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 Fridae TV began as a little Youtube site in 2006 when Fridae Mattas was fresh out of college and an A&R scout for Major Labels. She thought, why not film bands to help musicians gain much needed exposure. Since the inception of the Fridae TV youtube channel, it has garnered over a million views and covered over 500 live performances, interviews, behind the scenes action and more mostly shot by her, the boss, the reason why so many careers have flourished and bands have made it big! Fridae Mattas, that’s her name, the Goddess who can make you or break you without selling your soul.


After five years of writing reviews for several publications and labels while still in school, Fridae decided to take it next level in 2010 and launch the website The transition is what gave Fridae a platform of her own, to express her opinions on what she see's and has experienced as a performer and a legitimate journalist. The demand for Fridae to cover events became so overwhelming, she needed to add a real staff instead of having her industry friends help her out with the coverage. Joanna G., was the first official Fridae TV photographer and has since moved on to pursue her own endeavors. After a few years of craziness it was time to launch a full website and the new 2.0 site has been active since 2015 and continually being created and upgraded.


Fridae's background in Entertainment goes back to her childhood, with over 20 years experience in various facets ofentertainment, dancing from the age of 2 to 7 and a vocalist since she was 5, singing in concerts, choirs, events, girl groups and is now a solo artist or maybe she will start a band, either way she is working on her debut record and a few films. As a teenager Fridae began to book background roles in various feature films and television shows. Entertainment is Fridae's life, she is a certified film Director/Producer hence she directs all her videos, films and edits them to her unique vision. Since her motor vehicle accidents in 2015 and 2016, under doctors orders Fridae had no choice but to stop working for her to heal, and had enlisted the help of long time friend Lulu D. 2017 as her literal right hand. Fridae TV will live as long as Fridae does. Fridae TV is transforming day by day, setting industry trends and making people famous, as always.

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