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By: Reverend Goddess Good Fridae
Edited By: Fridae & Lulu D.

 We can’t talk about demons without discussing their arch nemesis soldiers of light, the Angels! Whether you believe in a higher power or not, the angels are here to help everyone. I can tell you from first hand experience they’re more legit than some of the blue checked people you worship and follow on social media... The angels are always here to assist but we have to ask them for help in our lives. This applies to our spirit guides as well, neither can interfere in human lives, unless it’s requested, they love to help and enjoy doing tasks so ask them to assist you. Be sure to specify every detail of what you need them to assist with and always ask for it to be in your highest good with harm to none including yourself. I mentioned this in the Demon article and others previously. The upheaval caused by Angels without direction is not for the faint of heart. LA is the hub of darkness but it’s not called Los Angeles the city of lost angels for nothing, they have demons and angels in LA, the biggest population of creepies, interplanetary and spiritual beings, all of earths polarizing dualities reside in LA.


 I refer to them as “Angels” for explanatory purposes because it’s the easiest concept for people to relate to. Regardless of what the “bibles” say, Gods, Goddesses, Deities, Demons, Angels, Mermaids, Giants, Fey, etc. are all interplanetary beings and there are a lot of religious misconceptions about them. When it comes to Creator Source, Gods, “Jesus” they all have a divine feminine counterpart, men in current fictional religious power placements, have oppressed us, trying to erase us from history, when in fact they were the true magical power of the pairs as the portals of life to the 3D realm. Since Catholics and Christians invented their “religions” and forcefully brainwashed society to move away from the femininity of Gnostic Paganism, to control the masses.


 The only one of the high council (formerly the galactic federation) who has never had a partner or was ever a human is Omega, the energetic being that created everything and lives the human experience through us. Omega is genderless and is everywhere mostly linked to the Sun. I have talked about why he chooses masculine presenting energy because it’s easier for humans to understand due to the sun being referenced as masculine energy. When it comes to mass casualties or catastrophic events, the Angels are already on site before these events take place, to assist with anything that transpires and help those who are meant to survive. There are times when Angels talk to a person’s spirit team to make those difficult decisions, if they are unable to communicate to the soul directly. They do that to get some insight on the person and to determine if their avatar will be able to survive. At times souls volunteer or their spirit squads volunteer for them to save another soul. Those decisions are never easy and I have instructed the Angels to always help people and not send me any premonitions about innocent lives being lost, if I can’t do anything about it. What’s the point of traumatizing me further with visions I can’t change, my premonitions always happen I can change the outcome of predictions but premonitions those are fated events.


 In many religions, angels are considered to be an intermediary between God and humans. They are seen as a bridge between the divine and the mortal worlds. Angels are often depicted in art, literature, and pop culture as beings of great beauty and strength. When their actual forms look nothing like the humanoid looking angels that we have been shown. They look more like what people have been told demons have been described to look like, the photo just below is an accurate visual of a Seraphim Angel, as with demons there are different types of Angels and while there are those types of humanoid Angels, they are mostly here on earth experiencing life as humans, like you and I. While angels are typically associated with goodness and light, ghosts and demos are often associated with fear and darkness. Ghosts are often portrayed as haunting places or people, seeking vengeance or trying to communicate with the living. When majority of ghosts are just trying to get some help to crossover and go where they’re supposed to. 


 Since they were introduced to the public Angels have been a source of fascination and interest for many centuries, appearing in religious texts, art, literature, and popular culture. These divine beings are believed to be messengers and servants of God, sent to earth to fulfill a variety of purposes. In this article, we are exploring the purpose of angels and their role in human affairs. Agents of God, carrying out his will and protecting his people. This is very true and in many religious texts, they are described as powerful beings with the ability to communicate with humans and carry out God's plans. For example, in the Bible, angels are depicted as announcing the birth of Jesus, protecting him from harm, and delivering messages to prophets. 


 Angels are also known to be messengers of God, bringing messages of guidance, comfort and hope to humans. Many people believe that angels communicate with us through synchronicities like our loved ones one the other side, Angels too send us signs and symbols, guiding us in our lives and helping us to make the right decisions. They are the intermediaries between God and humans, acting as a bridge between the divine and mortal worlds. They are able to see beyond what we can in the physical realm and have access to all dimensions in the cosmos, providing insight and guidance to those who seek it. This belief has led many people to pray to angels for protection, guidance, and help in their daily lives, by blessing people who deserve miracles.


 In my darkest nights during my spiritual and ego death, I turned to the angels as a source of comfort and reassurance. I am so grateful to my open connection to them, my ancestors and Source, I know what it’s like to hit rock bottom and not have any hope for the future, I was in that headspace not that long ago myself and my questioning the current circumstances of my life led me to saving myself and you too can save yourself with divine guidance. Without my spirit team protecting, reassuring and guiding me along with the Angels, you would not be reading this because I would have been deleted a long time ago. This is the longest I have lived as a woman. Many people seek the Angels for assistance in any facet of their lives, and some should ask for help more often, especially those who are struggling or in pain. Angels are depicted as gentle, loving beings who provide comfort and support to those in need but some are emotionless and cold. We need to remember that we are never alone, the angels are with us at all times, watching over us and protecting us just ask them for help. Despite being a subject of much debate and discussion, angels remain a powerful symbol of hope, comfort, and divine intervention for many people around the world.

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