This is how, we have been able to fight in the spiritual war, both in the 3D and 5D. 


I know I have talked about this before but I need to restate, we won that centuries old war on December 21st 2021 and the gremlins are still trying it, sore losers need to accept their loss, go home and bow down to your Goddess, peasants! The real effects of our win, have been slowly but surely kicking in…Larger collective manifestations, take longer to come through into our solid 3D reality. The gremlins are trying to cause as much damage as they still can, grasping at straws like Trump’s planned insurrection. To commemorate the one year anniversary of our major win, we had a massive celebration in the 5D, during the 2022 Winter Solstice on Dec. 21st, a very magical day indeed! As a gift to humanity, every living breathing person of the light was finally given their long overdue upgrades, from December 20th to the 22nd 2022, myself included! These upgrades have been trying to reach humanity for thousands of years, we are all behind. The people and this planet have been asleep for too long and now, that the earth herself is awake, we need to take action! Not just talk about trending topics on platforms to get a quick publicity boost, for your irrelevant apps to reach number one in the app stores. What is that doing for anyone? You need to put your money where your mouth is, like I do every day and I’m not a billionaire yet! When my father transitioned 20 years ago this July, he didn’t leave my siblings and I with a trust fund or inheritance of monetary value, he left us displaced with trauma and abandonment issues, that we had to heal ourselves. 


 There was always the awareness of astral projection in ancient times, it has been used for centuries to gain knowledge and solve equations, we can also interact with people in the astral plane. Nikola Tesla, slept with a key in his hand to remember his  “dreams”, when he awoke from his astral travels. AP is also a fantastic way to explore other realms, timelines and planets in existence. It is also believed, that astral projection can be used to heal physical and emotional issues, as well as to gain spiritual understanding. This is very true, you can ask your spirit squad (we all have guides) to take you to the healing chambers and help heal ailments your avatar has in your 3D reality. It’ is essentially a very fancy looking med bay, I will try and draw it out for you. It would be cool if we could pull in things from our astral travels into the 3D, like they do in one of the “Nightmare on Elm Street” films. 


 Cannot stress this enough, please go see medical professionals if you feel something is very off. Reason for this is not because I don’t believe that you can be healed completely in 5D, we can. It’s due to the very real fact that we are in flesh suits and some people, depending on blood type, need compound healing that includes medical assistance in the 3D. When people are in a coma, they astral travel and often live in their other realities until their avatar has healed. Those who don’t come back from a coma, depending on the state of their avatar, how much time they were given in 3D to return to their body before someone pulled the plug. At times the coma souls have gotten lost, and end up trapped in 4D purgatory. That’s another job of mine, to free every lost soul, even if they were condemned by false Gods, nobody deserves to live in that lifeless shit hole, earth is ghetto but purgatory is beyond ghetto, there’s no sun ever. It is a lot easier to heal the body when in a coma because you’re able to mentally focus on healing, without any external distractions. That is why, they put some people who are severely injured into a medically supervised induced coma. 

 Normally, most living humans don’t go to the healing chambers because they don’t know about them or don’t believe they exist. The healing chambers, are a huge part of the afterlife transition process. You go there to heal before you have your life review, that way, you don’t feel the trauma you lived through in life as much, when you watch it all playback, the good and the bad, all of our lessons. When we arrive at the grand foyer of the healing chambers, there is always a line of transitioned souls from various planets and galaxies waiting for their turn. We living beings, have priority access to the chambers because we are still alive in 3D, fulfilling our earthly missions. It was made for us. We all go back to the same home base and the waiting areas, are those liminal spaces we pick up on and have remembered during our astral journeys. The healing chambers were created specifically, to heal the souls of earth that had a rough go and must be healed before embarking on the next soul adventure they choose.

  My past self went into the healing chambers a number of times after I was deleted on that timeline altering night of August 4th 1962 at 10:44pm. We lost that war, I was deleted almost awake to my purpose and they gained full control of the planet. I had to ask my guides for reconfirmation of the time for me, I originally thought it was 10:04pm. Excuse me, if my memory at the time of my death is a little hazy, from all the drugs he pumped into my ass (literally, shot me in the ass with a needle full of Nembutal Iike they do to Britney now, to control her with different drugs for her money.). At least I know the time I was murdered by my psychiatrist at the behest of someone else, who followed me to this life…The “medical professionals”, that were eventually called to recover my soulless body the day after I was deleted. It was close to dawn and the sun was coming out when the aramedics and police arrived, as I watched them floating above my body, the whole murder cover up took place the night before. They were too fucking focused on  “Marilyn Monroe’s” naked body in real life and the pills on my nightstand, than what time I was killed and what actually happened. I know what you creeperellos did with my body and I do remember all the people involved. All of their descendants are getting karma, for the entirety of their bloodline’s continued existence. She was so traumatized, I didn’t come back to earth for twenty years because of that experience and back to Canada like my Vezina days, only this time, I waited until the planets were perfect for my arrival, after the tacky Valentine’s Day babies made their appearance. My astrological chart now, is closest to many of my discovered past selves, Marilyn Monroe, Abraham Lincoln, Kleopatra, Joan of Arc and Georges Vezina, the legendary Canadiens Goalie I was just before Marilyn and kept the height and used my old Montreal Canadiens Jersey number for my next birthday June 1st 1926! It was only a few months after I expired from Tuberculosis as Vezina, I was born the one and only Marilyn Monroe and I still don't like the name Norma.


 It’s mind blowing how many similarities and synchronicities there are to Fridae now, that tie into each previous incarnation. In this life, I try to go to the HC’s as much as possible, to heal my remaining injuries and any emotional distress from this life and past life traumas that are lingerers. People have no idea how intense this life has been for me, you only know what I show and tell. And people didn’t know Marilyn at all, you read and believe stories from the fan fictions written by people, who didn’t know me personally or meet me as Marilyn in person. Same with today, I’m not a household name, yet people are so quick to talk shit like they have met me before and it’s mostly industry gremlins that know their days in the spotlight are numbered and can’t afford to be in my Goddess energy. No more pedophiles or untalented gremlins in the Goddessverse, capiche!? As with many of the common abilities, Astral Projection is not a super power its a natural mental ability and everyone does it, whether they’re aware of it or not. My participation in majority of the spiritual war was subconscious, I had no idea until 2020 who I actually am and just in time to flip the script and win the war! The whole reason why gremlins were trying so hard to delete me before I reached my current evolved form was, so I wouldn’t remember who I am and the power vested in me to change this planet. And as an ascendant master, assist with the planetary ascension! This is the longest I have ever lived as a woman and will live on forever because in this lifetime, we will remember how to not expire & refresh our avatars without surgeries. 


 We all astral project every time we go to sleep and the signs to look out for that can help you become aware before astral projection occurs. When in lucid dreaming state, your avatar jerks around a little and it can feel like you are falling or tripping over something, while laying down. That’s a signal from your soul to your body that it’s preparing for “lift off”, as it tries to detach from your body to go on an astral cruise. Many of us have work to do, even in our “sleep” and from time to time, we do get to enjoy our other lives in alternative timelines, when we don’t have spiritual work to do. Due to my clearance level, I can go anywhere in the cosmos, the Moon, Mars, Venus, Andromeda etc. any time I want. Majority of the population can’t go to Mars or any of the Moons while astral projecting, unless they have their diamond level clearance, which was implemented by yours truly when we won back control of the planets in early 2021, it was after Tampa’s Super Bowl dub that I helped obtain, it was my first Super Bowl win and my Goddess magic broke the entertainment industry curse, that includes sports and it sealed the gremlins fate! Sports games are more than just sports, as with all facets of entertainment, there’s multiple layers that majority of the population isn’t privy to knowing about…Until now! I have been advised to share the truths, everything will be revealed! I seeded my second music video with magic, to unearth and spotlight all of Earth and her inhabitants dark buried secrets into the light. 

 Astral projection is a powerful tool, and requires a great deal of practice and dedication to be able to achieve itas remember your adventures in the astral space. To astral project, you must first relax your body and mind. Start by finding a comfortable place to sit or lie down, and focus on your breathing. Visualize a bright light and allow your body to relax further. Then, begin to imagine your manifestions and feel yourself floating away from your body, above you while your avatar recharges. As you do this, focus on the sensation of your astral body moving away from your physical body. Once you feel yourself moving, you can explore the astral planes. Many people choose to drop by the akashic records and learn their purpose or meet their guides. The way the astral people are able to distinguish the difference between a living human and a transitioned human is, when we ask questions about the time and date of our location in the astral realm. This irritates the Astro beings because they know you aren't doing your jobs and only there visiting, asleep to your life’s purpose. If you continuously push for information above your pay grade and clearance levels, you will be escorted from that specific planet, dimension or timeline. We had many treasonous members in the Galactic Federation and these protocols have been put in place since they were disbanded an arrested,  anyone who talks about the galactic federation in present tense is either a fake spiritualist gremlin or an old member of the former gremlin filled Galactic Federation of defects! It's the High Council running the show now and I’m the President and Judge.


 Astral beings can always tell who the living people are, we travel with a silver chord attached to the base of our skulls, like a rat tail from the 80’s! I’ve mentioned this before, when you are Astro travelling, you must be very cautious what method you are usingsad have your spiritual blocks up before you go to sleep, to get into the astral travel zone. Never use anything that the government gives you access to because there is always a catch, they will and do track your energies. The Monroe institute are not to be trusted, same with the CIA, they train people to remote view and astral project for government experimental purposes. If you end up in a tricky situation, it's helpful to know how to get back to your body, focus on the sensation of your astral body moving back into your physical body, you can follow the chord or hop on a bus, plane or train from the 5D transportation hub in the liminal space. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes and take a few moments to ground yourself, thank your guides and Source for the safe return and go on about your day. 

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